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Oh, that sort of rock. Yeah, it is there, thanks!
(I was looking over those piles of rocks that are there just to look pretty and have sometimes funny descriptions, not the pickable/throwable sort - didn't even notice that one)
murkki: Is there a mod that restores original chem reliant and chem resistant icons?
piranha1: Fallout 2 Restoration Project does it, just checked.

Although I have another possible problem: Restoration Project's readme says, that to verify, if it installed correctly, I should check both the lower righr corner on the main menu screen (the mod version is there - for Restoration Project and something called SFall if I recall, in fact) and click some rock behind Klint, just outside the temple at the start of the game (there, it is not - I clicked all rocks around Klint to be sure, nothing, just the usual descriptions).

I have newest possible version of Fallout 2 installed (just did it today via Galaxy), should I leave it the way it is with RP and this Sfall (what is it, anyway?) or do something, and if so, what? (I was using the automatic installer for Windows, not the manual installation, btw)
Thanks! I will try it out.
So all that is needed now is The Restoration Project and The Mega Mod,Right ?
Since most of the others don't seem to be available anymore.
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