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With our RPG Month still going strong, we have another surprise for you in the form of an RPG Contest! This time we want you to think about a video game skill you would like to have in real life and explain why.

The best answers will win 1 of 15 game bundles, including 9 titles such as Windbound, Tyranny, Disco Elysium and more!

You have time to enter the contest until September 30th, 3 PM UTC.
Quicktravel. Perfect for Open Worlds like earth.

I don't think I need to explain why ;)
I would like my "stats" to increase over time, contrary to the fact we get older, weaker and slower. Also, imagine gaining charisma or strengh by reading a book or eating a food. Like, to get ready for a job interview, you snack on a Charming Berry or something.
avatar This time we want you to think about a video game skill you would like to have in real life and explain why.
Mario's jumping abilities.
Imagine, how fast you could come from point A to point B, simply by jumping.
Hindrances and obsticles on your way? Simply jump over them.
Shapeshifting capabilities, Like Alucard (Castlevania)

Reason Being, is that I could go any where and slip into spaces Normal Humans could not.
I would love the TIME STOP skill from Quantum Break! It is such a neat skill in many situations. Having a hard time crunching for an exam? TIME STOP! Let me get some more time to study up! Really pushing hard for a deadline at work? TIME STOP! Let me slowly relax and triple check my work before submitting! Don't know what to say during a date? TIME STOP! Let me google in front of my date to see what she likes on Facebook so I can talk more about it.

Hence, my skill to have would be TIME STOP form Quantuam Break, which was an awesome game as well!
Too many scars, too many injuries suffered...
I would love the ability. To Interface with modern technology to rewrite code to my own making. To create a Safer, Better and Healthier Existent for all humanity and future generations to come. Without all the Big Corporations syphoning and selling people information, including making it mandatory that all games old, current and future have no DRM, and released, on all storefronts with no exclusivity.
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I'm not going to lie, I really like the ability to read souls as the Watcher of Caed Nua in the Pillars of Eternity games. I don't know if I'd truly be considered an empath IRL but I do try to relate with people, to understand their pain and to give them the benefit of the doubt. I realize having that soul-reading ability would result in a lot of disturbing moments, pain and so forth. However, I also think it'd be absolutely incredible because I'd be able to truly, deeply understand what others have gone through and hopefully meet them where they're at to help them out.

This would also be particularly useful to me since I've recently found myself drifting away from caring about others, partially thanks to the events of 2020, and I want to get back to caring deeply for others. There's nothing quite like truly understanding another person's struggles to make you feel true compassion. That's why I'd love to have the ability to read others' souls or, at the very least, be able to see the things they've gone through.

That's one of my favorite aspects of the PoE games. They're not just fantastic RPGs with phenomenal writing, they also have a great theme to them centered around using an absurdly tricky ability like soul reading to either help others or cause them even greater pain (the former of which is what I usually choose).
avatar This time we want you to think about a video game skill you would like to have in real life and explain why.
A lot of video game "skills" are kind of like superpowers so they're not interesting answers. And someone already said Quicksave...

So I'll go with Third-Person Perspective. I think it would be really cool to be able to seem like I'm minding my own business or walking down the street but actually see everything around me, around corners and obstacles, maybe into things people are reading.
Can I have Kirby's power? I could swallow a laser pointer to shoot lasers, eat a drone to get the UFO power or cook up an old tire to get the wheel power. Also I could fly with puffy cheeks.
I would love the TIME STOP skill from Quantum Break! It would have so many uses! Working overtime to meet a deadline at work while your boss breathe down your neck? TIME STOP! Let's take a break for a day and come back feeling refreshed instead of over-worked to continue to meet the deadline or just finish it while the time stops!

Don't know what to say to impress your date? TIME STOP! Let's find what she likes on social media and google about those topics while she froze in time in front of you.

Crunching for an exam at school? TIME STOP! Have plenty of time to study up or see what the exam will be about while the time stops!
Use magic for space exploration and colonization.
Some combination of protection and eneregy resistance spells would enable us to work confortably in dangerous environments for extended periods of time with no need for multi-million dollar EVA suits.
Mind-affecting spells would help with psicological issues that might arise from living and working in extreme conditions.
I think I don't need to explain what gravity spells do or why it would be really, really useful in space.
Teleport spells or preferably teleport gates would allow easy transfer of personnel and materials to and from orbit, removing the need for expensive shuttle flights.
Also most of those spells are very low level so even a novice caster can throw around a few every day. With proper training you can create an environment where it is possible for casters to contribute greatly to society without being exploited.
If any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic then there is no reason for us not to take advantage of magic in places where our technology is not sufficiently advanced.
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A Maxed out Esuna spell would be pretty handy.

Bleeding? No problem.

Cancer? Gone

Confused, Slow, Cursed? I gotchu fam.

Ate spicy ramen and got the fire poops? Healed!

Dumb? *Esuna has no effect* ಠ_ಠ
Well, it's not exactly a skill (I guess), but considering how often I used Aard in the "Witcher" games to make some room around me, I'm pretty sure I could make very good use of that in real life as well. Because I really do not like crowded spaces (even before the pandemic) ...