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Improvements & Additions

- The input system has been entirely re-designed to work with any controller out there without troubles.

- Enemies’ AI has been improved, especially for those foes that were too lazy to attack.

- There’s a Steam Cloud system now active, to backup your saved files and using them after a format and/or on different machines.

- The Map system has been highly improved: NPCs, Shops and Tits are now marked on the maps; the Exit Arrows now show what’s the next location; the Map of the Whole World now shows the area names and the numbers of each level. All of this for an easier navigation inside Clunky Hero’s world.

- GamePad button “B” (or circle for PS controllers, etc.) can now exit the Inventory, Shops or any other sub-menu.

- Quit Game or going to Main Menu now ask for a confirmation to avoid accidental progress loss.

- Player is invincible for a fraction of second after using the Dive skill, to allow a better use of that skill also for attacking enemies.

- Baguette, Pretzel and Lantern - that were too overpowered -, have now a shorter duration and a higher price.

- The Localization has been adjusted in a few points for some languages.

- It is now possible to sell the Treasure Maps.

Bugs Fixed

- Fixed a bug that was freezing the game if left in Pause for long time.

- Fixed a bug that was destroying a weapon when un-equipping it with full inventory.

- It is now possible to open doors from both sides if player has the right key in inventory.

- Fixed a bug related with the Dive skill, that made the player jumping higher and reaching platforms that wasn’t suppose to.

- Fixed the brambles/spikes that were not damaging when approaching from the side.

- Fixed a bug that made the player invincible when dying and changing area at the same time.

- Fixed a bug that made the player floating near the “wind-trunks” in the Pretty Forest, when the bonus “Eau de la Merde” was active.

- Fixed the area above the Swinagon boss to avoid the player exiting the level wrongly.

- Fixed the Wasteland Map IV that was blank/blind.

- Fixed the way-in/way-out between Foggy Lake III, IV, V.

- Restored the last Bonus Item which is now purchasable from a shop.

- Fixed a bug that allowed the player to shoot the Stinky Dungeon boss even before entering its room.