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Changelog for Update 30597_hotfix14_08_ship (added 18 August 2020) from Steam:

Galaxy updated (18 August 2020)
Offline-Installer updated (19 August 2020)
Rev 30700 Hotfix - Localization and major bugs fixes


- We fixed a bug that caused a lot of texts to appear in English

Technology improvements:

- We optimized the character's performance. Now, fighting more soldiers should no longer cause big drops in FPS.


- We have fixed most game controller issues. It should work fine now.
- We have fixed a bug that made it totally stuck in the fractal timeline.
- Fixed a 100% repro crash that was occurring in the power plant dialogue.
- Fixed a bug that was causing FPS to drop significantly in the base.
- Sometimes consumable items had no effect after use. We (probably) fixed it.

Redesign, balance and feedback:

- You complained that Chernohosts are very rare. So we increased the frequency of their occurrence.

Changelog for Update 3070_hotfix21_08_ship (added 24 August 2020) from Steam:

Galaxy & Offline-Installer updated (24 August 2020)
Rev 30700 Hotfixv2 - VO, game controller and more


- We improved many lines that are recorded but for some reason played as placeholders, in the wrong language, or did not play at all.
- Fixed a bug that could cause random crashes during dialogues.

Technology improvements:

- We have fixed the report crash behavior. Now you can easily send your logs directly to us in case something doesn't work properly.


- Once again we improved the operation of the game controller. Now everything should work regardless of the manufacturer.
- Sometimes a player was unable to heal his psyche or HP level. We fixed it.
- Fixed an issue where the player was sometimes unable to recover resources from rubbish scattered around the base during the building tutorial.
- Fixed an issue that was preventing a player from fully healing when he had 2 health-boosting perks.
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Changelog for Update 31663ship (added 05 September 2020) from Steam:

Galaxy updated (05 September 2020)
Offline-Installer updated (12 September 2020)
Rev 31663 Hotfix - Major bugs fixed and small localization update


- We added a few translated lines to Czech and German localization.


- Companions were able to take even story related missions that they shouldn't do - we fixed it.
- Fixed an issue that caused our companions went missing in the base after getting back from prison.
- Fixed an issue that made player use resources on the missions that were hidden in Base storage.
- Player was not able to build stuff in Base using resources hidden in Base storage - we fixed it.
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Changelog until Update 31663hotfixV3 (added 22 September 2020)

Galaxy updated (22 September 2020)
Offline-Installer updated (23 September 2020)

Rev 31663 Hotfix - Fixes for bugs reported by the community

- Fixed Infinite Loading screen before getting into Prison, thanks to @Fuerst and @Marcin_89 from Steam Forums!
- Fixed Dream Level saves that caused all events to be inactive. Thanks to @Kalli_1942_ from Steam forums!
- We fixed bugs that caused picking up empty backpack inside of prison. Thanks to @sjm8 ,@barmare and @Szkapon from Steam Community forums!
- We fixed saves that caused “Kozlov Kidnapping” and “Kozlov Killing” to be broken after load. Thanks to @Ten from Steam Community forums!
- We fixed ability to craft infinite amount of ammo with resources in storage thanks to @Wammbo and @Marcin_89 from Steam Forums!

Rev 31663 Hotfix - Infinite loading screen

- We fixed the infinite loading screen problem on Pripyat Central.

If the problem persists, please contact us - preferably via the steam forum.. Remember to give us as much detail as possible. Thanks @theospap, @ Marcin_89, @HiTekLoLyfe, @KilRoy @SirSilverLXVIII from the steam forum. Thanks to you, we were able to react so quickly......

Rev 31663 Hotfix - Infinite loading screen v2

- We fixed the infinite loading screen problem on Tarakan’s Hideout, Kozlov event and after dying in specific condition. We hope that's all...

If the problem persists, please contact us - preferably via the steam forum. Remember to give us as much detail as possible. Thanks once again to everyone who helped solve this problem.
Source: Steam
31663hotfixV3 ⇒ 31663hotfixV2_1

excuse me? downgrading now the new shit, seems im getting to old for this stuff :D
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Changelog for Mega Patch #7 - “The Woman in the Red Dress” 33909ship (added 01 November 2020)

Galaxy updated (01 November 2020)
Offline-Installer updated (02 November 2020)
Please note that below you will only find a list of "important stuff" changes. Additionally, in the patch you will find over 500 tweaks, fixes and quality of life improvements that are impossible to list.

We are entering the final phase of the project, expanding the testing team and digging up old topics (also resulting from your feedback) that we have not been able to deal with before. The game gets better every day.

Screenshot 1

Some of the most important new stuff will be the missions! We have added two new ones, Hard Truth and Black Stalker, thanks to which you will be able to learn more about the story of two key characters and discover some deeply buried secrets.

If you thought that the weapons arsenal in Chernobylite could not be expanded anymore, we have a message for you: it is possible and we even did. The Chernobylite Blaster and Anti-Chernobylite Burner will expand your possibilities in the Zone. How? You will have to see for yourselves!

Screenshot 2

The new additions are also levels, which will have a great impact on how you will understand the whole plot and what you will choose in the future. These are “Stealing Ariadna’s technology” and “The Woman in the Red Dress”.

Besides mentioned above, we've also made some requested improvements to make your life easier while playing Chernobylite. One of them is the ability to load the game save from the last checkpoint during a pause from the menu. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to avoid any unpleasantness during the game...

Screenshot 3

In line with your suggestions, we've added the ability to disable both the entire interface and its individual elements. Of course, we will continue to improve this feature.

So, here's the list


Content Additions:

- New quest: Hard Truth (part of Olivier's chain)
- New quest: Black Stalker (part of Olga's chain)
- New weapon: Chernobylite Blaster (surprise!)
- New throwing weapon: Anti-Chernobylite Burner (another surprise!)
- New level: Fractal World “The Woman in the Red Dress”. It is the conclusion of a new investigation on the board.
- New level: Stealing Adrianna's technology (not a big deal, but many of you have asked how exactly Igor got the VR helmet, so we decided to expand this thread)
- New story character: Konstanty (earlier character mesh was just a placeholder)
- New story character: Locksmith (earlier character mesh was just a placeholder)
- New story character: Semyon (earlier character mesh was just a placeholder)
- All levels have been filled with lots of new events. There are over 40 of them in total.
- All levels have been extended with additional locations that you can access using Anti-Chernobylite Burner
- We have added the ability to upgrade magazines for all weapons. Each change has a huge impact on the operation of the weapon and the animations. We've also added few other minor upgrades.

Technology improvements:

- You can now load the last checkpoint from the pause menu. Thanks to this, some bugs should stop being so terrible anymore…
- We greatly optimized the sound in the game. People with weak CPUs should experience a significant increase in FPS


- We've greatly improved how soldiers behave when patrolling and searching for a player.
- Black Stalker's AI has been finalized and balanced. Now, fighting him is a real challenge.
- We improved the dialogue system and added character portraits to it. You can adjust it to your preferences through the game options.
- Now enemies are marked on the compass when we hit them or are hit by them.
- We improved the indicators that appear during the fight - some of them were given a more immersive form, and some were visually adapted to the rest of the UI.
- We improved the weapon upgrade system. Now it should be more interesting and dynamic. The whole thing has also been carefully balanced and should have an even wider and more visible impact on the game.
- We improved the tab UI with Igor's skills.
- All tab UIs should be comfortable and intuitive to use with the mouse.
- We've revised all the in-game tutorials to be clearer and take into account all the mechanics we've introduced over the past months.

Redesign, balance and feedback:

- In accordance with your numerous requests, we have added the ability to disable both the entire UI and its specific elements. We will continue to refine these functions to give you even more freedom.
- You said that in the later stages of the game, the size of the base makes it practically impossible to expand it. So we enlarged it with an area that was previously flooded with water.
- We have completely rebuilt the looting system. Now, what your opponents drop should be interesting and better suited to the challenge.
- We have balanced the view ranges of the opponents and how they react to the sounds made by the player. Now stealth should be more difficult, but also more honest.
- How the fractal timeline works was not entirely clear to you, especially when you came across it before completing any story mission. Now you can see not only events that have already happened, but also those that may happen.
- You don't really like the possibility of building covers while exploring the zone. So we replaced it with the possibility of building machines that have a global impact on the zone.
- Following your request, we've added the ability to toggle aim and crouch, as well as an alternative way to use the Dodge.


- The problem with Xinput1_4.dll should no longer occur on Windows 7
- We've toned down the amount of radiation that appears on levels over time
- Music should now turn down properly in the game options.

Rev 33898 Hotfix Changelog from Steam:


- We fixed a camera control issue that was showing up when quitting crafting tables with esc. Thanks @vannPL and @leroxik from Discord for finding this.
- The "A few things from an old hideout" task when ordered by Sashko (instead of Tarakan) did not end correctly. We fixed it.
- When we failed Olivier's training too many times (takedown or shadow), Olivier started shooting at us. We haven't laughed that much in a long time, but it was absolutely not our intention. We fixed it.
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Changelog for Update 34XXX_hotfix9ship (added 08 November 2020)

Galaxy updated (08 November 2020)
Offline-Installer updated (09 November 2020)
Usually we try to name people who helped us find and solve given problems. This time, however, you were flooding us with various bugs - on steam, on discord, even in private messages. It would be really hard to name all of you, so we'd like to thank the whole community instead. You make the game better! Now let's move on to fixes:


- Fixed a bug that caused a modified weapon to disappear from the quickuse menu
- Fixed a bug where weapons found sometimes had upgrades that should not be available yet. You will get a thermal sight and an automatic shotgun system, but not yet ;)
- Attachments found with new weapons are now properly unlocked for the entire archetype. So you can easily move the sight from the newly found shotgun to the one we use.
- Fixed a bug that caused characters on the timeline to appear poorer in "ultra" settings than in "medium"
- One of the rifles was broken and did not appear correctly in inventory. After the number of reports I have the impression that everyone found it ;) We fixed it.
- Sometimes a door closed with a lockpick had ... A second door locked with a lockpick. We fixed it.
- On some computers there could be a problem with the sharpeing that greatly degraded the graphics quality. We have fixed it, or at least limited it.
- Problems with physical materials meant that soldiers were sometimes able to shoot through tires or sandbags. We fixed it.
- Fixed a rare bug where soldiers would start firing at the player instead of starting a conversation with them.
- Fixed a bug where soldiers killed with silenced weapons would not interrupt their custom animations.
- Fixed an issue where one of the crystals on Fractal Timeline remained red and blocked the passage.

Item management:

- Fixed issue with item duplication if half stack was once swapped with full stack and player tabbed out of inventory.
- Fixed issue with item disappearing if its grabbed and player tabbed out of inventory when there is no more room for it (it should drop on the ground now).
- Fixed issue with disappearing upgrades from weapons when its swapped with different item.
- Fixed issue with disappearing upgrades if item was grabbed but player tabbed out of inventory.
- When you held a weapon in your hand and then threw it out of the inventory or disassembled it, it still remained in the hand. We fixed it.


- Fixed a rare softblock that was triggered by trying to harvest vegetables
- Fixed a bug that allows you to get infinite resources by interrupting the Recycler work
- Fixed a rare bug that blocked progression when you accidentally trigger the build system while sleeping.
Source: Steam
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Changelog until Update 34XXX_hotfix13ship (added 23 November 2020)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (23 November 2020)
Rev 33898 Hotfix 3 - Lots of annoying stuff

Another set of bug fixes you report to us. This time they may not be blocking the game, but they are very annoying. We realize that these are not all problems, but we will gradually solve them. There is still a lot of time until the premiere...

Decisions and story:

- Sashko now correctly changes his attitude if you changed your decisions in "A few things from an old hideout"
- Sashko will no longer react negatively to Igor for releasing Kostya from prison if Kostya died earlier
- Sashko now has no change in attitude due to the Ferris wheel crashing down if the player chose to kill Kozlov.
- “Checkpoint Assault” will no longer require player input every time you return to the Fractal Timeline
- If a player during "Big Fish" shoots down the helicopter, Mikhail should not leave the team. The decision influences and correctly scales with his loyalty.
- Olga should no longer be "lost" when we rescue her from prison.
- During Hack Nar Server, the decision was the opposite of what it should have been. We fixed it.

AI and combat:

- Soldiers should now react correctly to the death of an ally killed with a silenced weapon. When they hear the body fall, they will check it out, and when they see their ally die
- Weapons should now be properly filled with ammunition if it has a magazine other than the default.
- Bolderer's AI was created before EA started. It passed a deep update, which should solve many problems, such as correct path searching, using portals, problems with animations, or sensitivity to eyesight and hearing.


- Event marker on the compass should now correctly change the transparency scale with distance.
- Fixed a collision on the passage that prevented you from entering one of the stashes behind the chernobylite wall in Pripyat Central
- High-tech equipment in Igor's room should now have the correct textures
- In some quests, an old placeholder was showing on TVs instead of Tarakan. We fixed it.
- Hermit we encountered on the related quest was very dark. We improved its lighting.
- Events with gas clouds should no longer spawn in sectors where the main quest is taking place.
- When entering the fractal world, the cutscene for putting on the helmet should always start correctly
- During training with Tarakan, it was possible to block yourself if we started a dialogue with him holding a weapon in our hand. We fixed it.
- We have fixed a very rare issue that was causing problems with sharpen postprocessing.
- Fixed issues with poor texture quality on some elevations.
- Fixed lighting issues during mission "Weapon Transport"
Source: Steam

Rev 33909 Hotfix - Small localization update


- We added a big update to Ukrainian localization and a smaller one to Turkish localization.
Source: Steam