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With our RPG Month still going strong, we have another surprise for you in the form of an RPG Contest! This time we want you to think about a video game skill you would like to have in real life and explain why.

The best answers will win 1 of 15 game bundles, including 9 titles such as Windbound, Tyranny, Disco Elysium and more!

You have time to enter the contest until September 30th, 3 PM UTC.
Charm animal. Then I can live out my vengeance story taking cues from Willard... Nibble away, my compatriots!
I would like the ability to save and reload "the game" i.e. my life at will with unlimited save slots like The Witcher 3.
As well as the obvious in being able to correct your mistakes and try things without repercussions, it could also be used to relive cool experiences, practise/master skills in short length of time, and investigate paths not taken.
Probably the Shapeshifting skill of a Druid. Why? Because I would like to fly like an eagle, swim like a dolphin, be strong as a bear, agile like a cat, stealth as a mouse and fast as a horse or a cheetah. One skill to rule them all!
Summon Giant.
They could help cut down trees and scare potential trespassers away, especially bears.
The ability to stop and rewind time... if only for a moment.

As I grow older and the mistakes, missed opportunities, and paths not taken in life accumulate as dead weight in the cluttered heart and mind, it's ever more attractive to be able to fix the mistakes, re-think positions, and reverse course to take the path not traveled. And while life is not a simple dichotomy that can easily be fixed by binary choices -- there are many potential paths to failure, pain, and heartache -- having "another go" at even the least of these paths gone wrong will always be seductive.

Yet having this ability -- which I very much want...

-- could be its own curse.

Because as much as mistakes, missed opportunities, and paths not taken bring failure, pain, and sorrow, they also nurture our humanity, expand our understanding, and hopefully inform our futures. Without our choices and paths having consequence, this entire life could become artificial -- a list of abstract choices -- and ultimately meaningless. Does anything matter if choices can all be changed?

So although I want to be able to stop time and rewind it...

... maybe it's best to leave that for games?

Because in this game you only get a limited number of choices... and only one playthrough.
Save-scumming :) It's more of a meta-ability than an in-game skill but I beliwve it counts as it's a staple of RPG gaming for many of us.

Being on the perfectionist side, I always like to achieve the optimal result both in my games and in life. Unfortunately in the latter, saving is not an option but just imagine being able to save life before requesting a pay rise, asking someone out or maybe trying to assassinate an evil dictator. If things go wrong, you just click load life and get the opportunity to repeat your action, this time with a better timing, strategy and stat-boosting apparel... and hoping for a more lucky dice roll (including a critical success if necessary), of course!

One top of that, you could also save your favourite life moments to come back to, including saving the world and planet in its current state, just in case there is a major disaster looming - and many would say there is. #MillenialAnxiety
The skill of shifting/moving between planes of existence. There would be an entire multiverse waiting to be explored, and who knows? Maybe you can obtain resources or knowledge from one or more planes, and put them to creative uses in your native plane, during any situation. Are you stranded in the desert, having trouble with scroching heat and no water? Shift to a cooler plane with abundant rivers. Stuck with no inspiration when trying to come up with a painting, a novel, or song? Just shift to the most far out plane you can imagine, and let the otherworldly vistas inspire you! There's simply no end to the things that you could do.
Being able to speak to animals.

I am not very fond of most other people at the best of times for a variety of reasons. I've also always been more comfortable in the company of animals, which more often than not do not shy away from me. Maybe I'll become the real life Dr. Dolittle! ;)
I'm stunned nobody's mentioned fast travel yet.

Sure sure, it's not as flashy as magic powers or awesome equipment, but practically speaking? It's just so useful! Long work commute? Not anymore! Hung out at a friends house and left your phone there on accident? A couple seconds to pop over, "Hey, how's it going, sorry but I forgot my phone..." and just like that you're back home.

That's just the basic stuff. it gets better. Know a place that serves the BEST drinks, but it's too far away to really go there? Fast travel puts it within reach! Had a great vacation but oh, it was miles away and the travel was expensive? Not anymore! Just fast travel back. Heck, don't even need the hotel anymore. Pop half a wold away for some fun and when it's time to call it a night, go home to sleep in your own bed! Saves money for more fun stuff! Speaking of stuff ow are you gonna get that new bed you brought home? no need to worry about fitting it in the trunk. It's pretty much a quest item, those always follows you on fast travel!

Just the ability to warp you and your stuff around the need to worry about the logistics of it all is such a boon!
Dogmaus: I'd like to rewind time like in Katana Zero, so I could undo all the the times I make a figure, catch the wrong bus, leave home without important things and so on! Sometimes just a minute back in time would be enough to save me!
For me, I'd like to change what I did 30 years ago...
I'd like the super strength to jump off building and survive. It would save a lot of time
I'd like the ability to heal others and myself as well.

I'd like the ability to scale with use as Final Fantasy II so the more I use it the more powerful the healing becomes.
Fast forward!.

If im doing something really really boring.
Just hit fast forward and you are done!.
A maxed out speech skill. I could win almost any argument and negotiate better terms and conditions. It's not as fancy as the save/load meta skills some have mentioned, but you can't deny the usefulness of diplomacy IRL.
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witcher powers and abilities to... you know, to look badass and sexy in a bath tub!