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Prepare for a sci-fi colony sim that became an instant indie hit. RimWorld from Ludeon Studios is coming soon on GOG.COM. The game generates an abundance of stories by simulating factors like ecology, combat, climate, diplomacy, interpersonal relationships, art, medicine, trade, and much more.
Well for people who care about mods there is nexusmods and moddb ...Also I believe there is a website that can download steam workshop mods don't think that it works for every game though...
Well, I've spent hundreds of hours on this game without mods, with few mods, and with many dozens of mods, so I feel I can provide some input on that question: The game is great as-is without mods. My latest playthrough is actually vanilla and I have to say, it's just as much fun as with mods, but with less hassle (and that's using Steam's workshop, and as much as I dislike Valve/Steam, the workshop is incredibly neat). Don't get me wrong, there's some brilliant mods (e.g. dubs hygiene, or the mods to make medical stuff more complex), but they're certainly not necessary. And as the others have noted already, it's not like the Steam workshop is the only source for mods, is it ;)
I'd rather not dip my hands into mods.
I've definitely spent hours on mods only to not want to play a game from burnout lol.