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Klumpen0815: Shadow Warrior 2 is free atm.
I guess there won't be a Linux port like for the (great) previous one.
A wrapper with DXVK applied would be great.
Already working on it; initial tests seems to work great so hopefully it won't take too long :)
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A wrapper is now available for Shadow Warrior 2 :)
adamhm: A wrapper is now available for Shadow Warrior 2 :)
That was quick!
Many thanks from me. :)
adamhm: A wrapper is now available for Shadow Warrior 2 :)
Great, thanks!
adamhm: A wrapper is now available for Shadow Warrior 2 :)
Wonderful! Thanks a lot. :D

I expected it to be too much for my limited hardware, but it actually runs remakably smoothly! With DXVK enabled, of course, otherwise it's nearly unplayable. Props to Valve for their work!
Hello there! Thank you for your support to the linux community!

Quick question:

How do I modify the script on your System Shock 2 installer so that it points to my directory?

PS Lutris can be also used to install System Shock 2
Vernon9398: How do I modify the script on your System Shock 2 installer so that it points to my directory?
The build script should unpack the SS2 installer & set everything up automatically. If you want to change where your saves are kept, you can create a directory named "userdata" in the wrapper's root directory (or create a symlink named "userdata" pointing to the target directory), or set the WINEWRAP_UDATA_ROOT environment variable.
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I've now completed adding initial Proton support to my wrapper framework and all wrappers have been updated with the new winewrap.shlib. As there's nowhere (that I know of) that offers conveniently packaged Proton builds yet, I've simply repacked the 3.7-6 build provided by Steam and uploaded it to my dropbox for use by my wrappers.

The following games have been found to work better with Proton and so their wrappers have been updated to use Proton 3.7-6:

- Risen 3
- Saints Row 3
- Saints Row 4
- Sam & Max Save the World
- Sam & Max: Beyond Time & Space
- Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
- Shadow Warrior 2
- Total Annihilation

I haven't tested everything with Proton so other wrappers may also be updated to use Proton later. In addition to this, Proton wrappers are now available for the following games:

- Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
- Still Life

Note that Proton does not allow games to alter the system's display settings, and this includes display brightness/gamma as well as resolution, which means that games that rely on changing the system's display brightness/gamma when their display settings are changed are stuck at the system's setting. To work around this I have implemented an option in the script menus for affected games that can be used to set the gamma prior to starting them. Currently affected games are Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, Risen 3 and Still Life.

Also The Saboteur has been updated to use Wine 3.10. With this update the map should now work correctly :)
Kudos! Thanks for fuifilling my request :)
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I've put out a hotfix for all wrappers (although the issue only affects those that use Proton).

I had intended to disable esync until I'd learned more about it, but it transpires that while I had thought I'd disabled it, it wasn't actually disabled. Since this can lead to stability issues if your system's file descriptor limit is too low it was important to fix ASAP...

The hotfix corrects this, and after some quick research I've set the wrappers for games that benefit from esync (Risen 3, Saints Row 3 & 4, Shadow Warrior 2) to enable it by default. However it will only be allowed if your system's file descriptor limit is high enough. You can find out how to check the limit on your system & raise it if necessary here:
FYI, for those who don't need whole Proton, you can use Wine esync branch now, which will be maintained:
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All wrappers have been updated again with a new winewrap.shlib & some other tweaks that were needed to better support Proton 3.16.

With Proton 3.16-1, its customised version of DXVK is now builtin rather than simply bundled. You can switch between DXVK and WineD3D11 by setting slightly different paths in the the WINEDLLPATH environment variable so it loads the respective libraries for each option. My wrappers allow swapping between them by setting the PROTON_USE_WINED3D11 environment variable - set it to "1" to use Wine's D3D11 implementation over OpenGL instead of Proton's special builtin DXVK. You can still use normal versions of DXVK by installing & enabling them through the script menus as before.

Risen 3, Shadow Warrior 2 and The Witcher 3 have been updated to use Proton 3.16-1, with SW2 & TW3 now using Proton's builtin version of DXVK. With this update stream output support is now available, so The Witcher 3 should no longer have any rendering issues with certain monsters as long as your graphics drivers support it (for this to work you currently need to have cutting-edge graphics drivers).
Headsup that GOG has killed all GOGmixes with their completely bollocks site overhaul, including your's:
Hm. Weird and no announcement even.

Open a thread about it:
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I've updated all wrappers again with some small tweaks - with Proton 3.16-2 Valve reverted their decision to make DXVK builtin due to dependency issues with the Steam Runtime & I've adjusted my wrappers to handle things like that better in preparation for future updates. Saints Row 3 & 4 have been updated to use DXVK 0.90.

On another note, I've had a generic wrapper for testing/prototyping for quite some time now, but I've been wondering if it would be worthwhile to fix it up a little & release it. It doesn't really do anything that you can't do with CrossOver/PlayOnLinux/Lutris/Wine directly though, aside perhaps from supporting Proton, but it might be more convenient or fun for people to mess around with. If there's enough interest I'll see about cleaning it up a bit & releasing it.

Klumpen0815: Headsup that GOG has killed all GOGmixes with their completely bollocks site overhaul, including your's:
Yeah, I've known about that for a while. Keep forgetting to go through the release posts & remove links to it though... I need to update all of the release posts to make them more consistent anyway.