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stryx: I once had a seed, that had me stuck on level 1 without being able to go down to the second level. So that was either me being stupid or not all seeds are solvable. Maybe you got a bad one, too.
I just got one that left me with no exit on level 2. There is still room left to explore, but it's behind a window that I can't get through.
Can you post the seed (or screenshot of it) or a savegame?
I've never hit this issue before and curious if the map generator has an elusive bug, or if it's just a particularly tough teleporter / illusionary wall combination.
Beefybeefy: Interesting to note that Earth Elementals are in the game files but seem to be bugged not to appear in the dungeon. I suspect hex editing may solve this...

I hope one day someone is able to mod this game...with a bit more monster variety it would be even better!
Did anyone ever figure out how to hex edit one in? I always wanted to fight one.