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Celebrate the Thunderful World event with us (and Mark Hamill, of course) by grabbing the dynamic platformer game Steamworld Dig 2 free of charge on GOG.COM. Be quick, because the game will be available as a giveaway only for 24h – until 11th November 2021, 6 PM UTC.

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Bought the game here Day 1, and had a lot of fun with it as well as the rest of the Steamworld games it is very well worth a playthrough.
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Thank you for the freebie, GOG and Image And Form!
Much appreciated.
Ok. Seems only fair since I own the first.
ciemnogrodzianin: Check and mate, GOG!
How can I postpone purchasing SD1 now? :D
Very clever Image and Form, veeeeery clever...
I "dig" this freebie! :P Thanks to all involved! GOG & Image and Form! :)
Thanks to those involved with the giveaway!

MarkoH01: Thank you. I was already quite sure that I would not resist this, especially since, as others pointed out as well, it's on sale right now, [...]
Better yet, it's the lowest price I've seen for the first game since I put it on my wishlist (which is why I just bought it a couple days ago :) ).
Right on, thanks! Nice addition to the library. :)
The first one was on my Wishlist ever since it appeared on the store.
Now that #2 was given for free I finally bought the first game to show my gratitude.

Thank you GOG and Image&Form.
Thank you, Image & Form and GOG! :)
I rarely take free games but this one looks like something I would enjoy. Thank you!
Thank you!

I like the art style of SteamWorld series, and I would like to see Heist 2 in near future.
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Thank you GOG
Thank you!
Thank you very much. :-)