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With our RPG Month still going strong, we have another surprise for you in the form of an RPG Contest! This time we want you to think about a video game skill you would like to have in real life and explain why.

The best answers will win 1 of 15 game bundles, including 9 titles such as Windbound, Tyranny, Disco Elysium and more!

You have time to enter the contest until September 30th, 3 PM UTC.
Not sure if it's a skill, but 'Rest' in real life would be awesome.

Want to take a quick nap, Rest for a few minutes.
Bed time, Rest, no more insomnia. Besides you'd be fully refreshed with a couple hours worth of Rest.
You'd be sleeping instantly, that's priceless.
super hearing skills so that i can cure my deafness
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How about the ability to pause or at least slow time? If I only have the weaker slow time portion then at least I can react quicker, better, and with more precision than anyone else. Slow time would make me an ace at anything that requires quick reflexes or reactions. Usually if you can slow time you can also look around quickly to find something to help you. If I had the pause meta ability I can find anything in my bag without being late and can take all the time in the world to plan the most successful course of action. With pause I can take out my phone and look up anything to become an expert in an instant. If I forgot to study for a test I have time to learn the coursework and get a straight A. I can react to any barb with the ultimate wit. I will also never get lost and have perfect direction sense( seemingly to my companions) . At work I can meet any deadline including the unrealistic ones set by the VP of sales at the 11th hour. I would be a true hero to those around me.
What better skill than this to bring back your loved ones
The skill of reversing time like Prince of Persia. So could go back and prevent the pandemic.

Short or long distance would be quite useful. Want to visit a friend, you're there. Get to work, no problem. Weather problems, who cares. Don't need a car anymore for short distances or planes for long distances. Getting where you need to go with no hassle, no muss, and no fuss would be my pick.
I think the ability to withstand nearly ridiculous amounts of damage and practically shrug it off would be interesting

Or flight, cuz flying would be cool
Summon dead/demon/familiar.
So I could have a friend to hang out with.

Who wouldn't want to instantly freeze time for everything and everyone else around them? Tired of your look, just change clothes while the real world is in stasis. Adjust your inventory for hours without anyone else being the wiser. Pick and choose from different skills, items, or entire loadouts designed to work best in every possible situation. Thrill and amaze friends and family into thinking that you're some kind of all-powerful sorcerer who controls the very fabric of time and space. You can be ready for whatever comes next in life, or simply consume a bunch of health-restoration items before anyone else can blink, and all you have to do is press PAUSE!
Definitely remove poison (corona) spell from classic Wow's druid..
If anything that is what we need right now! <3
Mind Jack skill

Like in Cyberpunk 2077 but in today's world. Say you have two introverted people that like the look of each other but don't want to be married and spend a full life together. Instead you both stick each other's usb thingy's into each others heads and experience everything in a full conscious dream; sex, love, travel, life. Only within a minute and not ever knowing that person physically beyond that and then you both just go your separate ways.
How about the ability to pull back into a zoom-able third-person view? How useful would that be? Imagine the time you would save on avoiding traffic jams alone... Not to mention how useful it would be for something like search-and-rescue, or security work (or a life of larceny, if that's more your thing.)
Skip the cutscene.

I get really bored bij all that people that jabber about, without getting to the case.
Time to pause, so I could think about my actions before rushing in. In real life it would stop me making so many mistakes :-)
Immortality in the style of The Nameless One from Planescape: Torment.

So, yes; the player could still technically die, but would likely wake up & resurrect....who knows where. A respawn of sorts and pick up...wherever.

Could be a new location, a location visited before, wherever.