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Hello everyone,
I have a problem, understanding how to properly install the latest sfall mod over the Restoration Project. In sfall's installation instructions it says, that because RP actually includes older version of sfall, I only need to overwrite ddraw.dll and keep the existing ddraw.ini, to avoid breaking the game, but what about the rest of sfall's files like: sfall-mods.ini', 'sfall.dat', 'data' and 'translations' folders, do I still need to copy them into the game's folder?
The search didn't give a result for this.

Olympus 2207:

This mod was originally only available in Russian, but has been translated to English.

The game takes place in the Silicon Valley region of the United States, in the year 2207.

The Great War happened back in 2013: it left behind a lifeless wasteland glowing with radiation. But humanity, akin to a virus, did not die out: some took refuge in their improvised shelters, the rich hid in the elite and comfortable “Livos” vault, and other exceptionally lucky people found themselves at the right moment by the walls of the “Olympus” skyscraper. The rest, not so lucky to protect themselves of radiation, had to adapt to the new conditions on the evolutionary, genetic level.

Faced with hunger and powerlessness, a person tends to degrade quickly. Without GlobalNet and news broadcasts, people forgot about what is “good” and what is “bad”. Eventually, everyone started to define the meanings of these words for themselves. Do you have food and shelter from the dangers of outside world? That’s good! You have no food and nothing to protect yourself from wild beasts? Your buddy only has two bullets in his gun? That’s bad… Now you have a gun and food? Good!

Man is a social creature, so people started looking for each other. Some tried to fight hunger together by getting food in different ways. Others have found that being in a group makes easier to take things away from those who have something… Eventually, communities began to appear. Some attacked, others defended themselves. The most aggressive gathered into a group called “Sunset Jackals”, and began terrorizing the Radius of Silicone Valley. The Jackars attacked not only loners and small families living in old houses, but also – old pre-war factories, such as the “Happy Bull” cannery, or the famous “Rainbow Pharmaceuticals” chemical plant. When the victims became numerous and the benefits were not forthcoming, the communities made a deal and began trading with what they had: food, water, drugs, and weapons – the four staples of the New World.

But no matter how much the faction leaders wanted to acquire the resources of their fellows, the ultimate dream of anyone living in the Radius was, and still is, to get into the “Olympus”.

The fortified “Olympus” skyscraper rises right in the center of Radius, luring everyone who sees it. Lined with solar panels, it gleams in the sun like a beacon, attracting more and more hungry people from the remotest corners of Radius. But the gates of the tower always remain closed, and those who approach them risk encountering a patrol of Defenders. The rotting bodies of those who have dared still lie around the perimeter of the tower…

“Olympus” is a dream.

“Olympus” is hope.

“Olympus” is a fortress.

“Olympus” is your cradle.

“Olympus” is your home.

“Olympus” is your grave…
A release video, screenshots and the download (1.6 GB) can be found at

Youtube videos:
Review: (haven't watched it myself)
Walkthrough of almost the entire and skippable intro: (part 1) and (part2)
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burn: Updates for UP and RP.
I'm on linux (Mint) and I installed both Fallout 2 and your RP update with Wine. It works with one major downside: performance is horrendous. Everything is extremely slugish: loading times, movies, mouse cursor, scrollings... It seems to be tied to the wine ddraw.dll override because if I don't do the override the game runs smoothly but of course it disables the RP.

So yeah basically:

- if I set the ddraw.dll to native (n or n, b) it kills performance but the RP works.
- if I set the ddraw.dll to built-in (b) the game runs perfectly but the RP doesn't work.

I tried to switch to different video modes (basic, direct draw 7, DirectX 9 in HiRes Config) and it had little effect. Lowering the resolution helped a little but it's still nowhere near playable territory. Setting the graphics mode to 4 in ddraw.ini made the movies play smoothly again but the rest of the game remained as slow and unresponsive as with the other graphics modes.

I'm playing on a old computer maybe on newer machines the peformance drop isn't noticeable but in my case it makes the game completely unplayable.


EDIT: I think I found the culprit. ddraw.ini forces the game to run on a single core by default, which for an old dual core cpu like mine is definitely not something you want. Setting SingleCore=0 instead of SingleCore=1 gave me a huge perfomance boost and the game is now playable.

Optimal settings seem to be: ddraw.ini -> [Graphics] Mode=0 / [Misc] SingleCore=0

With these settings switching between mode 0 and 2 in f2_res.ini doesn't seem to have much of an effect on performance, if it does it is too small for me to notice (I chose mode 2).
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Seems like this should be obvious, but nothing seems too obvious about it.

My Fallout 2 game has huge black side bars and tiny vertical game window.

So been reading that maybe Restoration mod is what I want to fix this. I downloaded it. But when I try to install it into the Fallout 2 folder within GOG Galaxy folder, the install program is not liking that and quits.

I see no readme or install instructions. Am I not supposed to install it into the game directory? It does not like that it''s under Program Files, it seems.

So where do I install to? Or where do I find instructions? Killap's site doesn't seem to have them.

Edit: I see this is not an umcommon problem...given both GoG and Steam install to their folders in Program Files and this installer does not like that. So what is the fix? It won't let me install where Fallout 2 folder is.
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Can someone post an updated version of the first post. Updated links and install instructions. For example after installing Fallout 2 Restoration Project and after installing Sfall should we use the Widescreen mod that comes with Restoration Project or use Sfall's?
Or should we overwrite all files when copying over Sfall or should we leave .ini file intact?
Hi. I'm trying to play Olympus 2207 on Linux using a Wine emulator, but no matter what I do I get this error called

"The instruction at 0048d9c4 referenced memoryat 00000014
The memory could not read from
Click on OK to Terminate the application"
End of message

I tried deleting the Patch000.dat. Tried installing on a seperate computer. Tried installing using a separate Fallout 2 installer.

Despite me all over the place for days i'm out of options. What should I do?