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Changelog for Update 48229s01 (added 22 April 2022)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (22 April 2022)

Blue Flames DLC available now.
Chernobylite Enhanced Edition is live!


This is it! Season 1 and Chernobylite Enhanced Edition - the first big update in 2022 and one of the biggest ones planned for Chernobylite is now live!

Post-Release DLC Roadmap

You will not only be able to see the Zone like never before thanks to the implementation of Ray Tracing and Tessellation, but you will also find new, exciting content!

Image 1

First of all, New weapon - Tactical Crossbow - which will allow you to even better adapt to the stealth style of play. Then you will find new story details about Igor and Tatiana in Memory of you, and, last but not least, a new DLC pack that allows you to include different additions to our base, environment and NPCs!

Image 2

Detailed changelog below:


Silent Assassin - new weapon - Tactical Crossbow

A tactical crossbow - new, silent weapon for close-quarters combat with a dozen or so improvements that can be made on the new crafting table. Highly customizable weapon to emphasize on the stealth combat approach and to expand the existing weaponry arsenal.

Memory of you - collectible photos

Igor will get the opportunity to search for dozens of Tatyana photos scattered in hidden places around the Zone. Each photo will display a short animation and play the voices revealing the part of the backstory of Igor and Tatyana.


Ray tracing

Ray traced effects allow for more realistic reflections and level lighting. This is a significant change in the quality of graphics and you will be able to notice that difference right away ;)


The trees now look more realistic thanks to much greater detail.

Paid content:

Blue Flames Pack

The structures that we build in the base and outside of it will now have a blue aura giving your base a new and gloomy style.


Hidden Easter eggs appear in the zone. Will you find them all? ;)

April Fools’ Day

The look of the masks of our comrades and opponents is now more like the masks of the clowns everyone likes so much. You all do love clowns right?

We hope you enjoy the new content and your experience with the game will be even greater. Remember, this is not our last call because we’re planning more massive updates this year :)

Enhanced edition - new, richer version

The game today is different than the one you remember from the PC launch in 2021. So far we added a huge new location - Pripyat Residential, new missions, new monsters and today also a new weapon and story elements.

One last thing - Ukraine

Recently we launched a Charity DLC to aid Ukraine. During the war this country is being bombed every day and more civlian casualties and victims need help. Help which will be needed in the following weeks and months. For this reason, we and our publisher All in! Games will take long-term measures to meet the current needs and deliver resources necessary to rebuild the destroyed cities in Ukraine.

Chernobylite - Charity Pack

We’re not gaining any profit from it, all we earn goes for charity. If you feel like it, please support the cause. We want to do as much as possible for our friends in Ukraine. That’s all.
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