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Becoming a slightly different beast.

<span class="bold">Armello</span>, the digital tabletop/role-playing/strategy game, has now been updated and renamed to Armello - DRM Free Edition. It includes the latest fixes and updates, plus all these lovely animals who will eagerly stab each other with pointy things in order to become rulers of the land. Oh, and it's 25% off for six days!

This edition is a complete strategic experience and will keep receiving updates that are unrelated to DLCs or online features.

Here's what League of Geeks have to say about it (full version <span class="bold">here</span>):

"We want to ensure that whatever platforms Armello is on, we're providing the best experience that we possibly can. As Armello moves more and more into online services (like Steam inventory and more multiplayer features) and as we begin to roll out our plans for DLC, we've been working closely with GOG on an edition of Armello specific to GOG. [..]
We've had fantastic meetings with GOG about the future of Armello on the platform and although there's no way for us to provide DLC for DRM-Free users or to attempt to retain parity with the Steam version of Armello, Armello DRM-Free Edition will see features that best suit a DRM Free experience. [...]."

Get ready to join this new era of colorful animosity with <span class="bold">Armello DRM-Free Edition</span>, exclusively on
The 25% discount will last until September 5, 9:59 PM UTC.
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Well... Having some kind of game is still better than anything but... Man... It kinda sucks to know one is paying for a objectively inferior version with no option to get the extra content... Still I do not get at all why is this, because other games have no problem releasing additional content on GOG, but well...

I just hope that... If the game doesn´t sell well here, you have into account what people is saying here.
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This drives the final nail in the coffin in buying this game. I appreciate the dev coming forward and direct but I am not happy that GOG accepts games inferior games. Lack of multiplayer I can tolerate, Lack of DLC'S not.

Looks like I'm done for good with buying games on release, devs cannot be trusted.
Tyrrhia: Umm . . . isn't that normal for a game sold on GOG, to be DRM-free? Why put that in the title, then?

Anyway, I've now removed it from my wishlist. It's a shame; the game looks interesting and I like the art style.
When I firstly saw that said to myself "Hey they are giving DLCs to GOG version for FREE because GOG version already crippled if you compare with Steam version." Then I am shocked now , it's uber-fail !!!
This announcement kind of sounds like no new features will be brought in for this game here, and that it will only get the bare minimum of updates. It's a weird sounding news to me.

If anyone has access to the League of Geeks boards and could paste the full statement / info here it would be greatly appreciated. I don't wish to open an account on their site. Thank you.
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Wow! Good that I haven't bought it yet. Just kicked it from the wishlist.

-1 GOG
-1 League of Geeks

BTW: Less features should end in a lower price, shouldn't it?
Meh shitty news, happy note i brought the game at a heavy discount so less pain.
Call this a lemon and move on.
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avatar Armello Demotee Edition will see features that best suit a DRM Free experience
Exclusive wallpapers, avatars, concept art, PDF manual, and the design documents for the Steam exclusive DLC? :|
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Armello Inferior Edition...

I think I'll pass, thank you very much...

Time to put League of Geeks on my blacklist of devs I boycott.
So what is it about Steam that makes DLC unfeasible for a DRM version? Is it some technical aspect? Laziness? "DRM-free equals piracy BS?"

Well, thanks for letting me know I have an inferior version... I guess :(
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I was really hoping that this was going to be an announcement that they had reconsidered their earlier stance and had decided to add proper local multiplayer into the game. Even if someone were alright with being shafted on future DLC in this release, it's not likely to get proper, offline multiplayer, from what the devs were saying on their own forums:

"Hey there!

LAN support is not super important in this day and age - meaning that the vast majority of people will have access to an adequate internet connection without relying on local network. Considering this is probably one of 3 requests I've ever seen for this feature for Armello, we really can't justify implementing it.

Regardless, thank you for sharing your position and your feedback. The insight is helpful!


Link and screenshot as proof that he's one of the devs:

From what I understand, you currently need to get a "room code" and connect online to play what is essentially a multiplayer board game with a person right next to you. This game had so much potential, and I'm really disappointed in the direction the DRM-free release has gone.
So, this and Brutal Legend are gimped in some form. Any others?
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I'd understand if the devs had to delay the release of the DLC because they lacked the resources to properly launch it across all platforms at once, but never releasing it at all is unacceptable.
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This is pretty dissapointing. I don't think GoG knew this would happen when they released the game, but gosh. This is a slap in the face.
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should go on the shame list:
What a joke.