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Changelog for Rev 20811 Patch (added 21 October 2019):

- Russian, Dutch and Hungarian language localization for dialogues and interface added.
- Pripyat Port Hospital lighting and arrangements re-worked - it should look much better now
- When starting New Game you’re prompted about confirmation. This prevents you from losing game progress by mistake
- Polish language localization for dialogues and interface added. May contain some bugs and it’s not too poetic - fans of Mickiewicz and Słowacki, please be patient until we rework them (we not rework Mickiewicz and Słowacki, but the bugs).
- Prototype feature: Day based saving system added. It does not look beautiful and may have errors, but you asked us to implement it as soon as possible.

- Many smaller and bigger optimization fixes. Please keep reporting any remaining ones.
- French keyboard remapping issues fixed. Should work properly now.
- Underground player start bug fixed (it was related to the speed of hard drives on some computer) - needs to check and confirm by people who experience it: let us know if it’s working good now, we don’t have such fast hard drives.
- Base building tutorial should be much clearer now and work more efficiently.
- Rain should stop from falling under the ground anymore.
- The investigation board caused you many problems. We hope that we have solved all of them. Shooting with your fingers will no longer be possible :(
- We've solved dozens of smaller bugs you keep reporting to us. A ton of flying trees and grass was planted again.
- Further improvements in optimization. We hope that the game will work better and better for you.

Standalone installer updated (20729 ⇒ 20811): 23 October 2019.
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Changelog for Rev 20951 Patch (added 25 October 2019):

- We've added English Voice Over. The language of the voices can be changed in the game settings.
- Spanish language version has been added.
- The line about killing “single Russian” changed to non-offending.

Chernobylite Storms:
Bad balance combined with bugs caused that this element is identified by you with time limit. Our goal has never been to make a time limit, but only to let you feel the breath of your main nemesis - the Black Stalker - all the time. We are listening to your feedback on this element of the game. That is why we have made the following changes:
- Now you can build a Q-wave generator in the base, which makes storm less common.
- The Black Stalker is now much weaker, and its appearance time has been reduced from 2 minutes to 30 seconds. Its AI and operation is a prototype. Will change in the coming weeks
- The clock has been turned off. Now, to know when the storm comes you must observe the sky and changes in the world.

- Overall regardless of the settings, the game should work a few percents better.
- We've optimized the memory management method. This should resolve most sound issues and make levels load much faster. FPS drops will also be less frequent and less severe.
- We're working on Ultra settings. Although they are still a prototype, they should work much better on slightly weaker machines.

Retrospective branching (also called “new game plus”):
- Collected evidence should no longer disappear after players death
- Player perks should no longer disappear after his death

- Adrenaline can now be crafted in the base laboratory

- Fixed an issue where players could get stuck during training with Mikhail
- Due to numerous errors and crashes related to hacking, we decided to temporarily disable it.
- We've fixed a bug that allowed you to gain unlimited experience during the Tarakan quest
- Quest Unearthed documents should now be a bit easier to complete.
- Fixed an issue that prevents Unearthed documents from being completed during the next attempt
- We've fixed several issues that caused the marker to not always work properly during the mission in Pripyat.
- We've fixed a whole bunch of smaller bugs you have reported. Thanks!

Standalone installer updated (20811 ⇒ 20951): 29 October 2019.
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Changelog for Rev 21432loc Patch (added 06. November 2019):

• The huge number of errors in the location have been corrected. There are still some mistakes, we know about them and we fix them soon.
• VO sound balance has been made, now all should be heard

• We solved a problem that caused Tarakan's key to remain in inventory forever.
• We've fixed a rare bug that caused players to spawn under the level.
• Checkpoints on the Convoy quest should now work correctly.
• Mouse sensitivity settings should no longer reset after death.
• A lot of small bugs reported by steam have been resolved.
• Few smaller bugs related to level geometry have been resolved.

Standalone installer updated (20951 ⇒ 21432loc): 08 November 2019.
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Changelog for Rev 22077 Patch (added 28 November 2019)

Hey stalkers!

Assault rifle and weapon customization added, survival timeline expanded and storage limits removed (finally)!

Again, a lot of things happened during last days. As depicted in our monthly report last week, we’ve worked hard to fix the problems and bugs identified by the community, added a lot of improvements and increased the quality of the game itself. Now you can check the showcase of the most interesting features we've put into the game last month - they're available from today in our "Aftermath" Mega Patch!


- Added a new weapon, an assault rifle.
- Added a weapon upgrade system.
- Added a storage system for items in Player Base.
- Added 2 new craft tables. They can used to upgrade weapons.
- Assault rifle and ammunition for it can be created on crafting table.
- We have reworked quest "Meeting with Tarakan".


- We've added Czech and Ukrainian language support.
- New feature we added in recent weeks has been localized to all languages. If something is not working properly let us know.
- We corrected some disappearing lines that randomly could not appear during dialogue.


- Marker placed by player on the map should now work correctly.
- We've added descriptions that explain exactly what each difficulty setting is doing.
- Old hideout: Player should no longer fall below level when trying to use the staircase.


- We've fixed problems with reflections in the water.
- Scanner screen light should no longer illuminate everything in front of us.


- Muting the sound effects in the menu should now work properly with the sounds of a flashlight, film or scanner.
- Quest “Recruit Sashko” and “Mikhail in trouble” should now be sounded correctly.
- All takedowns should already be properly sounded.

We've recently added a lot of the features you've been waiting for. Save system can't cope, because the differences in information from older revisions are too large ... We are working hard on this problem, but we are not sure if we can solve it and what the consequences will be. If you don't want to wait, start the game again. This should resolve the fatal error that may occur after this update. We apologize for this inconvenience :(

Hotfix changelog for Rev 22079 from Steam.

- Czech and Ukrainian language versions should now work correctly
- Shameful mistakes associated with UI in the Russian language have been mostly corrected.

Thank you all very much for sending us your logs and saves!

Many of you have had huge problems with fatal errors since the last patch. We've recently added a lot of the features you've been waiting for. Save system can't cope, because the differences in information from older revisions are too large ...
We are working hard on this problem, but we are not sure if we can solve it and what the consequences will be. If you don't want to wait, start the game again. This should resolve the fatal error. We apologize for this inconvenience :(
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Changelog for Rev 22165 Patch (added 28. November 2019):

Rev 22165 - Shotgun and Storage fix

Chernobylite Rev 22165 Hotfix Change Log

• Bug with jamming shotgun should no longer appear. Thank you all for help finding it!
• Storage should now correctly save data and transfer it to a new game when Igor dies.

Standalone installer updated (22079 ⇒ 22165): 02. December 2019.
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Changelog for Rev 22770 (added 19 Dezember 2019)

Mega Patch - Red Forest


Most of you are thinking about Christmas and presents, and we prepared something special for you as well! Just as promised in the Roadmap, we would like to introduce Red Forest Mega Patch! Merry Christmas everyone! ;) Have a look on what you may find in the update below.

Behold, Red Forest is here!

The last weeks were devoted mainly to the new location called “Red Forest”. We’ve been teasing you with screenshots for some time, and now the moment has come! The gates are now open and you can explore the place yourselves. We hope you like it!

Changes in the Base

Feeding system redesigned

We received a lot of feedback regarding the feeding system, that’s why we decided to redesign it completely. Thanks to you we knew what to change so now the system should be more intuitive and transparent. Let us know what you think of it!

Storage changes

Weapon cabinet and Pantry have a visual representation of the objects stored in it. Now you can see your things inside them.

Free Play Mode

As mentioned in our last Weekly Report, we introduced the Free Play Mode which will allow you to choose any location in a selected weather configuration. You will also be able to choose from the missions available in that location, turn random events on or off or even start the game with all available weapons and skills!

Important: After the day ends, the game will automatically return to the main manu, so treat this mode as a test field for you.

Framerate improvements

We kept on working on optimization and we’re consequently moving forward! Players with lower PC specs should notice a significant improvement in framerate. We hope this will make the game more enjoyable for you.

Lots of fixes!

- Fixed problems with water visualisation
- Fixed problem with Sashko accomplishing his task before being assigned to it
- Various fatal errors are now fixed. Thank you for your reports and keep on sending us your logs and saves!
- Fixed problems with item storage in the base.
- Fixed error with weapon upgrade display in other languages than English.


Hotfix changelog for Rev 22770 from Steam.


- Bug with all monsters spawning in the same place in Red Forest fixed


Hotfix changelog for Rev 22770v3 from Steam.


- thanks to our community support we added Turkish language
- small bugs connected to feeding system fixed
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Changelog for Rev 23213 (added 20 January 2020)

Major Update - AI improvements, balance and fixes


- AI: Opponents should squat more often and use covers
- AI: Opponents fight a lot better in close range combat
- AI: Opponent's feet should adapt better to the ground
- Combat: Parameters of all weapons, enemies and upgrades have been balanced
- Psyche: Killing a lot of soldiers will have a negative impact on our psyche
- Psyche: A low level of psyche will put us in a state of psychosis. This element will be further developed.
- Feeding system: System is almost finished and should work much better than the previous one.


- Putting on a mask during rain should no longer cause crash
- We've repaired almost 120 smaller bugs. Thanks for reporting them!

AMD has told us that drivers released at the beginning of the year should noticeably speed up the game. You can expect at least a few percent increase in performance. Remember to update your drivers!
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Changelog for Rev 24000 - Rifle mods, new quests and storage hotfix (added 6 February 2020)


We've changed the way soldiers use covers. This should give a huge increase in GPU performance during combat, but opponents can sometimes behave strangely. We will continue working on it.


- All players should already be able to build an assault rifle modification station without problems
- To be able to play the missions from the new patch, you no longer have to start the game again
- Issue with double work brench has been solved
- Issue with moving storage to another place (indicator remained in its old position) has been resolved
- Soldiers should now properly hold their rifles during the cutscene on "Power plant plans"
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Changelog for Chernobylite Megaupdate #3 - “Old Friend” Changelog (5 February 2020):

Hello guys, behold, our first of many story-related updates is finally live! “Old Friend” is the biggest update we’ve prepared so far. There will be many new quests, dozens of events, quite a lot of improvements and accessories for weapon crafting. All this sprinkled with many fixes, visible optimization and redesigns of those elements, which you had objections to.
Today, Chernobylite is about 50% bigger than at the launch. We hope that those players who put our game aside in the last couple of months will give it another try and will like what they see. We’re perfectly aware that we still have a long way ahead of us filled with lots and lots of mega patches until the game is finished. But we really feel that after those very difficult months we’re heading towards the end holding our heads high and we hope you will walk with us along the way.


Quests added:
- New quest “Old Friend” (new chain - Georgiy).
- New quest “Power Plant’s Plans” (part of Georgiy chain).
- New quest “Secret Storage” (part of Olivier chain).
- New quest “Hermit” (part of Mikhail chain).
- New quest “Big Fish” (part of Mikhail chain).

- Events: Pripyat port has been filled with events.
- Events: Kopachi has been filled with events.
- Combat: Soldiers now fire more often. No-hit effects are visible in the environment.
- AI: Black Stalker can now be defeated in battle and driven out of the level.
- AI: Appearance of the Black Stalker is also associated with time anomalies. Igor and - Black Stalker move normally, and the rest of the world stops.
- Crafting: Added an Assault Rifle upgrade system.
- Crafting: Added a new crafting table. It can be used to upgrade the assault rifle.
- Difficulty: There will be far fewer opponents on easy and very easy mode. This should significantly facilitate the gameplay of those for whom Chernobylite was annoyingly difficult.
- A few lootable containers added on all levels.

- Fixed the Level of Details and stuck spots
- Fixed FOV values causing Shotgun and AK to look badly
- Fixed various bugs with Storage Units

- The levels should load significantly faster.
- Time spent in Hawking Tunnels should be significantly reduced.
- We are currently working on optimizing the CPU. The overall game performance should be better.
- Problems with the Moscow Eye performance should be significantly reduced. The level can still have problems, but we're on track to fix them.

Adrenaline Redesign
- Chernobylite from the beginning was to be a difficult game with elements that need to be repeated and mastered. Unfortunately, in some places of the game we have clearly exaggerated. Players often (also through no fault of their own, but due to EA errors) fail their mission, and are forced to perform it again, without the possibility of using alternative methods available only after the next pass. To limit this situation and make more players have access to new content, we modified the way adrenaline works. Now its use is not associated with mission failures, and additionally gives a special power-up that should help you get out of a difficult situation.

Day limit
- Time loop in our game is very important - it allows you to make other choices in missions, unlock new companions, or discover new secrets by alternate memories. A small limit allows you to focus on the plot and quickly correct your mistakes. Bigger will let you focus more on survival and team. How to reconcile these two approaches? The easiest way is to give you a choice - now when starting a new game you can choose how many days a single time loop will take.

Standalone installers were never updated to this version, instead they were updated from 23213 directly to 24000 (changelog above), but it's reasonable to assume that the latest GOG update is cumulative.
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Changelog for Rev 24026 & Rev 24116 (added 12 February 2020) from Steam

Rev 24026

- The rifle modification system should now work, even on an older save
- Error with save during "Hermit" quest should no longer occur
Rev 24116

- We have optimized enemies behavior in combat, the fight should no longer cause large FPS drops
- Enemies should now correctly notice player when he takedown their colleagues
- Oliver and Anton should no longer stuck in a power plant
- Shadows should now properly lose aggro when the player runs away from them. Thanks to this interaction with the - world will work correctly.


- Language version has been updated for: Polish, Russian, Czech and German
- Turkish language version should now work correctly


- "Hack NAR servers" should no longer block when using the radio before soldiers run into the building
- "Old Friend" should no longer get stuck when we continue with save
- “Convoy” will no longer crash the game in the last section when soldiers notice you.
- Storage should no longer lose player items
- Storage should no longer have problems with memory leaks. Epic fault, but somehow managed to fix it.
- Quest marker should no longer show bad destinations if the quest is played again.
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Changelog for Rev 24890 (added 13 March 2020) from Steam

- We've fixed a bug that prevented storage from being used
Changelog for Major Patch - Game Quality Improvement Pass 2 from Steam

- Various optimization works reduced the visual quality of the Moscow eye. We're working to improve it. The effects should be visible now.
- Many of you complain about the amount of slots available in the quick menu. So we increased their number from 4 to 8.
- After returning from the mission, many of you instead of going to sleep want to use the binoculars immediately after returning to the base. We've added a tutorial that should counteract this.
- Weapon modification should now be much more readable. While upgrading weapons, statistics are now displayed in the way that dynamically respond to applied upgrades.
- We have added new generic quests. From now on go yourself or send your companions for food, medicine and ammunition. You need to start a new game loop or a new game for them to appear.
- We've added miniquests in the base. Now your companions will ask you to solve their problems with the base, while teaching how it works.
- From now on, all crafting stations can be built only once. Thanks to this, it will be easier to know what we have already built and what we have not.
- We've added an indicator that clearly shows when you can perform takedown on your opponent.
- We've improved the notes handling system. Now you can zoom and move them to make them easier to read. But if someone still has problems reading them, we've added a system that displays standardized text in the appropriate language.
- We've improved the way we hold the revolver. Now it should be much easier to aim at.


- Storage content should no longer disappear when a player dies. I hope this bug will never come back again…
- Now buildings built in the base should be correctly facing the player
- Character names in subtitles should no longer be displayed in black. Never.
- We have optimized sound banks. In addition to better performance, current build should be much lighter (over 2 GB) and future patches smaller.
Changelog for Major Patch - Game Quality Improvement Pass 1 from Steam

- We have significantly improved the appearance of the Main Menu. New version may have minor problems and bugs, but overall, it is close to its final form.
- In building and crafting menus we added information on whether and how many objects of the given type we have already built.
- We improved the appearance and lighting of the character. They should have more detail now.
- UI for investigation board has been improved graphically
- We've added support information that encourages you to address base issues before going to bed.
- We added 3 starting perks that tell you about Igor's skills at the beginning.
- Many people did not notice the tutorials, which later caused them problems and confusion with the game. Now pop-ups should be definitely more noticeable, although they still do not stop the game.
- We introduced a lot of improvements to Level Design related to Power Plant that should break the feeling of ubiquitous "invisible walls" a bit.
- We improved the quest draw system. Now, the ones associated with the plot should appear much more often.
- Many of you don't know that instead of dying while fighting soldiers, you can just give up and let them capture you. We added a tutorial on how to do it.
- We've revised some of the texts in the Journal to make them easier to understand. We are still working on its quality.
- In the Journal, new graphics to skills are added. Now everything should be much more pleasing to the eye.
- On the second loop of the game Olivier now gives Igor adrenaline. It should make the game easier for those who often die.
- Inventory quality of life improvement. You don't have to click on it to see the item description anymore, just move the cursor on it.
- We have optimized the operation of videos, we also discarded old prototypes. Thanks to this the build should be almost a gigabyte smaller.


- We added voice system to AI soldiers. Now they should respond verbally to the player's actions. This prototype may not work very well yet, and VOs are placeholders.
- The opponents should behave much better when player disappears from their view. They no longer use suicide rush and don't shoot everything around them blindly.
- We've improved the opponents' threat meter. Now opponents react more dynamically to his acquisition.
- The way soldiers aim for the player are more polished. Fighting with several soldiers should be a bit easier now.
- We eliminated a bug in the path system that caused frequent game crashes.


- The problem generating crashes in Free Play mode is fixed.
- We detected an error that caused some data to remain in memory despite starting a new game.It was probably responsible for all very rare and difficult replication errors, such as a broken radiation gate or a disappearing portal generator.
- The problem with objects jumping between storage should no longer occur. Only new storage will work properly! If you don't want to start a new game, then demolish the old and create a new one. Thanks to everyone who overwhelm us with all storage problems.
- The error that caused endless falling loop (occurs during takedown and low health animation) should not occur anymore.
- We have removed old prototype remains from the build menu
- We fixed some errors with inventory positioning. We also added signatures.
- During the "Meeting with Tarakan" quest, special effects should now activate correctly.
- Problem with the inability to interact with items, because the player is in combat, although all opponents are no longer alive, should no longer occur.
- Kopachi Vagabond event should no longer block the game.
- Dialog menu should no longer conflict with other interface elements.
- Chernobylite and Portal Generator now have final icons.
- The log now shows us the number of crafted ammo correctly.
- During training with Mikhail there were still remains from the first day on the level that made it difficult to focus on the task. Now, it’s fixed.
Changelog for Major Update - Lots of optimization and bug fixing from Steam

- We've added the save versioning system. Now you will be informed when save may not be compatible with the latest changes.
- We have added a popup that forces confirmation of the will to delete storage filled with items.


- Optimization of audio content has significantly reduced the size of the game. Build should weigh almost 2 GB less.
- Optimization of the CPU and many global settings should greatly increase the FPS of the game. Unfortunately, this was associated with the need to create settings again. If you have significantly modified the game settings (such as advanced graphics options or key mapping), then you will have to do it again.
- There have been problems with the Moscow Eye for a long time. This was our first level and object of many tests. To significantly increase its efficiency, we decided to build it again. Not everything is finished yet, some places may be bugged or look ugly, but the level itself works MUCH better than before. We will continue to work on improving its quality.


- Language version has been updated for: Hungarian, French, Turkish


- Starting mission should no longer have a problem with FPS drop
- Benchmark should now display the average frame rate correctly.
- Olivier should no longer stutter during the starting mission. At least he promised to improve very much.
- Mikhail should now appear correctly in the base after using "alternate memories"
- Quest markets should no longer break in free play mode
- Problem with the disappearing loot icon has been resolved
- We've improved resources that appeared off the map.
- Fixed an issue where soldiers sometimes walked in a very strange way.
- Gesture animations and idle animations have been improved for many. Much is yet to come ...
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Changelog for Chernobylite - Major Patch - Game Quality Improvement Pass 3 Rev 25360 (added 24 March 2020)

- Level in virtual reality that appears after collecting the appropriate amount of evidence has been redone and pre-designated. This is our new, more narrative way.
- We introduced the first iteration of the gib system. Works only with soldiers. Combat should become a bit more spectacular.
- We've added new variants of soldiers that appear in later days and at higher difficulty levels. They are stronger and shoot more accurately.
- We've added a new, improved and faster revolver reload animation
- We have added a new, much nicer effect of going through portals.
- We've added map support for Red Forest.


- English VOs should now work correctly. They can be selected again in the main menu
- It should be possible to map arrows as movement keys. Greetings left-handed!
- Problem with the portal generator disappearing from the inventory should be finally solved.
- We've fixed a bug that caused enemies to shoot through trees and landscapes.
- Shouts of soldiers should not overlap so often anymore.
- Fixed bug where storages shared space between each other, thanks to @G4rr3tt and @Vostrikov from Steam forums.
- Fixed some minor bugs with weapon usage and Quick menu. Thanks to @Benbebop from steam forums for pointing them out.


- We've added translations to Czech, Polish, German, Russian and Hungarian in all recently added features and content updates
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Changelogs until Update 25_05_patch_v2 (added 26 May 2020) from Steam

Galaxy updated (26 May 2020)
Offline-Installer updated (27 May 2020)

Changelog for Rev 25360 Hotfix v2 - Major FPS boost from Steam
- We have finally been able to solve the problem that caused huge drops in fps for some players. Now your fps in the game should coincide with those in the benchmark.
- Optimizations in our main Hero class should improve even more the game performance for people with a weaker CPU.
- Optimizations in the sound system should improve the overall performance of the game.

Once again thanks to @Weston and @JafarElBaha, who helped us detect and solve the problem. Let us know if your optimization problems have also been resolved and if the game is already running smoothly.
Changelog for Major Patch - Players’ Feedback Pass 1 from Steam
Although we treat this patch as a standard "major" one, I am convinced that for many of you it will be just as important as a Mega Patch. Unfortunately, we did not translate everything into all languages. Expect this in the next patches.


- The Fractal timeline has been added to the game. You can read more about it in the previous weekly report.
- All Igor's companions now have a "relationship factor" that changes it relation to the player’s decisions. This factor will be very important in the future.
- The "Old documents" quest now has a choice that affects companions and the game world.
- The "Meeting with Tarakan" quest now has additional consequences in "A few things from an old hideout" and has an influence on the game world.
- The "A few things from an old hideout" quest now has a choice that can affect your companions.
- The consequences of the decision from "Hacking into NAR servers" mission in "Mikhail in trouble" quest have been rebuilt in order not to be as unambiguously binary as before.
- The "Hermit" quest now has a choice that affects companions.
- The "Power plant’s plans" quest now has a choice that affects companions and the game world. Keep in mind that the prison is not finished yet, so the consequences of one of the choices may not be very clear at this time.
- The Level Selector has been heavily designed due to the feedback we received from players. There still may be small bugs that we'll fix in the following patches.
- Now while leaning, Igor will more realistically twist his weapon
- For people who do not like excessive brutality - Gore System can be turned off in the game menu.


- We've improved some of the Gore System components - blood should now display properly on different surfaces, and cardboard should look better
- Maps should now clearly indicate the area in which the player can move. They should also have more detail and be clearer.
- A lot of minor location corrections. Of course there are still a lot of mistakes and we will work on them.
- Fixed place where soldiers could shoot you through the walls (thanks to @ARcher and @nox from the Steam Forums)
- Fixed place where you could fall under the map on Kopachi (thanks to @hmasi and @SunBeam from Steam Forums)


- Opponents should notice Igor so easily when they find another soldier's body.
- Shot particle will no longer obstruct the entire screen when firing a rifle with a scope.
- During takedown, the soldier's threat indicator will no longer be visible.
- Now soldiers should correctly stop searching for a player when he disappears from their sight for a long time.
Changelog for Mega Patch #4 - “Web of Lies” from Steam
Kept you waiting, huh?

Content Additions:

- Added a new level: Pripyat Central. You will visit Lenin Square, the famous amusement park and several nearby buildings, such as Energetik or Polissya hotel
- Added a new level: Fractal World “Web of Lies”. It is the conclusion of a new investigation on the board.
- A new story character "Olga" has been added. Olga can be recruited to the base, sent on missions and learned new skills from her.
- New quest “Some excuses” (part of Georgiy chain).
- New quest “Hardware for real men” (part of Sashko chain).
- New quest “Checkpoint assault” (part of Sashko chain).
- New quest “A voice in the woods” (new chain - Olga).
- Red Forest has been filled with several new events

Technology improvements:

- Chernobylite now supports DirectX 12. If you have a compatible graphics card, this should have a very positive effect on framerate. Especially AMD card users.
- Thanks to cooperation with AMD, we've added FidelityFX features to the game. Activating CAS should allow you to play at a lower resolution or lower "resolution scale" while maintaining very high image quality. You can also improve the quality of the game, with virtually no effect on performance. Try it, our testers are delighted! FidelityFX works on all graphics cards, regardless of the manufacturer.


- Many of you complain about the lack of VO in the game, which for financial reasons we are not recording right now. So we've added a system that replaces all missing VOs with a suitably processed and personalized voice creation, so that the dialogues are at least reasonably indicated. For people who do not speak Russian, at the same time using Russian VOs for the "climate" should be a quite optimal solution. The system can be turned off in options.
- We've improved MASS of things related to localization and UX, from interface to dialogs. Not everything is perfect yet, a lot of work ahead of us, but very many of you should feel a big improvement in this topic.
- You really liked the Gore system, so from now on it will also work on monsters. Enjoy tearing them to pieces.


- Death in prison should not cause you to lose all your equipment in the new game loop.
- Sashko should already train the player and start a conversation with Igor.
- Fixed exploit that allowed infinite use of specific items from Storage (Thanks for @Ne mutlu from Steam Forums)
- Fixed several collisions in first Fractal World (Thanks for @Ne mutlu from Steam Forums)
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Changelog for Mega Patch #5 - “Black Stalker” (added 25 June 2020)

Galaxy updated (29 June 2020)
Offline-Installer updated (30 June 2020)
Content Additions:

- Added a new level: Prologue. Why did Igor come back to Chernobyl right now? How does he know about Chernobylite? Where does the portal generator come from? Prologue will answer all these questions.
- Added a new level: Fractal World “Black Stalker”. It is the conclusion of a new investigation on the board.
- New quest “Kozlov Killing” (part of Mikhail and Olga chain).
- New quest “Kozlov Kidnaping” (part of Tarakan and Saskho chain).
- Dozens of new items to build. Including many functional things you'll read about in "Improvements / Additions"

Technology improvements:

- We've added support for HDR. This is just the first iteration and not everything is perfect yet, but the game looks very interesting.
- Our interactive “Green fractal world” loading screen has met with huge criticism from you, mainly for technical reasons. We changed it to a more classic loading screens, while strongly optimizing their duration. In the future we will replace the green tunnels with special films that will expand the backstory of the game. For now, we've created a trial one at the beginning of the game.


- This is the thing you asked for probably the most often, and somehow we managed to keep it secret. Now you can build armor in the base. 3 types with 3 different types of inserts. They will be very useful for players who prefer fighting over stealth. This is the first iteration, so it requires light polishing and balance. Surprise!
- In base you can now build a "Microprocessor Recycler" that allows you to extract raw materials from items that you no longer need. You've been waiting a long time for this, right?
- Following your feedback, we've added building system outside of Igor's base. You can build special crafting stations, enemy traps and covers right on mission levels. Not everything works as it should yet, treat this functionality as experimental! We welcome your feedback.
- New melee animations for all weapons. In the future, melee damage will depend on the type of weapon and the upgrades used
- New animations for stealth takedown. Now, to make them quiet and without killing you have to undergo training with Olivier
- Now Igor can climb and jump over smaller obstacles. Movement should be smoother.
- Igor can now use dodge, just like soldiers do. Timed properly allows you to completely bypass damage from gunshot or monster hit
- We have improved the placeholders VO. Now their sound should be much less annoying, and whenever they appear, relevant information also appears


- Fixed a bug where you could get infinite amount of XP during Excuses quest.
- Fixed bug where good effects was shown in red and could mislead player.
- Fixed bug where you could fall into a basement at Red Forest and block yourself.
- Moved loot crate on Red Forest to more accessible place.
- Fixed AI of Shadows, they will no longer stay in one big group anywhere.
- Fixed floating grass on Kopachi Kindergarten.
- Redesigned mechanics of beds inside the base, now game will precisly point out who was missing his bunk and you won’t have to build more every time.
- Fixed savepoint on Tarakan's Hideout mission, now even if player dies during the mission it will properly execute next time.
high rated
Changelog for Update 26_06_patch_v4 (added 28 July 2020) from Steam:

Galaxy updated (28 July 2020)
Offline-Installer updated (30 July 2020)

- Motion blur, strongly criticized by you, flew out of "Dream". I hope that nobody will have motion sickness anymore.
- We've improved the game's stability a bit. To improve it even more we will have to update the engine. Expect this in the next few weeks.

Changelog for VERY Major Patch 30597-ship (7 August 2020)

Galaxy updated (10 August 2020)
Offline-Installer updated (18 August 2020)
We're more than halfway to the next mega patch. We thought "why shouldn't we give you some of its content today?". So here it is:

Technology improvements:

- Unreal Engine has been updated to the latest version. This means much more stable operation and removing many troublesome bugs.
- The game has been thoroughly optimized in many places. Expect even a 20% increase in FPS
- The game has been heavily optimized in terms of the required memory. Lots of textures should load faster and less noticeably. The game should look MUCH better at low settings.
- We've completely reworked the graphics options. They have a much greater impact on performance now, there are also a lot of new settings you asked for - like the ability to turn off motion blur or flares
- We cleaned up all the content of the game. Build is a good 6 GB lighter.
- We've added a crash reporter to help you report a game crash. It appears automatically after closing the game.
- We added Kopachi, Red Forest Pripyat Port and Central to the benchmark. Now you can thoroughly test the entire game. Warning! Benchmark is now really long, but I'm sure you will want to thoroughly test all the new settings.


- Major localization update for Czech, German, Hungarian, Polish and Russian.


- We've added a new monster - Chernohost. Its AI was created for fighting in the open space. It will replace the Borderer on the outdoors.
- 2 new items in the base: Infirmary Bed (allows to passively heal a wounded ally) and Decontamination Shower (increases radiation safety)
- We have added a new "heist" board. It will allow in future to lunch the final mission in the game.
- We have completely reworked the system of covers used by soldiers. Now they should use them better, nicer and more naturally.
- We have added the ability to build a station that allows you to swap weapon upgrades. Now you can modify your weapons anywhere in the game.
- When the player distributes food to allies, we have added a lot of new messages that tell you what and how it affects them. The base mechanics should be much clearer.
- We have improved the training costs, now better skills require more skill points
- We've slightly improved the player's dodge effectiveness
- We have added new icons on the level selector. Now it will be easier to determine what we gain from a given mission.
- We rebuilt the health system. Now consumables are added to the quick menu, and using them does not have an immediate effect - they trigger the appropriate animation. In other words, healing is more difficult, especially in combat.

Redesign, balance and feedback:

- We improved all dialogues throughout the scenario, many things were rebuilt and improved. The whole thing should now be more interesting and much more coherent.
- We've reworked the way the game works on day one. The player is not sent on any story mission. He can get to know the game mechanics better and calmly.
- We improved the distribution of resources on the levels according to your feedback. Now there should be fewer resources, but more in each individual unit.
- We have removed the limit of days from the game after which the next time loop begins. Since we introduced the "fractal timeline" to the game, it doesn't make much sense anymore. You can play endlessly, no explosion of the power plant will stop you anymore.
- After death, we start on the day we died, along with the same quests we had before we died. Thanks to this, you shouldn't have the feeling that the game "deleted your progress"
- We've completely rebuilt how often, how many and how fast monsters and soldiers appear. The initial missions should be fairly simple and more focused on exploration. With time and depending on the player's decision, there will be more and more monsters and enemies, and they will also become more difficult
- We have removed the limit a player has to complete story quests. We want you to be able to quietly devote yourself to exploration, side missions and side activities, and not just running at breakneck speed through the main plot
Space Time Distributor now reduces the amount of radiation on levels


- We fixed the bug that caused gardens to decreae comfort of the base, but didn't increase it.
- We have corrected the collision on Prypiat Port boat, player will no longer be able to stuck inside permanently.
- Changed material of glass on Prypiat Port, now it can be penetrated with any bullet.
- We fixed conversations with companions while being crouched, player will now obtain normal speed after dialogue.
- Added walls and collisions to the Kopachi Kindengraten bunker - player can no longer go Out of Bounds there nor see through the walls.
- We fixed crash on Prypiat Central when you entered tent with mission marker.
- Fixed an islands on timeline that caused player to got stuck there permanently.
- Fixed bug that allowed you to craft infinite amount of First Aid Kits and antirads.