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Becoming a slightly different beast.

<span class="bold">Armello</span>, the digital tabletop/role-playing/strategy game, has now been updated and renamed to Armello - DRM Free Edition. It includes the latest fixes and updates, plus all these lovely animals who will eagerly stab each other with pointy things in order to become rulers of the land. Oh, and it's 25% off for six days!

This edition is a complete strategic experience and will keep receiving updates that are unrelated to DLCs or online features.

Here's what League of Geeks have to say about it (full version <span class="bold">here</span>):

"We want to ensure that whatever platforms Armello is on, we're providing the best experience that we possibly can. As Armello moves more and more into online services (like Steam inventory and more multiplayer features) and as we begin to roll out our plans for DLC, we've been working closely with GOG on an edition of Armello specific to GOG. [..]
We've had fantastic meetings with GOG about the future of Armello on the platform and although there's no way for us to provide DLC for DRM-Free users or to attempt to retain parity with the Steam version of Armello, Armello DRM-Free Edition will see features that best suit a DRM Free experience. [...]."

Get ready to join this new era of colorful animosity with <span class="bold">Armello DRM-Free Edition</span>, exclusively on
The 25% discount will last until September 5, 9:59 PM UTC.
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Greenlynx: I posted on League of Geek's forums asking for them to make the DRM free patches available to the people who purchased it through Indiebox a couple days back; it came with a steam key in box yes, but the USB disk has 1.0 on it and it would be nice to have the updates for posterity.
leaguehq: Please let us know if you get an official reply. I got the Indiebox edition when it was first released in that format, and I emailed LoG soon after asking for a GOG key since I don't use Steam. They said no. Then I asked for just the patch to bring it up to 1.1. They said no. I regularly ask Indiebox devs for GOG keys since there isn't a non-Steam way to patch it otherwise. LoG is the only dev who has ever said no.
Will do; so no far not a word back on my post there, so not likely to receive one based on what you've said.

I've started to try and reduce my use Steam of as well. Barring steam keys bundled with DRM free purchases and the like, Armello DLC with likely be my last purchases.
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Someone please mark this as completed in a couple of hours!
fronzelneekburm: Someone please mark this as completed in a couple of hours!
seems to be done.

i do feel sorry for the one or two people who wanted to buy this before it went. there was no warning. [not that i would have bought it either way. but, it's interesting that /gog/ didn't put out a note about this going away, either.]

later: oh. gog did. just, you know, in the related subforum for the game. where no one would ever find it. that's not helpful at all.
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fronzelneekburm: Someone please mark this as completed in a couple of hours!
Well at least that'll be another 860 votes completed, cool in my book.
Is there any information on why this game was removed? As far as I'm concerned losing this game is no big loss, but I am curious on the details.
Thunderstone: Is there any information on why this game was removed?
No, and there won't be.
Either the developers or decided it didn't make business sense, probably both.