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Well, i took the liberty to contact Mr. Sosa and Mr. Eckstein (who wrote the story/dialogue for Nocturne). They may or may not answer, but i feel we're close to the release.

It's strange you know...We have (here on GOG) games made by Terminal Reality and we have games published by The Gathering Of Developers.
So i guess this is not a legal issue but rather a software issue.
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Ancient-Red-Dragon: As for Terminal Reality's Nocturne, that game is a masterpiece and quite possibly the best horror game ever made.
Oh, c'mon. It is barely even a horror game. At best it is a shooter with horror elements. You have plenty of ammo, medkits and you are never really in danger. The scariest enemy is the camera and poor controls. The mine and underground temple were pretty bad, just long corridors that looked the same. And then the Chicago mission was very frustrating, the mobsters on the car would kill you and you wouldn't even see them because of the bad camera.

The first act was great, the zombie town was pretty good too, and the part in Hamilton Killain's mansion was fantastic, there are many things there is to like about this game, the characters, story, atmosphere, humor, the game engine itself... but the fact is it also has many flaws, you can't ignore those.
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