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Here you can find patch notes for all modern Diggles builds. (Dec 26th 2020)
- fixed a cutscene in the Crystal world which caused crashes for some users (link)
- fixed incorrect relocation of diggles after the tutorial's cutscenes with a digging task (link)
- optimized memory usage, which should address an array of types of crashes and have a positive effect for users with low system specs (especially if you run multiple mods at the same time) (Dec 13th 2020)
- fixed incorret assignment of one of the secret achievements
- fixed an issue with flickering crystals (link)
- fixed an issue with bottom screen border collision (link)
- fixed an issue with selection of building icons (link)
- fixed crashes on 4K resolutions (link)
- fixed crashes during save/load operations (link)
- reversed previously incorrectly assigned audio channels (link)
- fixed a bug with game's language when the destination folder has cyrillic symbols
- added console back into the game. You need to add to .exe '-console' parameter and use ScrollLock key to evoke it while playing (link)
- the game no longer pauses after the final credits
- various other improvements and tweaks
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Thank you!!!
Thank you for your work :)
Post edited December 14, 2020 by voklik
Nice to read. I've just played and I'm happy about the improvements such as easier selection of buildings and the yellow research sign !
Post edited December 15, 2020 by palic2000
Thanks a lot!
Awesome work, thank you!
Good stuff!
Many thanks for supporting the game.
Gotta give credit, i didn't expect any patches for this, nice to see the building icon glitch fixed, was a big deal to me.
Great fix, thanks a lot!

That really helps enjoying this game.
We released a new build, version Please see above the fixes it introduces.
Post edited December 26, 2020 by snow_panda
Offline installer got update (name\build number didnt changed, ofc digital sign changed since this is new installer) in 12 january '21. Digital sign (for GOG Sp. z o.o.) from that date.
No changes probably... some installer fixes... English EULA keep same. maybe localised ones changed? I dont know. For localised installers make sure you download latest one from this year update. For sure. For Eng version there is always a reasond to keep pre-latest for GOG builds.

UPD: Ah, that what updated:
Localised installers been broken, Eng one updates just to equal them... with same digital sign...

(named same setup_diggles_the_myth_of_fenris_2.1.1.10_(43676)-1.bin
or for german
setup_diggles_the_myth_of_fenris_2.1.1.10_(german)_(43676)-1.bin )
(that fact that GOG Galaxy dont get update mean nothing - it normal for GOG keep offline updated with no actual updated to keep it same as Galaxy and at same time offline always be separate from galaxy ... usually Galaxy is main and superior versions, sometimes offline got more\more recent content).

Also, manual is missing, even English one from Strategy First that been available on they site. It can be found online on some 3rd party sites.
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