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+1 for the giveaway.

I'm not in, because I'm not really a huge Star Trek fan. But if you want to watch something obscure, here's a link to a German Star Trek parody called Raumschiff Highlander:
Thanks GamezRanker for this awesome Trek giveaway. I'd love to be in for the Star Trek credit. :)

1. As much as I love all the different Star Trek movies and TV series, my favorite out of all of them is one of the games. And the game that best exemplifies Star Trek is "A Final Unity". It basically plays out like an episode out of TNG but allows you to be the captain and make the decisions that Captain Picard would do making it for a very open-ended type of adventure game. Take the opening scenario for example, a Romulan Warbird has a vessel seeking asylum in the Federation trapped in a tractor beam. As the captain, you decide how to proceed including asking the various bridge crew for opinions. Of course I always get a laugh whenever you ask Worf what to do and he just says to blow them up, but unlike the show where Worf would just be told no, you can actually tell Worf, "Yeah let's blow 'em up." Not only that but you've got diplomacy options where you can talk it out with the Romulan captain or use some nifty techno-babble tricks to outsmart the Romulans and beam the refugees aboard. And this is just the first few minutes of the game. A Final Unity is the closest Star Trek games have come to making you feel like the captain of a starship and It my personal favorite Star Trek media there is.

2. The battle of Sector 001 at the beginning of Star Trek First Contact is still the coolest action scene in all of Star Trek.

3. The exploration aspect of Star Trek has always been a draw for me. If I could go to space, I'd like to do just what the starship captains on the various shows do. Explore strange new worlds; seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Best of luck to everyone. Live long and prosper. -_-
For my most recent birthday, my dad and I ate sandwiches at a restaurant that's known for its excellent salami. They were really good. Then we went to a MLB game. It wasn't a very good game, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

I'm in for everything except the Star Trek games.
Not in just want to say Happy Birthday and thanks for the giveaway.

I grew up watching reruns of the original Star Trek and of course the best episode was Trouble with Tribbles...because tribbles of course.
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Important Thread Update

Due to the courtesy of fellow (very generous) forum personality Doc0075, two copies of the game Webbed will be added to the party favors.

All entrants currently not in (for any draws) who wish to change their mind may do so at any time. In the meantime, anyone who doesn't explicitly say they're not in (for any draws) will of course be entered for said party favors draw by default.

That said, now back to greeting more party guests(processing more entries). :)
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TheDudeLebowski: Happy birthday, GR!

Again, happy birthday and thank you!
And thanks for attending our little get together.

TheDudeLebowski: My favourite Star Trek movie will always be Galaxy Quest, followed by Wrath of Khan. Least fav is probably Nemesis.
What a coincidence....I love Galaxy Quest as well :)

I think I told this story on the forum already, but one more time: Back when the film came out there was a blizzard, but I wanted to see it on opening day, so I begged and pleaded with my parents to take me. Eventually they gave in, and we drove carefully to the theater and i'm glad I went. It was one of the best films i've had the pleasure of watching, and one of the fondest of my currently held memories.

I also like Wrath of Khan as well(Khannnnnn!)....great film, from what I can remember of it (bad memory and whatnot)

TheDudeLebowski: I'm in for the main prize draw (only interested in Away Team).
And you're of luck to ya.
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My favorite Star Trek series was Enterprise.

It was the least political, socially aware, diverse, comical, and the most serious and therefore more realistic.
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ReynardFox: Oh, happy birthday dude!
Tis not yet, but soon enough.....and also thanks.

ReynardFox: As much as I would like a Star Trek title, I'll be sittin this giveaway out.
Even for the fabulous party favors? Oh, alright then....thanks for showing up, at any rate. Glad you could make it. :)

ReynardFox: My favourite Star Trek movie is First Contact, mainly due to being a huge fan of TNG and the Borg in general, but also because it has the strongest plot and dialogue by far of all the TNG films. Stewart and Spiner being particularly outstanding here.
Yeah, those two (and some of the other TNG cast) made for some very good films.

ReynardFox: Favourite series is probably Deep Space Nine if i'm honest though, for as much as I love TNG, once DS9 finds it's footing after the first few glacial seasons it becomes an engrossing show, I particularly enjoy all the time spent delving into Klingon lore.
Never watched much of the show, tbh, but plan to some day rectify that.
As for the DS9-verse: I love love love the game 'DS9: The fallen'


Mortius1: Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, aka Moby Dick in Space is my favourite of the films and set the scene for almost a century of sartorial elegance. The same uniforms worn by Picard when commanding the USS Stargazer, 80 years later.

It is one the few Star Trek story lines that could work as an opera, although I think I will draw the line at a Star Trek 2 themed funeral though
Yes, as I said to another gogger: Wrath of Khan is very nice(the TOS episode with Khan is decent, as well)
Also, thanks for the links....they were fun to watch :)

Mortius1: Thank you for the giveaway. I'm in for both main prizes.
Yer name is now on the list.....and soon enough we shall see if it's a lucky one.
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tag+: Mine precious metals from asteroids
A business minded gogger, I see. Smart :)

tag+: Karaoke, bbq, cheesesteak, burgers, pinatas, tailgating... you choose &/or name it! Can't forget the infinite loads of alcoholic drinks!
Sounds like one HELL of a party ;D
*lightning crashes in the distance*

tag+: Great song: Crank the volume up! Are a kind of mogul or whaaat? If so... you owe a legendary party!
Well, I seem to be a somewhat well known forum presence of maybe I am, in a way?

tag+: Happy Bday GR & please keep an unbreakable spirit & the sightline on the sky!! (despite how difficult is life lately...)
I will do my best to always try for such things :)

tag+: Thanks for the GA... and also for the party craving! :)
And thanks for coming to my party. Btw: in for any(or all) of the main draws?


zaMNal: My favorite Star Trek film is Star Trek (2009), which I think is great entry for "newcomers". It was my first movie of the franchise, had an interesting story and great cast. Have seen all new Star Trek movies after that. Have yet to see the original classics, which I heard good things about.
Yeah, the bits of the 2009 film i've seen seem quite nice. Btw, you should some day give some of the older films a try.....many nice ones in there.

zaMNal: Thank you for organizing another nice giveaway with many prizes to choose from.

The more the merrier, I would like to enter for all the prize draws available, with a "secret" to aim for RtCW, which never seems to get more than 70% discount in recent years. Thank you again!
Your name is now down on the master guest onto the party! *GR tips back another glass*
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CervelloYM: Congratulations on your upcoming birthday!
I'll be singing happy birthday to you twice every time I wash my hands.
Ok ;D

CervelloYM: Well, if I win a free trip to space from Virgin Galactic, I would definitely take as many selfie as possible. Even a century later, I don't think many people can easily go into space, so I want those selfies on my tombstone.
Yeah, if I didn't have the mental issues I have atm and a ton of spare cash lying around, i'd love to try that out(trip to space on VG)....seems like fun.

CervelloYM: Both the movie and the song are legend. I'm happy to get invited to this birthday party, so many prizes, but hopefully the party is not on a hill.
No's on totally flat land on non haunted ground. :)
*GR looks back at some staff just out of sight and whispers "he's onto us.......someone hide the hill! How? I dunno, use a giant tarp or something....figure it out....that's what I pay you for!"*

CervelloYM: I'm in for Trek Game credit and opt out of Shadow Man draw.
You are now entered and may now enjoy the rest of the party as we all wait for the big draws......may the fates smile kindly upon ya.


Thread Update

Done processing all guests up till Post 38. Will do more in several hours or so. Thanks for all who have showed up so far, and those who will show up in the future.

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GamezRanker: And thanks for coming to my party. Btw: in for any(or all) of the main draws?
Shadow Man & the daily please. Thanks for the inviting, this party rocks!!
Hello GamezRanker!

Thank you and everyone involved for another generous giveaway of yours!
I like your approach, because it always spawns a lot of suggestions and inspirations for 'new' (sofar unkown) stuff related to the chosen topic.

I am only entering for the Trek Game Credit and the Door Prize (of course).
May someone else get Shadow Man and the other Party Favors who would enjoy those games more (or does not own a cop, yet)!

1. & 2.:
My favorite Star Trek film is a close call between "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" and "Galaxy Quest" (it is not an official movie, but for me captures Star Trek way better than any of the newer official movies after "Insurrection").
However, since TheDudeLebowski already mentioned those exact two movies, I go with my favorite episodes instead:

- My most favorite episode:
Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Season 3 Episode 22 "Explorers"

- My second favourite episode:
Star Trek The Next Generations - Season 5 Episode 25 The Inner Light


"Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" is just classy and I think it is written really great!

"Galaxy Quest" combines all the wonder and hilarious mistakes from the Star Trek universe and puts them in one well rounded and cohesive parody! (Take this scene for instance.)

DS9 "Explorers" on one hand captures this imagination of what the 'Age of Discovery" could have been in outer space, and on the other hand demonstrates Sisko's remarkable attention to detail in replicating the same experience with the (then) low-fi technology. The episode was aptly named "Explorers" and replicates this sense of dicovery that I felt mostly missing in DS9.

STTNG "The Inner Light" is actually the second episode providing a "what if" scenario for Captain Picard, but here he is not regretting his alternative choice but embracing it, and developing new skills over a (second) lifetime. I know that the famous flute tune of this episode actually was not played on the tin whistle but a regular recorder. Nonetheless, the unique ending sequence with silence all but this emotional tune being 'performed' by Picard is so touching. (And I do like its reprisal and reference in the Season 6 Episode 19 "Lessons" in form of a duet!)

What would I like to do if I could go into space?
I would like to follow in Sisko's footsteps and 'sail' through the stars.

First, thank you for highlighting this movie, I did not know it before. And this is one of the reasons I like to participate or at least read through the entries of others in your giveaways!
Secondly, my initial encounter with this song cover of "Sweet Dreams" by Marilyn Manson was in another movie from 1996 that goes by the same title "Sweet Dreams". Interestingly, that movie plays both the original version from Eurythmics and Marilyn Manson's cover. In the past I would have said to enjoy the cover more mainly because of its use of an electric guitar. Nowadays, it seem difficult to point out a favorite... maybe depending on the momentarily mood.

Thank you again for this opportunity and good luck for everyone!

Kind regards,

[Edit: I forgot to include an examplary sample scene for Galaxy Quest's parody, see the added youtube link.]
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Geralt_of_Rivia: First and foremost, congrats to your real-life level-up! Though I'm pretty sure the cake is a lie.
Oh, the cake is real this time....but sadly I cannot beam any to your location. :|
(must be that ding dang doodly lepton interference again)

Geralt_of_Rivia: From all the Star Trek series I liked Deep Space Nine most. The reason is that because it plays on a space station there is a far greater sense of continuity in the story. While the other series were very good too the episodes often felt disconnected and only sometimes referenced something that happened in the past. And I prefer a series to have a bigger story arc that connects the episodes.
Yeah, the bits i've seen of DS9 have usually been quite good.
(the PC game called 'The Fallen' is good as well)

Geralt_of_Rivia: The song is great, it is one of the very few examples where a genius song has a cover that is at least as good as the original. To mention a few more songs with great covers that come to my mind:

Have fun listening to some amazing music!
Thanks.....I have a party to oversee atm, but I will try to check some of those(the ones I haven't seen yet) when I get some free time.
(i've seen holding out for a hero, the original music vid and the shrek well as the awesome one from Short Circuit 2. I've also seen i'm still standing...both the original version and the one in the movie 'Sing'. I forget if i've seen the others atm, but watching them should refresh my memory :))

Geralt_of_Rivia: I'd like to be in for Elite Force II.
Your name has been added to said register.....good luck and hope ya enjoy the rest of the party. :)


argamasa: Main theme is awesome.
Glad ya liked it.

argamasa: Not really in but Happy Birthday!!
Thanks for stopping by and the well wishes......hope ya enjoy the rest of the party as well. :)


Ice_Mage: Happy birthday!
As your gracious host, I thank ye most kindly for the wishes and nice photos.
While i've got your attention: are ya entering for any of the draws then? :)


ywzywz: İn my childhood there was a movie really insired by star trek but turkish version. You can find it here but no english subtitles sorry.

but this one is really funny movie from my old memories :)
Thank you for sharing it with looks interesting. When I get time, i'm gonna see if I can find some subtitles for it and give it a proper watch.

ywzywz: i am in for main prize , shadow man classic and some of the party favors.

Thank you
Your name is now on the lists you've chosen...good luck :)
(Also, just checking: are you entering for the Star Trek Credit as well or no?)


aCyborg: Happy Birthday Mate!!
Hope you have a great one!
*GR picks at a plate of appetizers in his hand as he smiles at the various guests that have gathered*
I'm already having a good one, with all the nice posts and well wishes from my fellow goggers.
That said, thanks for the sentiment. :)

aCyborg: My favorite star trek series is either Deep space 9 or Star Trek the Next Generation, I haven't played any of the games yet except Star Trek online but there was a bug that prevented me from getting past the tutorial.
Some day you should try some of the games GOG has on offer....many are (imo) quite decent, and hardly ever crash. :D

aCyborg: I celebrated my birthday by going to the aquarium with my family, no friends sadly because all my friends live on the other side of the country (USA)
Well at least you had your family with ya.....also: the aquarium? Sounds like fun. :)

aCyborg: I'm in for startrek game, Shadow man, Party favors and Rep
Your name has been noted on all of luck, fren.
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heya, happy birthday!
have a nice special day, you hear me?

not in as I'm already too blessed with your generosity, so let's other have a bigger chance of winning.

also, I'm not too into Star Trek since... well... almost never crossed the ways with this universe. only played Elite Force 2 a looong time ago and watched some episodes.

so yeah. happy birthday and many luck!
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NickZah: Happy Birthday! And thanks for generosity.
And thanks to you for being generous enough to come to my party :)

NickZah: My favorite was Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, it seems this TV series I watched when I was a child. I remember that I started watching it from the moment when I saw Jeffrey Combs with big ears, And thought something like "wow cool, this guy from the Reanimator movie".
Yeah, reanimator is a good film....speaking of: I should really watch it again some day.

NickZah: I'm in for Star Trek Credit (I heard Mr Combs was voice actor for some ST video games, thats cool) and in for Party Favors.
Sounds like some excellent choices......yer name is now on the lists you've chosen. Good luck. :)


ConsulCaesar: My favorite Star Trek episode is TNG's Measure of a Man because it presents a philosophical debate in a way that makes you feel passionate. And Brent Spiner's acting was superb.
Brent was so good in many episodes and movies.

ConsulCaesar: If I could go to space I would love to visit a colony on Mars. When I was a kid I was convinced wr would have already sent explorers there by now. Our space program is too far behind if we are to ever catch up with Star Trek.
Mars was always a fascination of mine as well(get your a*se to Mars!, etc). And yeah, we need to get our shi.....stuff together and go explore them stars. And who knows....maybe some day we will. :)

ConsulCaesar: Happy upcoming birthday!

Thank you for the giveaway. I would like to be in for the Star Trek credit and a few of those Party Favors.
Niiiiice.....and you are now entered. Good luck when the time of the draw comes.


Thread Update

All guests checked in until Post#45. More will be done in due time.
*GR raises a glass to everyone* Until then, on with the party!
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