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Impressions playing Clunky Hero

This game is a funny Action Platformer / Side Scroller / Metroidvania with RPG and fighting elements in a fantasy world.

One plays the Clunky Hero: Rufus - living in the Village (the starting point) to rescue his wife from the Evil One (7. boss).
As Clunky Hero, one can acquire 6 skills, which are necessary to advance ... through 7 very different regions all with
unique appearance, enemies incl. boss fight and special and even secret locations.
While exploring, one encounters new enemies and traps, find regenerating items, maps, quest items, bonus items - several
with a kind of magic, and of cause NPCs and with them 16 quests.

   + Beautiful high-res graphics fitting to the story of a parody prince saving his princess from highest risk.
   + Precise controls (controller recommended)
   + Interesting enemies to fight (37 different types) plus 7 boss enemies
   + Diversified levels building a contiguous world to be explored - incl. a suitable shortcut system
   + Seven atmospheric themed regions - perfectly fitting graphics, enemies and boss fight (ordered W to E):
      Dark Forest, Foggy Lake, Pretty Forest, Village, Dungeon, Wasteland (Underground), Evil One's Castle
   + Six Skills: Double Jump, Dive, Range Shot, Dash, Blasting Attack, and Cling, to make good progress and
      to support replayability of levels
   + Appropriate for passionate casual gamers

   - Not (yet) redefinable controls (controller fixed with 0.92 for Logitech Gamepad F310 under GNU/Linux)
   - While difficulty is OK for me - I would appreciate an easy mode - and for advanced gamers
      even a hard mode.
   - Maybe some more hints (e.g. from NPCs) to give a direction to proceed would be nice.
   - Currently only one save slot - which is said to be 3 when released - which is ok.
   - Some minor bugs / shortcomings to get ironed out during early access.
      [See Known Issues with further info and solutions!]

The game is already in quite polished state - in much more than 50 hours gameplay no showstopping bug emerged.
With some further polishing it could really become a five star game for what it is.
I can recommend it for anybody liking platformers if graphics and this sense of humor matches your taste.

Technical background:
Clunky Hero is based on Unity (pure 64 bit) available for GNU/Linux, Windows and macOS and
using 1.22 GB on disk.
This review is about GOG release from the very beginning of the in development game of Chaosmonger Studio:
GOG version 0.91 (51368) and later version 0.92 (52365) for GNU/Linux played on AMD system (Zen2 & RDNA1/Navi10)
with Logitech F310 controller.

Current game statistics:
53 h : 56 min : 18 s, 98% completion, 13 / 14 side quests (of up to 16), 18 / 26 secret rooms, 3 / 4 secret weapons,
6 / 8 bonus items ... and not to forget: winning 7 / 7 boss fights, learning 6 of 6 skills, unlocking 44 of 44 enemy types,
having max 130 HP and 190 MP (of 200 HP and 200 MP possible), unlocking all 3 equipped slots, using 3 of them plus
having 7 of 7 molehills for shortcut, and having all maps of all 7 regions ...
Here I go again on my own!     ;)

This post is intended to get updated along the early access phase ... to reflect the current state.
Post edited December 31, 2021 by JMB9
JMB9: Current game statistics:
11h : 05 min : 07 s, 40% completion, 5 / 14 side quests, 4 / 26 secret rooms, 0 / 4 secret weapons, 1 / 8 bonus items.
And not to forget - winning 3 / 7 boss fights and having 3 of 7 locations for shortcut. ;)

This post is intended to get updates along the early access phase ... to reflect the current state.
Yes, I'm also there, since two days:
40%, 7/14 side quests, 11/26 secret rooms, 1/4 secret weapons, 2/8 bonus items.
But seems I cannot get any further without the 'cling' skill, and have no clue where to get that :( Just went through all locations again to check if I missed something.
Frustrating :(

95%, 13/14 Side Quests, 20/26 Secret Rooms, 4/4 Secret Weapons, 6/8 Bonus Items
But really stuck now in the Castle, complex dash-jump moves are not my strong part...
Post edited November 17, 2021 by Der_Pit
Der_Pit: Frustrating :(
Yes, it is not an easy game (right now ... still refining possibilities to propose smooth adventure for everyone to the Dev -
who really takes care ...) - and I looked for motivation myself till I got Double Jump Skill ...

I think by the current possibilities/skills there is an order of bosses as some regions are not yet accessible (fully).
As I have just updated my posting (enhancing it from time to time and improving the point to get understood),
maybe you can update yours to adding number of skills and number of bosses defeated - which gives perfect
what hint may be appropriate if one got stuck completely.

I am now ready to look for the boss in Stinky Dungeon ... and also getting a new skill by that ... only after that
I can return to Dark Forest and make my way further to the west (left).

It is nice to be in touch with the dev and other gamers via Discord ...
and even though not really knowing the details I got a plot by playing and up to now it is all bulls eye - this game is great.
It is logical ... but I think some more hints at the start would be nice ... ;)

And since I have Double Jump the world is bright even when in Dark Forest (and it proved to be more worthy
of its name than I originally thought - and I really like the atmosphere) - I have just fun! :))
Post edited November 14, 2021 by JMB9
JMB9: I am now ready to look for the boss in Stinky Dungeon ... and also getting a new skill by that ... only after that
I can return to Dark Forest and make my way further to the west (left).
Now you definitely have my attention. So I obviously miss something. How do you get to SD!?

Oh, nevermind - I found it, stupid me :o

The game itself is great so far, a lot like Hollow Knight, which I also like a lot (though that is IMO much more difficult).
Post edited November 14, 2021 by Der_Pit
So, I've finally finished it :)

Still missing one bonus item, and 6 secret rooms though...

The game is really very polished, (obviously) completable and was fun to play.

Issues I had:
- Once I got stuck in one of the level-connectors, falling in there from above. I didn't fall through to change level, could move left/right, but not jump. Had to reload last save...
- The deepest levels in Foggy lake seem to be miss-connected. Going through a portal and back again doesn't return to the same place. Or is this intended?
- I could not use the Blast Attack. Using a no-name game controller, none of its buttons triggered it. And like the keyboard, nothing can be configured. Other things (map, moving between inventory tabs) can be circumvented using keyboard, but for an attack that is not practical...
- If the inventory is full, you cannot pick up any items, also not ones that already have a slot there. As there is no way (I found) to discard items other than using/selling this can be annoying.

Things that would be nice:
+ being able to add own markers in the maps, or at least some other way to remember where the quests started.
+ Some hint where to find Stinky Dungeon (as all others have road signs...)
+ Additional 'hard' mode. Given that (even) I could finish it means it's not too difficult.

All this is based on v0.91 (51368) on Linux
Due to the new version 0.95 I gave Clunky a second walkthrough starting from scratch.
I had fund looking around (i.e. no speed run), but stayed focused to reach the main goal,
so about 30 hours is the minimum reasonable game time after my opinion.
An there are new areas to be added with the release version.

Due to a bug due to some other changes there is now the fresh version 0.96 (55792),
so one can enter Foggy Lake without using side path through dark forest.
I just tested that the bug is fixed with 0.96.
But here my statistics for the fresh walkthrough with version 0.95:

29h 52m 56s: 100%,14/14 side quests, 18/26 secret rooms, 4/4 secret weapons, 8/8 bonus items unlocked,
18/26 secret rooms (not focussing on that as stated above), final max HP: 170, final MP: 190.

It was fun - and I am looking to play a full version with new regions and some smaller paper cuts
also fixed - with save file staying compatible for future versions (and then providing three saved slots,
currently it is just one - but ok) to play it through to explore everything!

As stated current version 0.96 is in great shape - while there are two new regions yet to come ...
Today I started playing the game for about 2.5 hours and it was a lot of fun! I didn't really encounter a major bug or anything.
The only issue I have is: I can't use "Interaction" with my controller (8bitdo SF30 Pro). All the other buttons work.
So what did I do? I went to the button mapping options and tried if the game even recognizes my "Y" button. Yes, it does, so it's not an issue with my controller. I even remapped "interaction" to another button and it still didn't work.
The only way to play the game is to use "Q" on my keyboard to interact with NPC, doors, etc.

Does anyone else have this problem? It's not killing the game for me but if I play with a controller I want it to use it as the only input method in the game...
can't sell stuff without using only mouse click.
I have 5 potatoes, locations please
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