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Changelog of Clunky Hero

Coming soon: Clunky Hero
Nov 2, 2021
Get ready for a story-driven platformer Metroidvania with a touch of RPG and tons of humor!
Clunky Hero is coming soon to GOG.COM!

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In development: Clunky Hero
Dive into a story-driven platformer metroidvania with a touch of RPG and tons of humor!
Clunky Hero is now available as the game in development on GOG.COM,
sporting a 15% discount that will be valid until 16th November 2021, 3 PM UTC.
Note: This game is currently in development. See the FAQ to learn more about games in development,
and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.
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GOG Offline Installer (10.11.2021 13:33 CET):
   o Lin:   0.91 (51368)
   o Win: 0.85 (51145)
   o Mac: 0.91 (51350)

Please note that 0.91 should be available also for Windows - at least via GOG Galaxy Update ...
A reiterated push to Offline Installer did not succeed yet ...

See also Known Issues forum thread for latest version 0.91 and solutions!
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Clunky Hero 0.92
Welcome to our first big patch, that improves lot of things and fixes various bugs!

Hello everybody!

After a bit more than a month from our Early Access release, I'm ready with the first major update
that improves lot of things and fixes various bugs! We've followed your feedback and tried to
improve Clunky Hero as much as possible with our resources!

Some issues are still there and various things need to be improved. After all it's still an Early Access,
but we'll work regularly and update + add levels to Clunky Hero every second month (more or less)!

So please enjoy this update and spread our game out there! Thank you!

See the full changelog in GOG forum here.

GOG Offline Installer (22.12.2021 18:00 CET):
   o Lin:   0.91 (51368) => 0.92 (52365)
   o Win: 0.85 (51145) => 0.92 (52363)
   o Mac: 0.91 (51350) => 0.92 (52363) # on 23.12.2021 ~15:30 CET

See Known Issues for 0.92 - and please report every new bug!
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