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It's our birthday, and we'll rap if we want to!

'Cause you know our rhymes are wack
Feel the beat--you can't go back
It's a free game rap attack
If you wanna win then take a crack, as you possibly know, has turned five. In celebration of us turning five, we like to have gifts for you--let's face it, if not for you, we wouldn't be here. So check out the video with our mad phat beatz yo, laid by MC Enigmatic and the famous DJ Russkat, and then if you're inspired, feel free to drop us lyrics of your own! We'll collect all of the best lyrics and award up to four people 5 games of their choice in exchange for their permission to use their lyrics in a proper GOG Birthday Rap video. We may even spring for proper moving pictures for the next one!

Please send us all of your submissions (by which we mean: leave a comment below in the forums) by Friday 20 September 2013 at 0900 Eastern time to enter into the contest.
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Sorry, but do we just post our submission in this forum or do we have to send them an email or something?
Here is my submission:


Rap is so much better without lyrics. :)
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Down because you threw away
Your Pentium, 386, or 8088?
Thanks to GOG, in 2008
They came along to save the day.

Gone are the days of DRM
Preventing us from playing our classic gems
We're gonna play like it's way back when
So let's start gaming without hesitation.

Questing, sporting, strategy, action,
Whatever fits as your main attraction,
GOG's got it, putting gamers to the test,
The gaming world's at it's most happiest.

So next time you're itching to start a collection,
GOG's your only stop, without question.
All here to satisfy you and I,
Because classic gaming will never die.
Joining the ride,
'cause there's
some games I'd like:

Hey hey there good fella,
come join our site,
you're always welcome,
and noone does bite.

Oh look at them games,
be it old gold, young greats or indie,
so much fun to have,
more with criscross compatibility.

Every week's new releases,
special offers daily, weekly,
sometimes free stuff even,
'cause we like sharin'
with our friendly community.

And not to fogret that the goodies you get
are yours to keep,
'cause we're DRM free
like the bird on that tree!

After rapping it out, MC Enigmatic and the famous DJ Russkat then look at each other, shout in unison "High Five!", jump and high-five each other in the air.
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Party hard for GoG's sake,
lit the candles and bring the cake.
Give us gifts and make us happy,
not too much, but neither shabby.

DRM, Es-As*** and Valves:
Let them drown, cut in halves;
Those *things* are spits in face,
bash them now, grab that mace.

We support you and yours,
good work with open doors;
you don't hide, you don't cheat,
others' price you always beat.

Those extras, all this stuff,
hug them now, ALL your staff!
Inspiration, care and love;
GoG prevails, justice done.

Even pirates haul ashore!
Spent my treasure and crave for more.
Being landlubbers is tough and all...
But all of us answered your call!

*** Masked the word EA so as to avoid complications.
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Now a lot of these bloated nasty Pee-Cee muck-thieves
Have got a lot of nerve stepping up to the real fellas and their just breeze
They flows all dusty -- inversion of ownership needs some adjusting
Gotta recognize the people who pay for they shit are the ones who keep the things

And they sing: "But we're just looking to spread our wings"
Coming up with a plate fulla bullshit through ya PC's twitter feed
Quite interesting, I admire the shape of they distorted word strings
To keep ya looking the other way while they put they hands on ya purse strings

But here stands the guardian 'gainst the things that befall a herd of cattle
Gee-Oh-Gee -- gaming's last knight of the lost art of honorable battle
And the last bastion of the consumer and the sanctity of they greenbacks
Stands up with the axe of DRM-free to put they asses on some mean slabs

Now back at the lab, ever over the top with they testing
Tryina find the source of all that bullshit the people be ingesting
And again taking a swing at the hydra whose heads seem to be infesting
Eventually to eradication, cyberspace exterminators arise -- no jesting.
I haven't done this in quiiite some time. I always seem to end up aping the style of Slug from Atmosphere, sadly. For best effect, I recommend listening to this before reading:

And I apologize for not being that good.
The free Fallout has brought me here,
I've got hooked to this ever since,
Now I can't stay away
Not even for a single day.

Now I have over fifty games,
And the count just increases,
Thank you GOG for being there,
Without you wouldn't be the same!

Not the best rhymes, but still Happy Birthday GOG.
Am I right that I have to submit my "rap" here in the comment section?
Rampshik: Am I right that I have to submit my "rap" here in the comment section?
Yes you're right.
Guess you'll see how musically challenged I am after this, but it's G.O.G. so Happy Birthday!

You go down with G.O.G.!
Let's be DRM Free!
You go down with G.O.G.!
Let's be DRM Free!

Let me break down G.O.G. for ya
Homeboys down with this craze
to sell old games
Now ya'll might think thats whack
but just go ahead and give it a crack

Bust it open, a new account
get some old games and play
no DRM, no images to mount
buy it and run it the same day

You go down with G.O.G.!
Let's be DRM Free!
You go down with G.O.G.!
Let's be DRM Free!

Now 5 years have gone by
G.O.G. is still fly
all these games in my drive
enough to make a brother cry
laptops go and ride
pcs hit adventures of crime
rpgs and adventures in my shrine
just give it a try
there are free games as bribe
play or die

You go down with G.O.G.!
Let's be DRM Free!
You go down with G.O.G.!
Let's be DRM Free!
best digital distribution? we are them G
awesome deals, bringin' 'em D-R-M free
Steam tries to flow, but we just glide, cunt
and fuck Skyrim, prepare for the Wild Hunt
it's a birthday party, all the bells chime
five years and getting better with time like wine
they emulate us, these bitches wanna be just like us
they bite us, can' front on the kings of Cyprus
old games, played em before - they're so great
GOG's been bringin' the heesy since 08
retrogamers unite and meet kin souls
our games will work on all versions of windows
sip the cristal, all the hotties grind us
crusin with greatness on the horizon behind us
We call ourselves G-O-G, and we're telling you we won't cease
'Til we make all DRM scream, "No! Please!"
Showin' glee and confidence, we love our whole collection
So much, we've a selection of games you can have fo' free
Perfection is our goal, but we'll be never less than humble,
Stumble, or brag 'bout how we've constant sales on bundles
Us crumble? That's never gonna happen.
Have gamers clappin' , while the competition drop the ball like a fumble
Tunnel vision's what we have, hold your breath as we innovate
And instigate a blast from the past that others try to simulate
Reciprocate the love, we're the heavyweights of appreciation
While our competition's not even in our class, like they were middleweights
Indicate our plans for the future? Let us help you with the picture
We'll get bigger, keep games flowin' out the DRM-free pitcher
Our sister's CD Projekt RED; with them, we keep gamers in our minds
Help protect the games they buy, like we did with The Witcher
A fixture in the community; even with with genres we've no fewer
Than action, adventure, RPGs, indie, racing, sports, strategy, sims and shooters
So sign into your computers, and don't ever forget G-O-G
Because by combining past and present, we'll bring about the future


I wanted to write a proper verse, so I put together 10 bars that I felt captured the spirit (and features) of GOG while sounding like a braggadocio as well. I know the third to last line is a bit stretched, but I think it'll work if you just cut the beat partway through the line (basically when the snare hits), and resume the beat at the next line; it actually helps emphasize how much variety GOG has, in a way.
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All those other gaming stores can go straight to Hell
Because we take great care of our clientele.
Our games will work even on the newest system,
So you don't have to worry even if you missed 'em.

First-person shooters, strategies, and RPGs,
Space-sims, adventure games, everything for PC.
If you've got a gaming itch that you just can't scratch,
We've got games that'll prove a match!
I hate rap with a passion. And most of the games represented here are from a time when that crap didn't pervade our society. So thanks for lowering my estimation of this site considerably. Flame away!
System Shock 2, DRM free.
Man, do you know, what that really means to me?
GoG is at the top, the rest are old news.
Rights Management gives _everyone_ the blues!
glssr60: I hate rap with a passion. And most of the games represented here are from a time when that crap didn't pervade our society. So thanks for lowering my estimation of this site considerably. Flame away!
they're just having fun man.
and back then, hip hop was actually GOOD.

relax and just write a rhyme. you might win a game.
take it easy.
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