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Instead of refreshing the page with F5, try doing Ctrl+F5. That seems to work sometimes but after a few minutes the problem returns. I'm using Firefox browser.
I had this problem about a month ago. And this is the reply I got back then.
It's back.

Now it's gone.

It's back.

It's like the Fallout of pull-down menus.
BKGaming: Yep mine has currently disappeared and I have nothing in its place... jut a big grey empty square area.

On FireFox.
Ditto to all that. Gone, then back again. Luckily, all I have to do is type "account" in my address bar, and the URL comes right up. :)
One moment it's back, the next it's gone. It's bloody annoying.


Could you please get your act together?
Yes, I must say its really getting annoying. Its as others said there and gone again. It doesn't seem to have any common point since it appears at different occasions/tabs clicked. The only thing that makes it go away for me is to click on the sign.

Edit: Now more and more the account or sign up/login are gone and there is just a grey non clickable area there.
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Johny.: I've added this topic to the bug description, so if you have any valuable input - please post it.
On pages where the Account menu fails to appear, I consistently get this message in the Firefox web console: (see attached)

I don't know that this is valuable, however. Good luck.

edit 2:
My Account menu reappeared briefly. I confirmed that the attached message does not appear when the Account menu loads properly.
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Doesn't work on Community and Support, the rest seems to be fine, at least for me (Cyberfox 42.0.1)
Mine just disappeared as well.
Well, the Account tab is MIA since my last post here. And apparently so is GOG.
Would the web dev team please stop working on the live version of the website please. Its making the account tab issues only worse. Now there is nothing there most of time.
Same problem here, and my posts disappeared too. I was in the middle of a chat when this issue started. Now the site is incredible slow for me, and can't access the account menu to continue what I was doing or the rest... (>_<)
Same here. The Account button is completely gone. What happened?
IronArcturus: Same here. The Account button is completely gone. What happened?
I'm pretty sure it's an elaborate scheme by GOG to keep opening the front page, sooner or later one will cave in and move from looking at the Stardock games to purchasing them. :-P

After logging out, clearing everything (cookies, DOM storage, etc.), and opening the GOG forum page, the nav-bar seemed to behave as should, and I managed to log in. But instead of the Account tab, I could still see the Sign Up/ Log In buttons. Visiting the front page, then refreshing the forum page, fixed the issue. Seems to behave so far, so I suggest everyone give this a try.
Same problem here. It disappears randomly when I visit community section. But it's OK on main/games page.