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Celebrate the Thunderful World event with us (and Mark Hamill, of course) by grabbing the dynamic platformer game Steamworld Dig 2 free of charge on GOG.COM. Be quick, because the game will be available as a giveaway only for 24h – until 11th November 2021, 6 PM UTC.

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Thanks for the freebie.
Thanks for the Giveaway!

Wow, thanks for the freebie, i played Steamworld Dig and Heist and both are very good. Recently bought Quest that it looks very promissing.
Thanks so much Image & Form Games and Gog for the game!
Wow! Outcast 1.1 and Steamworld Dig 2, Thank you! ^_^!
Thank you GOG and Image & Form, game looks like fun.
Thanks for the free game.
Thanks GOG!
Thanks gog.
Thank you for this nice game! :)
Excellent game Indeed. And thanks for the gift.
Whew, nabbed it just in time.
Thank you very much.
low rated
@GOG - Can't you be a little bit more generous than 24 hours .... jeez.

You must have released it just after I left for the night, and I came back a little longer than 24 hours later.

30 Hours would be a fairer amount.

I am here every day, sometimes more than once, and that's how you reward folk like me, who often don't get a free game anyway, because we've already bought it from you.

The one time it wasn't a game I already had, and you did the lousy 24 hour trick.