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Celebrate the Thunderful World event with us (and Mark Hamill, of course) by grabbing the dynamic platformer game Steamworld Dig 2 free of charge on GOG.COM. Be quick, because the game will be available as a giveaway only for 24h – until 11th November 2021, 6 PM UTC.

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low rated
A pity it's not more like Steamworld Heist which I loved (or Quest, which I have not played yet but looks more like my cup of tea), but still nice to get a freebie. Maybe it will surprise me.
Thank You!
Well that's one game I can mark off my wishlist. Much thanks for the freebie.
Thanks, but... why do you always give away only games I already have? T_T

It means GOG has good taste, though.
Wowie, nice giveaway! This game was on my wishlist for ages, but fell off somehow. Thank you, Gog!
Thank you GOG, keep doing what you do best.
P.S. Love how this site supports preserving gaming history, agree 100%
Thanks to GOG and the devs ... but now I have a problem. It is called Steamworld Dig TWO and of course now I am itching to own at least both games. Except for me being crazy about such things in general - do those two games have an ongoing story or any relation at all (minus the title of course)?
Post edited November 10, 2021 by MarkoH01
Thank you for the surprise gift. :)
Thanks for the freebie! :)
Thank you very much!!!! Watching the event right now :D
this is a surprise. been waiting for it to go below 5 bucks for 3 years, can't go lower than this.
Bought this one shortly after its release here. Very fun game. :)
MarkoH01: those two games have an ongoing story or any relation at all (minus the title of course)?
It's definitely a continuation with some of the same characters - and Steamworld Heist is a long distant future event. That said, it really isn't necessary to have played the first to enjoy the second since the plot is relatively light and is really only there to provide a framework for the game, even if the first game is a still fun(but simpler).
I've played a Steamworld Dig game in the past (I think it was the first one) and it was excellent, can't wait to install this later and try it out
Okay, raise your hands, who watched the stream just for Mark Hamill´s appearance?
One of the best games I've ever played. What a great giveaway.