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Hello madness, my old friend.

Cultist Simulator is coming soon, DRM-free to
You got the fever again. It's been two days since you last ate but your research is more important. Gotta crack that ancient book, whose arcane language promises a glimpse at cosmic mysteries not intended for mortal minds. Just need to play your cards right: visit the wrong places, gain the proper insight, combine your madness with that of loyal followers, who would gladly sacrifice or be sacrificed in the name of terrible beings lurking at the edge of whispers. Don't worry about failing the first time. Worry about letting the moths escape.
I do remember playing the demo version of this (it's been removed now it seems, for whatever reason), and I was quite intrigued. It did seem fairly... demanding, for how simple it looked.
Anyways, glad to see it's coming to Gog!
I'll definitely take another look once the reviews start coming in.
Disclaimer: Yes, I am a fan of Alexis Kennedy's previous work.

I can't believe what I'm reading here. People accusing Fallen London, of all games, to be a money-grabbing grind? Do you really how absolutely enourmous is the amount of text you get to play through for free? And yes, the later parts of the game are grindy, but what other way there is if you want to provide contend in a game that is almost exclusively about reading. You just won't be able to bloody write fast enough.

About the micro transactions. 7bucks a month to get pretty much every new contend they are releasing seems a lot to you? Once again, they are not sitting on their buns counting money in their office, they are really making new stories every month, not to talk about the contend that they are releasing for free for everyone from time to time. And even if you never pay a cent you will still have access to more then 80% of the stories there are.

Truth is, that if you really want to do so, you can spend loads of money on custom companions and such stuff. But nobody is gonna aggressively advertise it. It is, after all, a single player game.

Now that I have that off my chest, the Cultist Simulator.

I've backed the game and already played it in the closed development builds. I can safely say it doesn't feel grindy at all, on the contrary there is stuff happening all the time (But then again, I've never grinded anything in Sunless Sea neither, while a lot of people has, for some reason).
I've had a surprising amount of fun (playing way too long into the night once or twice), considering it still isn't finished by any means. The whole narrative aspect works wondorously. I should also note the game really doesn't feel like a "card game".

What you do a lot though is guessing the right combinations of cards to progress things. You are tumbling in the darkness, and the game doesn't give you many clues (this is probably not gonna change much before the release). I personally don't mind it, because it really holds well together with the atmosphere and the mysteries you are trying to uncover. But I'm sure there will be a lot of people who will just get frustrated by this.

It certainly won't be a game for everyone. Those few are going to enjoy it though, will enjoy it tremendously.
tinyE: Has anyone seen or heard from Justin in the last year?
He changed how he combed his hair:

Oh and some kid worships him enough to carry out a terror plot in his name:

which may fit into the concept of this game....
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drealmer7: well then where did the guy who acquired the mysteries not meant for mortals get it from?
*searches high n low on ebay; not a sausage*

*stays up 'til two in the morning watching 'Re-animator' on Blue-Ray*
How is this not niche?