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Go where no man has gone before and join our Star Trek Contest and get a chance to win 1 of 15 sets of newly released Star Trek games! Don't worry, you don't need to wear a red shirt.

Imagine you're the new Starfleet Captain, name your ship and figure out what would your famous catchphrase be and tell us in the comments on the forum!

Hurry before this ship activates its warp drive and jumps on September 17th, 3 PM UTC.
Ship: NCC-24601 U.S.S. Relentless
Catchphrase: "To Boldly go where we damn well please!"
U.S.S. Roach

"How do you like that phsaer?"
S.S. Ellison

God is not with us.
USS Nagasaki
We not come here for war, we come here in peace.
U.S.S. Hyperion

"Bring it on!"
"Challenge accepted!"
"Told ya!
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SS Indomitable

"Be open minded and dance towards the unknown"
U.S.S. Budget

"Will it still run on our holodeck?"
USS Governess

"Make us proud!"
USS Firefly

"You can't take the sky from me."
USS Penmanship.

Catch phrase: "History will be written me & my crew."
Name of my ship: The Red Retriever

Our catchphrase: " No Red Shirted Crewman Left Behind! "

Context for the not so obvious: We are a fresh new ALL red shirted crew, part of a Starfleet - NGOs coordinated effort for retrieval of lost crewman in past galactic missions!! what could go wrong right? and erm well...yes alive lost crewmans or their remains will do, thanks...
USS Schrodinger

Context: "A 24th Century Nova Class Cruiser, a scientific research vessel with the mission of testing the new super efficient quantum transporters and commanded by Captain Kat Person, her best pal is a BORG version of Data´s cat Spot coming from a paralalel universe during an accident of one of the Transporters is now Kat´s science officer"

"Beam up the cat, dead AND alive!"
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Ship Name: U.S.S. Sputtering Lascelle

Catchphrase: Launch us towards the enemy at Stumbling Speed!
U.S.S. Mary Celeste

"Where did everyone go?"
Ship name: TLA Bacon Sandwich
Catchphrase: Second breakfast, anyone?

Since the launch of X2 (and possibly before) I've always called my starting ship in any kind of space game that. TLA because they always seem to start with a three-letter acronym, so we may as well cut out the middle man. Bacon Sandwich because it's filled with fresh meat ;)