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Changelog for Patch (18 September 2020):

- You can no longer be flying and wading at the same time.
- Lasers are no longer considered heat/fire damage or resisted by heat resistance.
- Boxes of crayons now have their own tile.
- The "clean" action on liquid-covered objects now yields hotkey assignment priority to other actions, such as the "direct to attack target" action on companions.
- Fixed a bug that made armor that occupies more than one body part unable to receive the Jacked mod.
- Corpses left by temporal fugue clones now disappear at the expiration of Temporal Fugue.
- Cybernetics from temporal fugue clones can no longer be implanted.
- Unlit torches no longer set things on fire.
- Autoexplore no longer attempts to open chests or bookshelves that are on imperceptible alternate vibrational planes of existence.
- Robots no longer go prone when entering sleep mode.
- The Billowing Conch of the Aji no longer produces non-functional blinding gas and stinking gas.
- The player's torch burning out now interrupts autoact.
- Baetyls now habitually reality-stabilize themselves.
- Baetyls now get angry at 20% of their HP, not 80%.
- Fixed a bug that made NPCs with Cleaved effects active repairable.
- Fixed some color formatting in village quest giver referral messages.
- Fixed a bug that made reality-stabilized objects coming into contact with a space-time vortex get sucked through the vortex after it was destroyed by the reality stabilization.

Standalone installers updated ( ⇒ 21 September 2020.

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Standalone installers updated ( ⇒ 29 September 2020.
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Changelog for Patch (02 October 2020 / added 06 October 2020):

- Village quests no longer have the chance to ask you to find a location "with a parasang" of another location. Instead, they may ask you to find a location "next to" another location, in which case the two locations will be in adjacent maps.
- Two-Headed no longer wakes you up from voluntary sleep.
- You no longer see troll budding messages when you cannot see the troll.
- Nerve Poppy is no longer called Numb on the character sheet.
- Creatures without faces no longer get bloody noses.
- Relic and extradimensional books now provide skill training on read.
- While performing the water ritual, you're no longer offered to learn a skill's introductory power without being offered to learn the skill itself.
- We made some changes to clonelings and clones.
- Clonelings now have a cap on how many creatures they can clone. If you're friendly with a cloneling, you can refresh their cloning capability by supplying a dram of cloning draught.
- Clonelings can now clone you.
- If a cloneling is in your party, you can now direct them to clone creatures.
- Clonelings in your party no longer wander around randomly.
- Clones created by clonelings are now worth half the base creature's XP rather than no XP.
- Clonelings now rarely cloning draught on death.
- Freshly grown clones are now uninjured.
- We added new support to the prerelease input manager and fixed some bugs.
- Added a wait command.
- Accept now interacts with the selected object in the looker.
- Fixed interact nearby not working.
- Vendor actions in trade now work properly.
- Accept now interacts with the selected object in the looker
- Added Take All and Store Items keybinds for containers
- Armor AV/DV averaging across body parts now rounds down.
- Leather bracers have been singularized into a 1 AV single-arm slot "leather bracer".
- Autoexplore now interacts with interesting objects before taking them. Example: you'll now read engraved items before taking them.
- The attack nearest enemy command now counts enemies that are currently engulfing you.
- The item picker dialog for spray bottles now shows any context for the listed items, like the body part they're equipped on, for example.
- Lit torch tiles now display color variation in their flame part instead of their wood part.
- Kindled flames and luminous motes now have tiles.
- Reduced the number of novices of the sightless way that appear in various regions.
- Panhumors now use their own correct tile instead of using the gelatinous frustrum tile.
- Changed the appearance of putrescence to be distinguishable from slime.
- Made some improvements to the behavior of pathfinding around potentially damaging gases.
- Pathfinding now strenuously avoids aloe pyra and aloe volta.
- You can no longer get unlimited data disks by repeatedly installing and uninstalling SkillSoft Tinker implants.
- Made plurally gendered players correctly addressed in the second person in a number of contexts.
- Made the popup to confirm switching a hotkey to a new ability show the old ability's display name, not its internal command name.
- Improved ganglionic teleprojector's messaging when used on a square with no robots in it.
- Fixed a bug that prevented Two-Headed's chance to remove negative mental status effects from working.
- Fixed a bug where evil twins arrived without a popup message.
- Fixed a bug that caused unpowered items with boot sequences to have their operational status treated as "booting" rather than unpowered.
- Fixed a bug that disabled the floating text that appears when an item rusts.
- Fixed some color formatting errors.
- Fixed a formatting issue in the level descriptions of Sleep Gas Generation and Corrosive Gas Generation.
- Fixed some typos in Sleep Gas Generation and Spontaneous Combustion.
- Fixed a rare exception during world generation.

Standalone installers updated ( ⇒ 05 & 06 October 2020.
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Changelog for Patch (09 October 2020):

- Clonelings' cloning ability now respects phase and flight.
- Magnetized items are now disabled by EMP.
- Magnetized containers can now carry a maximum of 25 lbs before they are too heavy to float.
- When you miss or fail to penetrate with a weapon, the weapon name now appears in the message log message.
- Glowcrust now causes you to grow an icy outcrop instead of a fungal outcrop.
- Fungal infections now prefer to colonize fungal outcrops grown on your body (such as via chimera limb growth).
- NPCs no longer automatically use Eater's nectar injectors. (This change won't apply to injectors in current saved games.)
- Removed the rubber tree.
- Excluded a base sultan wall object from dynamic encounters.
- Updated the credits.
- Fixed a bug where talking to NPCs who had glotrot altered your conversation options as if you had glotrot.
- Fixed some bugs that caused inconsistent faction attitudes when your reputation was exactly at an attitude boundary.
- Fixed an issue that made uniquely named stat saps lose their names.
- Fixed some cases where duplicate messages appeared in the message log for XP awarded via quest steps.
- Fixed a bug that caused odd behavior and occasional game freezes on the Skills and Powers screen.
- Fixed a bug that caused you to always be left-handed.
- Fixed a bug that caused signature dish names to not have certain text variables replaced with real text.
- Fixed a bug with the prerelease input manager not accepting enter in text-entry fields.
- Made some memory use improvements in the renderer.

Standalone installers updated ( ⇒ 10 & 12 October 2020.

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Standalone installers updated (31 October & 02 November 2020; no changelog):
- Windows: ⇒ ⇒;
- Linux & Mac: ⇒
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Changelog for Patch (07 November 2020):

- New items: wristcomp, turbow, a variety of arrows.
- New implant: palladium electrodeposits.
- New helmet and mask mod: fitted with filters.
- NPCs no longer choose to use most tonic injectors as thrown weapons.
- Many liquid vessels now leak if broken.
- Waterbeds now break if someone with Quills sleeps in them.
- Some biotechnological items and components are now identified or displayed via bioscanning rather than techscanning.
- Stun gas stunning now appears in the message log.
- Floating text for critical hits will now only be displayed if the hit results in damage or a special effect.
- Lunging while in aggressive or dueling stances will now correctly trigger a Stinger strike.
- Socially Repugnant no longer affects trade prices.
- Compound bows now correctly enable Strength bonuses to penetration.
- Kickback now respects phase and flight, and does not affect inanimate objects, sessile creatures, or creatures a kick would not affect such as holograms.
- Baetyls no longer ask for portions of steel boots.
- Point-defense drones now always return to your inventory when they become inoperative.
- Sheba Hagadias is now able to provide you with directions if you are lost.
- Charging no longer gives the player a warning when charging through liquid hazards.
- Dismember can no longer be used when stuck or frozen.
- Wrecking Charge can no longer be activated on the world map.
- The Regeneration mutation can now regrow your tongue if you have drunk the Flaming Ick, but will not regenerate your tongue otherwise.
- Using an ubernostrum tonic or other regenerative intervention while infected with an early stage of glotrot will no longer tell you your tongue regrew if you have not yet lost your tongue.
- The [redacted] no longer spawns in every map surrounding [redacted].
- The lair of Oboroquru no longer has odd dot-like tiles under some terrain features.
- Trying to trade items with a creature that has no inventory now gives a message rather than failing silently.
- Spinnerets no longer starts a cooldown when toggling the ability off.
- Fixed an issue causing NPCs to improperly evaluate shields during auto-equip.
- Fixed an issue causing textures to load from disabled mods.
- Fixed an issue causing textures to not properly hotload when changing mod -configuration.
- Fixed a crash in the secret ascii editor.
- Fixed an issue that made flaming and freezing ray fail to affect the most distant square of their range.
- Fixed biodynamic power plant displaying debug internals information regardless of whether debug internals was on.
- Fixed some bugs in Stunning Force, in particular an action cost being assessed when it pushed you against a solid object.
- Fixed some issues with creatures being unable to act for several turns after spawning because they were assessed an action cost to equip their initial gear.
- Fixed a typo in the manual.
- Fixed an issue that would cause an error trying to continue a game after having deleted a different save file.
- Fixed an issue where various walkways had a higher rendering priority than appropriate, which made some items get hidden by them and made the squares they were in not be considered "empty" for purposes such as companions joining you in a zone.
- Fixed an issue that made it possible to give energy weapon relics the Jacked mod by deploying turrets using them.

Standalone installers updated ( ⇒ 07 & 10 November 2020.

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- Windows standalone installer updated ( ⇒ 14 November 2020 (no changelog);
- Linux & Mac not updated yet.
high rated

[*]Turbows now allow Strength bonuses to apply to arrow penetration.
[*]Autoexplore and autowalk now open doors as a separate action before moving into the doorway.
[*]Attack-nearest can no longer target adjacent enemies that you cannot see.
[*]Auto-attack will now be interrupted if you cannot see your target.
[*]Auto-attack and attack-nearest can no longer be used while confused.
[*]Auto-attack and attack-nearest now produce movement/attacking in random directions if used while furious.
[*]Smart use on an active force projector now deactivates it rather than prompting for a new deployment pattern.
[*]Holographic plants no longer produce sap when attacked.
[*]Rifle and pistol relics can now be part of sultans' histories.
[*]You can no longer sacrifice biotech-based artifacts at the Sacred Well.
[*]Lasing with Light Manipulation no longer has infinite range.
[*]Mental Mirror will now properly reflect and terminate Sunder Mind on a failed penetration.
[*]Sunder Mind damage now ignores phase.
[*]Improved the composition of biome zone names in forgotten ruins.
[*]Improved the road layout in Bey Lah.
[*]Tattooing now uses the names rather than the descriptions of body parts.
[*]Tinkers now properly repair certain rusted, broken, or damaged items, such as scrap.
[*]Assigned tier values to various tonics, crystals of Eve, and arsplice seeds, fixing several related issues including sparking baetyls asking for them will no longer tend so much provide rewards dramatically out of keeping with their difficulty of obtainment.
[*]Fixed a but where it was possible for curing glotrot to not work if you drank the Flaming Ick on the very last turn before you would have transitioned from having a sore throat to having full-on glotrot.
[*]Fixed a typo in Herododicus's dialogue.
[*]Fixed a typo in Frivolous Lives, Vol. I.
[*]Fixed a pronoun in tomb inscriptions.
[*]Fixed a bug making puffing Klanq on objects sporadically fail.
[*]Fixed a bug that made resupplying clonelings with cloning draught only work if you did not have any cloning draught.
[*]Fixed a bug causing color bleeding in some hero names.
[*]Fixed a bug where the bonus MA of Mental Mirror was not being applied.
[*]Fixed a bug causing Psionic Migraines not to unequip items on your head.
[*]Fixed an exception when resisting Sunder Mind damage.
[*]Fixed an exception when a creature was attempting to reload while wielding a geomagnetic disc.
[*]Added "zonebuilders" wish to display the builders of the current zone & their parameters.
[*][modding] PopulationTables.xml now supports merging. <population> elements with Load="Merge" attributes now support basic merge semantics, and <group> elements now have Name attributes that can be used to either replace or, with Load="Merge", merge with the group of the same name in the base XML file.
[*][modding] The TinkerItem part no longer supports the field CanRepair; repairability is now simply a matter of the object being in a state that can be repaired.

202.14 - 'beta' branch

[*]Added a new number-picker popup that supports directional inputs
[*]Added prerelase input manager key bindings for journal screen management
high rated
[*]Sparking baetyls now sometimes request items modded in some way; for example, "SIX JEWEL-ENCRUSTED ITEMS" or "THREE ITEMS FITTED WITH SUSPENSORS".
[*]Vaporizing pools of water and acid now produce steam and acid gas, respectively, once more.
[*]Lase has unlimited range again, and this is now reflected in the UI and by AI behavior.
[*]You can no longer trade with creatures who are out of phase with you.
[*]Resting and waiting no longer honor the "ignore enemies easier than" option.
[*]Resting and multi-turn waiting now check for hostiles before starting, rather than using a turn then checking for hostiles.
[*]Autoexplore now only attempts to open doors you are in phase with.
[*]Interruption messages are now only displayed for autoget (messages about "gathering") if you have autogotten at least one item.
[*]Being shot at with missile weapons now interrupts autoact under more circumstances.
[*]Haggabah is now invisible when lit by penetrating radar and visible to psychic observation.
[*]Temporal Fugue clones can no longer use Temporal Fugue.
[*]There is now a pair of protectors of the Stilt inside it.
[*]Improved the visibility of explosions, particularly near walls.
[*]Campfires and ovens now heat themselves up.
[*]Campfires are now extinguished if they freeze.
[*]North-facing and south-facing industrial fans no longer need to be identified separately.
[*]Yla Haj no longer generates as hated by the Fellowship of Wardens or the Farmers' Guild.
[*]Anomaly extinguishers no longer have a message about compute power in their description.
[*]The description of Staunch Wounds no longer mentions the decommissioned defect Hemophilia.
[*]When a creature you have performed the water ritual with is cloned, the clone's description no longer incorrectly reports that you have performed the water ritual with it.
[*]Wood floor and bridges made of brinestalk no longer render as if they were on top of non-flooring objects.
[*]Walltraps no longer trigger on the world map, should they find themselves there in some way, such as by being animated using a nano-neuro animator or Spray-a-Brain, then being dominated by the player.
[*]Reputation change messages now correctly report reputation levels influenced by Socially Repugnant and faction attitudes toward mutations.
[*]Activating flight while swimming no longer temporarily leaves you in a state of both flying and swimming.
[*]Procedural grammar composition now uses the article "an" with the word "heir" rather than "a".
[*]Encounter tables for generating random items of armor no longer sometimes redirect to tables for generating non-armor-specific artifacts, meaning among other things that sparking baetyls promising A SPLENDID VESTMENT will no longer occasionally give people a cybernetics credit wedge.
[*]Buying skills no longer bypasses the requirements for their basic powers (the 0 SP ones included with the skill).
[*]While auto-exploring you will no longer notice hostiles outside your actual vision range, i.e. when myopic.
[*]Fungal infections no longer print unequip messages when cured and instead specify what body part they were cured from.
[*]Removed legacy torch sconces hidden in the walls of the Stilt ground floor.
[*]Creatures and companions should now have a higher preference for using vibro weapons.
[*]Puffing Klanq on items and creatures now works on items and creatures that are in the same square as you.
[*]Summoning curios will now normally summon a creature of a faction that existed during the Sultanate of Qud.
[*]Two-handed weapons no longer fail to be equipped to the thrown weapon slot, and multi-slot armor equipped to the thrown weapon slot or in a hand as a melee weapon no longer additionally occupies body parts related to its armor functionality unless the thrown weapon or hand slot is normally part of the armor's slot usage pattern.
[*]Fixed a bug causing Swimming and Wading statuses to sometimes hang around longer than appropriate, especially with high move speed and/or quickness.
[*]Fixed a bug causing displacer bracelets to be more common than intended.
[*]Fixed a bug that made some forms of being stuck show you, when preventing actions, a failure message of "You are!" or "You are !" rather than "You are stuck!"
[*]Fixed a bug causing NPCs to use Slam on themselves in some circumstances.
[*]Fixed a bug that generated an inconsequential exception when unmatched piston presses Slammed things.
[*]Fixed a typo and exception in the Spread Klanq mural text.
[*]Fixed exception when waiting a number of turns.
[*]Fixed the hollow tree playing music of the last visited zone.
[*]Fixed some bugs causing errors when soup sludges attempted to spit liquid.
[*]Fixed a bug causing chromelings affected by the chrome beacon to sometimes have two Overclocked effects active.
[*]Fixed a bug that made disassembling an energy cell slotted in an item fail to immediately update carried weight.
[*][modding] Physics.ExplosionDamage() now passes its WhatExploded parameter to GameObject.TakeDamage() as its Source parameter, making it available in the TakeDamage event.
[*][modding] The Source parameter from the TakeDamage event is now available in the AttackerDealtDamage, BeforeTookDamage, TookDamage, and TookEnvironmentalDamage events.
[*][modding] XRL.UI.ConversationUI.HaveConversation() now has a default of null on its Speaker parameter, and an effort has been made to make sure it and its downstream dependencies can handle a conversation without a Speaker.

[*]Added prerelease keybind for toggling the message log visibility
[*]Fixed an issue causing the keybinding screen to be unescapeable if prerelase input was turned on but modern ui was disabled
[*]Fixed an issue causing a few non-alternate adventure keybinds to fire even when the alternate key was pressed
high rated
[*]Burrowing Claws, nanopneumatic jackhammers, and pickaxes now enable an activated ability Dig. This is a form of autoact that allows you to automatically move in a straight line from your current location to somewhere else on the map, attacking walls as necessary. All events that normally interrupt autoact will interrupt autodig, as will being displaced from your planned path and failing too many times in a row to damage what you are attacking. Hazards that would be avoided by autoexplore are NOT avoided by autodig.
[*]When naming an item based on its qualities and choosing to name it after a creature (most relevantly, the player naming after themself), item naming now preserves the capitalization pattern of the creature's name rather than converting it to standard title case.
[*]Manual equip now reports properly on some process failures which previously failed silently, and on items unequipped in the equip process.
[*]Heat resistance and cold resistance now affect the absorption of ambient temperature when absorption does not appear to be desirable (for instance, if you are on fire, it would not be desirable for your cold resistance to interfere with ambient temperature cooling you down).
[*]Poisoning and asphyxiation now have specific death messages.
[*]Pathfinding now avoids revealed yonderbrush.
[*]The gemstone transmutation power of some relics now only works on creatures that are hostile to the relic's wielder.
[*]Sparking baetyls no longer ask for items with the Sharp mod.
[*]Joppa's zone is no longer treated as having a proper name, and has the display name "an abandoned village", when Joppa is abandoned.
[*]The sultan gospel learned from the shrine in Joppa is no longer annotated as having been learned from the villagers of Joppa when the villagers of Joppa are not a visible faction.
[*]Warden 1-FF no longer generates as hated by the Farmers' Guild.
[*]The Jacked mod's description now reflects its interaction with mutants with Electrical Generation.
[*]Liquids being poured out onto the ground now retain the phase characteristics of their pourers briefly, and some internal mechanics of neutron flux explosion have been adjusted, such that neutron flux explosions will generally have the phase characteristics of the individual causing them.
[*]Move speed now has a floor at 1, disabling exploits involving slowing move speed down to 0 to achieve a mathematically undefined rate of motion.
[*]If you are dominating a temporary or existence-supported creature at the time when it ceases to exist, this now breaks the domination rather than ending your game.
[*]Being in the target area of a fulcrete catapult, or seeing that your companion is, now interrupts autoact.
[*]Twinning lamprey generated twins now take on the party leader and target of the current lamprey.
[*]The names of village building materials made from creature parts now preserve the case pattern of the names of the creatures they are made from.
[*]Attempting to charge while overburdened now fails early and shows a relevant error message, rather than attempting to charge and failing in a fashion that costs action points and puts Charge on cooldown.
[*]Disguises are no longer generated for breathbeards and elder breathbeards.
[*]Sheba Hagadias no longer generates as a breathbeard or elder breathbeard.
[*]Fixed a bug causing the deathlands and the Spindle's parasang to have the wrong difficulty tiering.
[*]Fixed a bug causing explosions to terminate early on an exception.
[*]Fixed a bug causing single leather bracers to still be treated as plural.
[*]Fixed a bug that made maghammers and leather whips ignore their wielders' relevant attribute bonuses when calculating the difficulty of saves to escape from being latched onto by them.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused player companions to lose their faction memberships and other attitudinal tracking when left behind in a zone which was then returned to, with this then carrying on down the leadership chain where applicable.
[*]Fixed a bug that disabled the action cost benefits of plastifer chem vests and medassist modules.
[*]Fixed a bug causing wraith-knights to be friendly to more phylactery users than they should have been.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused flamethrowers and swarm racks equipped on the back slot provided by an equipment rack implant fail to fire.
[*]Fixed a bug that could cause exceptions interacting with chests using the trade screen.
[*]Fixed a bug in tomb inscriptions describing sultans' forging of relics.
[*]Fixed a typo in Agyra's dialogue.
[*][modding] GetEnergyCostEvent now has its Type field set properly.
[*][modding] added support for 'populaton' zone tags in worlds.xml

[*]Fixed an issue with some dynamically typed NPCs appearing as generic "breathbeards"
[*]Fixed an issue with overal message log toggling via legacy keybinds
high rated

Added several new movement-related commands:
Move To Square (default mapping: ctrl-enter), which prompts you for a target square and attempts to pathfind to there.
Move To Zone Edge (default mapping: shift-enter), which prompts you for a NSEW direction and attempts to pathfind to that edge of the screen, or as close to it as you can manage.
Force Attack Direction (default mapping: backslash), which prompts you for a direction and attacks in that direction.
Force Attack Square (default mapping: shift-backslash), which prompts you for a target square adjacent to you and attacks there.

Creatures becoming dazed now appears in the message log and produces floating text.
Creatures who are interested in occasionally going on shopping sprees at the Six Day Stilt no longer engage in this behavior when they have a party leader.
Ironshank can now only infect creatures with a Feet body part that is made of live tissue and provides mobility.
Identified force bracelets now provide an activated ability that activates and deactivates them.
Dig no longer works on the world map.
Slam will now prefer your primary cudgel.
Owned Schrodinger pages now warn you when you attempt to activate them.
If you are dominating a temporary or existence-supported creature at the time when it ceases to exist, this now ends your game once more, but now with case-specific messaging.
Young ivory, lurking beth, holographic ivory, and holographic beth now self-destruct if they enter a square with another object of any of these types, preventing stacks of multiple instances of these from forming. (The only exception is if the object is, due to extraordinary circumstances, a fully self-mobile creature, as for example in the case of an extradimensional psychic assassin lurking beth.)
Shield Slam now has an action cost of one turn.
Syphon Vim now does a better job of targeting the creature in its target cell that you would want it to target, when there is more than one.
Syphon Vim now appears in the message log any time it is initiated between creatures you can see, and produces floating text when initiated.
Syphon Vim now provides better failure messaging.
Mouse-based movement no longer knows how to pathfind through areas you have not explored.
The display names and descriptions of leather bracer Kith and Kin clue items is now coherent with leather bracers being single items.
Narcoleptics' original body no longer falls asleep outside of combat while they are Dominating another creature.
The ExploreZone debug command will now expand the player's sight radius.
The 'wait a specified number of turns' dialog now uses the last number of turns waited as the default.
The modern message log is now hidden when using the alt overlay.
Humanoid creatures no longer default to having the Night Vision mutation.
True Kin NPCs now have Rebuke Robot.
When Joppa is abandoned, the zones surrounding it are now given names as per ordinary salt marsh.
Fixed a bug that turned the Barathrumites against you when friendly fire hit chain laser emplacements during A Call to Arms.
Fixed a bug that made move speed of 100 display as move speed of 99 in the modern UI.
Fixed a bug causing engulfment-capable creatures to potentially freeze up when hostile to non-combat-capable objects like young ivory and dreadroots.
Fixed a bug that resulted in zone names of the form "some slimyorgotten ruins".
Fixed an issue causing machine press tiles to become nonfunctional.
Fixed excessive event usage during legacy explosions.
Fixed color bleeds in cooking messages from congealed skulk, congealed love, and dried lah petals.
Fixed a bug that made zero move speed exploits still possible when dominating sapient plants and fungi.
[modding] Erroneous population tables should no longer prevent loading of tables from other mods.

202.18 - 'beta' branch

The Wait N Turns dialog is now a number picker
The default number of items to drop is now the size of the stack instead of 1
Modern windows are now responsive to the player position in ASCII mode
Added prerelease input manager keybindings for load game, save game and auto-attack-nearest
Fixed an issue with liquid selection when modern ui elements were enabled
high rated
[*]Added ink, sap, and wax weeps.
[*]Made ink a little more common across the world.
[*]Recipes based on meals cooked with Canned Have-It-All now require a random ingredient from the Canned Have-It-All effect rather than a serving of Canned Have-It-All. For example, if you're inspired via Carbide Chef, cook a meal with a serving of Canned Have-It-All, and choose "Grants slime spitting" as the effect, the recipe will now require 1 dram of slime.
[*]Completing What's Eating the Watervine? now completes the quest step 'Return with a critter corpse' and awards appropriate the XP.
[*]Updated which abilities work with Triple-Jointed's cooldown skipping -- Sprint and any skill power that has an Agility prerequisite -- and changed the phrasing to make this clear.
[*]Rephrased the description of Wings to make it clearer you get its speed boost only while traveling on the world map.
[*]Added a description for the crackling effect.
[*]Rephrased the description of Spinnerets to make it clearer that the duration only ticks down when you move.
[*]Moving to stairs no longer knows how to pathfind through areas you have not explored.
[*]Made great magma crab corpses weigh a lot more.
[*]If half of a double door is animated to life, it no longer closes other doors it passes through.
[*]The Life and Death Gates now become unsealed if they are animated.
[*]Fixed a bug that occasionally caused a slain character in Grit Gate to show up more than once in Otho's report.
[*]Creatures can now only go prone if they have a Feet or Roots-type body part that provides mobility.
[*]Urchins are now animals rather than plants, more strongly anatomically resemble sea urchins, and have Quills.
[*]Campfire remains are now considered campfires for purposes of whether you can use Camp.
[*]Ovens are no longer considered campfires for purposes of whether you can use Camp.
[*]You can no longer create an arbitrary number of campfires in Brightsheol.
[*]You can no longer generate a campfire with a red flame in Brightsheol by making a campfire, extinguishing it, and relighting it.
[*]You can no longer spot notable objects while confused.
[*]Losing equipment to dismemberment no longer describes you as unequipping it.
[*]Changed Wilderness Lore: Salt Pans to Salt Dunes.
[*]Village pets can no longer be pre-legendary snapjaws, goatfolk, or baboons.
[*]Disabled idle behavior on Otho to prevent some quest-breaking behaviors.
[*]Added some extra protections against the Decoding the Signal questline not advacing properly.
[*]Red jells now bleed lava.
[*]Lava in containers now heats them up over time proportionally to the amount and purity of the lava, rather than setting their temperature to 1000 degrees upon any amount of lava being poured into the container then doing nothing afterward.
[*]Damage from drinking lava is now tracked as heat damage.
[*]Sheba Hagadias can once again be a breathbeard or an elder breathbeard.
[*]Phials are now immune to heat, cold, acid, and electricity.
[*]Improved death messages for companions who die in explosions you caused.
[*]Starting villages can no longer be disease communes.
[*]Fixed the tile color of bronze battle axe.
[*]Bloated pearlfrogs' sticky tongue can still pass through fences but no longer pull you through them.
[*]Removed the unused acidHighTier cooking ingredient.
[*]It's now possible for a certain obscure death message to be shown under more circumstances.
[*]Cannibals and glow wights are no longer always male.
[*]Yempuris Phi is now visible in gas.
[*]Made ape pelts weight less.
[*]Made spheres of negative weight more complex to identify.
[*]Procgen books no longer occasionally generate with empty titles.
[*]Slightly increased the render layer of liquid volumes and webs so they always appear on top of walkways like conveyors.
[*]Excluded the farmed version of animals from dynamic encounters.
[*]Made gaslight weapons light sources when powered.
[*]Names of legendary creatures you've slain now appear magenta in the chronology.
[*]Added a description for the crackling effect.
[*]Changed Wilderness Lore: Salt Pans to Salt Dunes.
[*]Losing equipment to dismemberment no longer describes you as unequipping it.
[*]You can no longer spot notable objects while confused
[*]Lithofex's gaze ability is now correctly limited to line of sight
[*]Fixed a bug that caused flowers to teach Swimming rather than fish. Flowers now teach Persuasion.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused flaming and freezing hands to sometimes have their modifier displayed twice.
[*]Removed the unused acidHighTier cooking ingredient effect type.
[*]Rephrased the description of Wings to make it clearer you get its speed boost only while traveling on the world map.
[*]Stray line breaks in the classic dialogue interface are now trimmed.
[*]Fixed a bug that made "Historic sites now reward a more appropriately tiered amount of cybernetic credits" from last week not work.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused sultans to occasionally have successors name suffixes when they weren't successors.
[*]Fixed the duplicate "live and drink" dialog that Mechanimist pilgrims had.
[*]Fixed a bug with legendary pariah names.
[*]Fixed a typo in sultan history.
[*]Fixed a typo in the description of Brittle Bones.
[*]Fixed a typo in mirror bug's description.
[*]Fixed some grammar bugs with Agyra and Lebah.
[*]Made a small grammar change to dynamic village descriptions.
[*]Fixed the capitalization of Gyl in popup text.
[*]Fixed tile color of bronze battle axe.
[*]Fixed a broken mural tile on the outskirts of Ezra.
[*]Fixed carbide folding hammer's ANSI color.
[*]Made flowers teach persuasion and fish teach swimming.
[*]Fixed a bug that broke attribution of the creature responsible for killing another creature in some circumstances, particularly explosions.
[*]Fixed a bug causing quests to not properly give reputation awards after a save/load cycle
[*]Fixed Lase passing through objects it failed to penetrate.
[*][modding] Fixed an exception in the 'makevillage' wish

202.20 - 'beta' branch
*[modding] ConsoleChar underwent a large internal refactor to simplify its data structure and provide a more flexible framework for colors.
high rated

[*]Warden Ualraig no longer carries glowspheres.
[*]Glowspheres are now more expensive.
[*]Lase now acts as a projectile for the purposes of passing through forcefields, fences, and low walls.
[*]The location secret for Mamon Souldrinker's village lair is now logged in your journal when you find the village.
[*]Birds now have the Beak and Wings mutations by default.
[*]Acid humors are now immune to acid.
[*]Canned mystery meat is now properly considered meat.
[*]Ink weeps now properly weep ink.
[*]Tactful no longer gives bonus reputation with hidden factions.
[*]Made brooding jadepuff's spores a darker shade of green.
[*]Made parts of Otho's dialog slightly less repetitive.
[*]Made poison-tipped spears a little more expensive.
[*]Quantum ripplers must now be identified.
[*]Urn duster villagers no longer leave to look for urns in the Tomb of the Eaters.
[*]Urn dusters are now able to dust urns outside the Tomb of the Eaters, should they find some.
[*]Village colonists no longer have a chance to spawn as previously named legendary creatures.
[*]Sheba Hagadias no longer has a chance to spawn as a named Knight Commander of the Holy Temple.
[*]Troll foals can no longer spawn on the world map.
[*]You can no longer compliment Q Girl's hair if you have monochrome.
[*]Dynamic quests to find items now respect item plurality in their quest text.
[*]You can no longer roll on the ground to put out a fire if you're out of phase with the ground.
[*]Temperature changes performed by firefighting are now phase insensitive.
[*]The option "Take corpses when using Tab to take all" now defaults to off.
[*]XP gained by companions of companions is now shared up the leadership chain.
[*]There's now a specific death message for bleeding to death.
[*]Scans of local environments do a better job of checking the visibility of individual creatures and items, rather than merely that of the squares they are in. This means that Attack Nearest no longer moves you toward hidden young ivories and lurking beths.
[*]Flaming Ray and Freezing Ray now more consistently message the names of the limbs they're on.
[*]Molting basilisk husk no longer includes its thrown weapon stats in its display name.
[*]Psychometry can no longer be used to switch off turrets created by turret tinkers.
[*]Empty waterskins you are selling no longer count toward your liquid carrying capacity, while empty waterskins you are buying do.
[*]Certain indirect forms of damage, such as gases, mines, and fires, no longer incorrectly set your target.
[*]If a dialog option results in you getting in a fight with one of your companions, they now become hostile to you after you exit the conversation.
[*]Added a more descriptive message for trying to move through movement-blocking terrain on the worldmap.
[*]Made the hyphenation of Two-Headed, Two-Hearted, and Cold-Blooded consistent.
[*]The word "apex" is now procedurally pluralized to "apices".
[*]Attack Nearby and autoattack will no longer attack creatures who are not hostile to you.
[*]Cooking effects on NPCs no longer go on forever.
[*]Fixed a generative text error in some sultan tomb inscriptions.
[*]Fixed a character creation display bug with Ibul cybernetic implants.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused the game to occasionally freeze when you were targeted by a lithofex's gaze.
[*]Fixed a typo in barkbiter jerky.
[*]Fixed a typo in damage reflection cooking effect text.
[*]Fixed plurality issues in some dynamic quest text.
[*][Patreon] Fixed a bug in E-Ros's speech patterns.
high rated
[*]Cans of Spray-a-Brain and nano-neuro animators now let you animate more types of inanimate objects (anything with the animatable tag) instead of just walls, doors, and tables.
[*]Added more variety to relic names.
[*]Added makers' marks to item names.
[*]Added new descriptions for the following objects: sacred well, marble dais, and fungal spores.
[*]Changed the cleated mod name to "fitted with cleats".
[*]Changed the name of exit teleporter to "stairwell teleporter".
[*]Fixed some issues with The Earl of Omonporch quest.
[*]The Council is no longer convened if you don't have the required reputation with four factions.
[*]The delegates that show up now better match the factions they're supposed to represent.
[*]Faction delegates now disperse once you complete the quest.
[*]The Spiked item mod can now be applied to gauntlets.
[*]The old item "spiked gauntlets" is now a pair of steel gauntlets with the Spiked mod added. Spiked gauntlets already generated in existing saved games are unaffected.
[*]You no longer get messages about nosebleed for creatures you can't see.
[*]Dynamic villages no longer have the chance to teach you the intro power of a skill rather than the skill itself that was advertised.
[*]Witchwood bark now gives some clue as to its eat effect in its description.
[*]Added a death message for dying via Syphon Vim.
[*]Added some more missing death messages.
[*]Ongoing damage from poison and Syphon Vim no longer sets your target.
[*]Autoact is now interrupted when an enemy initiates Syphon Vim on you on a visible or audible.
[*]You can now cancel the life drain effect of Syphon Vim via the interaction menu on its target, including at a distance via look + interact.
[*]Dynamic quest items names no longer include qualifiers like [empty].
[*]Refined some of the edge case uses of domination.
[*]Fixed a bug with biological clones inheriting their progenitor's cybernetic implants.
[*]Fixed a bug that made some cybernetic implantees immortal.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused Albino's regeneration penalty to be applied while inside rather than outside.
[*]Fixed an exception when there was no space for air wells and solar stills to deploy their catch basins.
[*]Fixed the cone picker occasionally being unresponsive to keyboard input.
[*]Fixed a bug with cone-shaped breath weapons.
[*]Fixed an exception when using very high level breath weapons.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused some templated text, such as "*it*", not to be dynamically replaced.
[*]Fixed some empty text in some sultan histories.
[*]Fixed some empty text in recipes and cooked meal descriptions.
[*]Fixed a typo in the error log.
high rated
[*]Gave agolflies wings.
[*]Euclid now wanders around Barathrum's study but no longer attacks the mushrooms there.
[*]Dynamic quests that instruct you to find a location 3-7 parasangs in a direction from a landmark no longer use underground landmarks.
[*]Yuckwheat is no longer destroyed when harvested.
[*]Quartziferous mirrors now refract light.
[*]The following actions now have energy costs and exit menu interfaces: eating, drinking, and opening & closing doors you aren't moving through.
[*]We moved some Autoget options around.
[*]Moved "Maximum auto-move squares/sec and auto-attack actions/sec" from Autoget to Automation.
[*]Moved "Ignore enemies less than <difficulty>" from Autoget to Automation.
[*]Moved "Ignore enemies farther away than <tile number>" from Autoget to Automation.
[*]Moved "Take corpses when using Tab to take all" from Autoget to User Interface.
[*]Removed Q Girl's plastifer jerkin.
[*]Jump no longer snaps to your current target.
[*]Items that use a particular liquid can now be set to autocollect that liquid when they're empty.
[*]Ogre ape pelts are no longer considered food.
[*]Arch dervishes no longer spawn with weak psionic weapons.
[*]Creatures on walls can be looked at again.
[*]Mines are now triggered only by creatures hostile to the minelayer.
[*]Mines now function as hidden in pathfinding only to creatures hostile to the minelayer.
[*]Creatures now do at least a little work to avoid mines they can detect, even if they aren't a threat.
[*]Spray bottles can no longer be used to spray themselves.
[*]Most objects in your tile or adjacent tiles now have an "attack" action available from the interaction menu, enabling you to be more specific in your attacks when there are multiple targets.
[*]NPCs no longer irrationally prefer armor that is a light source over armor that is not.
[*]You are no longer asked to spread Pax Klanq in Joppa in games where you did not start in Joppa.
[*]Hitting escape when asked for a target for Spray-a-Brain or nano-neuro animator no longer generates an error.
[*]Temporary and existence-support objects are now never animatable; the same is true of objects whose phase of matter is something other than solid.
[*]Hoarshrooms sprouted from luminous fungal infections no longer bond to body parts they are equipped in once they are separated from the body part they initially sprout on.
[*]Multiple applications of hulk honey, when not causing overdose, now refresh the duration of the effect rather than stacking.
[*]Lunge now respects phase and flight with regard to whether objects between you and your target obstruct you.
[*]Tattooed detail color no longer persists across player characters and save games.
[*]You no longer receive popups when other creatures' irritable genomes act up.
[*]Removed the blank Garden of Geth tile from the worldmap.
[*]Fixed a bug that made pools of water strangely resistant to being evaporated once somebody walked through them. This change may introduce new liquid temperature behavior, some of which is unintended.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused the Reputation screen to display the text for a faction hating you when they merely just dislike you.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused freshly animated objects not to become active until odd conditions were met.
[*]Fixed an exception when blast cannons were disarmed, e.g. from leering stalkers.
[*]Fixed some bugs with the interaction between snap-to-hostile-target behavior and wall-dwelling creatures in corners.
[*]Fixed the tile color of zetachrome warhammer.
[*]Fixed elastyne skin suit appearing in certain encounter tables twice.
[*][modding] Several messages pertaining to curable fungal infections now emit & conjugate properly for NPCs.
high rated
[*]Renamed miasmatic ash to osseous ash.
[*]Added a new gas type: miasma.
[*]Black ooze now vaporizes into miasma.
[*]Green goo now vaporize into poison gas.
[*]Brain brine now vaporizes (at very high temperatures) into confusion gas.
[*]When your Toughness changes while you are wounded, your HP now maintains the same proportion to your max HP.
[*]NPCs are now more urgent about extinguishing themselves when on fire.
[*]Grenades no longer display their thrown weapon penetration and damage stats.
[*]Ubernostrum tonics now properly cure both major and minor biological debuffs.
[*]Hyperbiotic beds and regeneration tanks now cure minor biological debuffs.
[*]The Broken status effect no longer applies to things that cannot reasonably break.
[*]Penetrating radar no longer recolors your non-radar field of vision.
[*]Ice humors now correctly lower your temperature on hit instead of raising it.
[*]BaseSludges no longer appear in dynamic encounters.
[*]Made the description of long blades' critical hit effect more accurate.
[*]Passing by a walkway no longer generates a message in the message log.
[*]Creatures and plants expected to inhabit water are no longer subject to the flashing blue visual effect for 'wet'.
[*]Sheba Hagadias's name appears correctly now when she spawns as a miner.
[*]The message from autodrink now tells you the source of the water you drank.
[*]When consuming liquids from a nonspecific source, as with autodrink for example, you will now prefer to drink from renewable sources
[*]Fixed a bug that prevented NPCs from wandering around the Six Day Stilt.
[*]Fixed a bug that prevented Clairvoyance from seeing through vantabud and blood darkness when you had direct line of sight to the area.
[*]Fixed a typo in the description of Psionic Migraines.
[*]Fixed some capitalization inconsistency with 'Sightless Way'.
[*][beta] Fixed a bug that caused Sheba Hagadias to always spawn as a breathbeard.
high rated
[*]Tweaked the layout of the Tinkering screen.
[*]Improved the display of very large numbers of bits on the Tinkering screen.
[*]Removed some extraneous information from the display names and descriptions shown for tinkering blueprints.
[*]Cherubim you find out in the wild now belong to the faction of the creatures they are modelled after.
[*]Electromagnetic sensors now detect mechanical cherubim.
[*]Jump now respects phase and other physical interactivity conditions to determine what you can jump through and into.
[*]You can no longer jump through or into closed doors.
[*]Juke now respects phase and flight.
[*]Juke can no longer move holograms or creatures that are rooted in place.
[*]Disabling the "Color player's @ based on HP level" option no longer stops mutations from changing your @ color.
[*]Reputation gains and losses with hidden factions are no longer displayed.
[*]Fork-horned helm now displays its melee performance characteristics in its display name and description.
[*]Horns and fork-horned helms now indicate their bleeding damage in their descriptions.
[*]The "collect liquid" action now requests confirmation if collecting more than 128 drams of liquid.
[*]Klanq now gives you more puff attempts if the infection didn't take on the limb you chose.
[*]Ultra Fire now correctly applies Suppressing Fire and Flattening Fire.
[*]Made some improvements to how reloading chooses which missile weapons to reload with in complex equipment setups.
[*]Reloading no longer reloads missile weapons that aren't equipped in your missile slots.
[*]Fixed some bugs that made missile weapons fail to fire and equip to inconsistent slots when magnetized.
[*]Sewage eels no longer trip you if they are not hostile to you.
[*]Liquid cooking effects are no longer described on objects other than purpose-specific liquid containers and pools of liquid.
[*]Changed Berate's description to indicate that the Quickness penalty of Shamed is percentage-based.
[*]Added Shamed's to-hit penalty to its description.
[*]Extradimensional psychic hunters no longer spawn as broken, double-legendary creatures.
[*]Improved creature AI for getting away from objects that are setting them on fire.
[*]The "Show debug information on object and system internals" option now adds a "show internals" interaction to objects rather than appending the info to their descriptions.
[*]Decarbonizer beams no longer cause excessive zone builds.
[*]The smart use action on enterable furniture is now interact, not enter.
[*]The enter action on enterable furniture now has a higher priority for being the default interaction.
[*]Liquid collection now prefers not to collect into items that produce the liquid being collected.
[*]Relic-granted mutations and skill enhancements are now only granted if the relic is equipped as designed.
[*]Fixed the color pattern on the frowning moon mask.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused NPCs to occasionally lose their base hit points when they leveled up.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused some cherubim to appear as weird artifacts.
[*]Fixed a bug in missile weapons' PV values.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused mental mutations gained from cooking effects to not count toward [redacted].
[*]Fixed a bug that caused the overburdened status effect to occasionally fail to apply or be removed.
[*]Fixed a bug that occasionally caused missile firing sounds and "Your shot goes wild!" messages to trigger even if the weapon was out of ammo.
[*]Fixed a bug that prevented the schematics for lead slugs and shotgun shells from being learned via Psychometry.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused creatures to stand in acid indefinitely rather than move through it.
[*]Fixed a bug that prevented flight from letting you fly over ground obstacles in some circumstances.
[*]Fixed a bug that prevented death sounds generated by creatures being killed by Juke + Pointed Circle from being audible.
[*]Fixed a bug that occasionally caused a crash when you interacted with a tile containing multiple liquid containers.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused examining certain relics to produce incorrect messages.
[*]Fixed a bug that made the performance characteristics of fork-horned helms fail to persist across save/load.
[*]Fixed a bug that prevented gelatinous frustrums from wandering while they have a creature engulfed.
[*][modding] Mods' Steam Workshop names no longer dictate their internal IDs and thus won't prevent approval if they contain invalid characters.
[*][modding] Genotypes now have an IsTrueKin flag, separate from IsMutant. GameObject.IsTrueKin() now looks for this flag being true on the creature's property-defined genotype, with creatures with no genotype presumed to not be true kin. GameObject.IsMutant() now looks for IsMutant being true on the creature's property-defined genotype, with creature with no genotype presumed to be mutants.
high rated
[*]We changed how robots and mutations interact.
[*]Robots now have modules rather than mutations.
[*]Robots no longer receive mutation points nor do they rapidly mutate.
[*]Robots can no longer buy mutations.
[*]You can now mark items in your inventory as important.
[*]You no longer automatically butcher, harvest, or disassemble important items.
[*]You're now asked for confirmation before manually butchering, harvesting, or disassembling important items.
[*]You're now asked for confirmation before applying important tonics.
[*]Important tonics and applicators now have a low priority for apply being their default interaction.
[*]While cooking, the "Preserve your fresh foods" option ignores important items and "Preserve your exotic foods" asks for confirmation on important items.
[*]While trading, you're asked for confirmation when you select important items, and important items are ignored when you select all.
[*]Quest items are important by default.
[*]If you have Disassemble, you can now choose to treat a type of item as scrap. If you do, it'll be considered scrap for the purposes of autoget and autodisassemble.
[*]Disassembling items things now puts a message in the message log.
[*]Auto-disassemble during autoexplore now directly disassembles items in the environment rather than needing autoget to pick them up first.
[*]You now autoget zero-weight artifacts if "Auto-pickup artifacts" is off but "Auto-pickup 0 weight items" is on.
[*]Electrical charge consumption now prefers to draw per-turn charge first. For example, when using a jacked phase cannon with a biodynamic power plant, firing now draws the 5000 charge from the biodynamic power plant before consuming charge from the phase cannon's energy cell.
[*]Stasis is now a status effect.
[*]Force modulators now make you immune to stasis.
[*]The lair of Oboroquru is now a holy place to apes.
[*]Compute power now reduces the ammo regeneration time for blood-gradient hand vacuums.
[*]Sparking baetyl demands and rewards are now less subject to manipulation via Precognition.
[*]Special items for village quests are now worth more than normal items of their type.
[*]Special items for village quests are no longer categorized as Quest Items once you have completed the quest.
[*]Your game score is now calculated using each item in a stack rather than treating the stack as a single item.
[*]Preserved cooking ingredients and empty injectors are no longer factored into your game score.
[*]When you're cleaved the message log now indicates what part of you was cleaved.
[*]Strip flies now have the Wings module.
[*]You no longer attack yourself while swooping.
[*]Defensive Swipe now respects phase and flight.
[*]Applying a tonic to another creature else now takes a turn.
[*]Dying by cooling into a block of shale when you're a magmatic sludge now results in a proper death message.
[*]Unctuous sludges now properly have unctuous pseudopods.
[*]Holograms now have their status revealed by techscanning rather than bioscanning or structural scanning.
[*]Holographic ivory and holographic beth are now excluded from consideration as hostiles -- like young ivory and lurking beth -- and are no longer inaccurately considered organic.
[*]Convalessence pools now only heals living things.
[*]Hypertractors, normality gas pumps, defoliant pumps, and fungicide pumps no longer put 0-damage hit messages in the message log. Hypertractors still message about their effect taking place.
[*]Move-into-liquid confirmations are no longer requested during autoact.
[*]Immobile creatures now fall through space-time vortices rather than climbing through them.
[*]Decarbonizers' decarbonizer module no longer appears with a blank name in the character sheet.
[*]The repair, add notes, remove notes, load ammo, unload ammo, and desecrate interactions now have hotkeys.
[*]Tweaked the blaze injector item and effect descriptions.
[*]Improved the grammar of generated text around items with qualifiers in their names.
[*]Fixed a bug that doubled the action cost of modding items when you had them equipped.
[*]Fixed a bug that occasionally caused exceptions when creatures with luminous fungal infections temporally fugued.
[*]Fixed an exception when tarry sludges spit.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused creatures at the Six Day Stilt to shop when they shouldn't and to not shop when they should.
[*]Fixed some bugs that caused gaslight weapons to lose proper names and some relic enhancements when they were activated or deactivated.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused gentling masks and cones to corrupt the faction alignments of dynamically generated villagers.
[*]Fixed a bug where failing to drag an opponent using a latching weapon did not take a turn.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused stasis field to fail to put things in stasis.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused your companions to hit your when you were in the same tile as a creature they were attacking.
[*]Fixed a bug when you tried to disassemble an owned item where the owners would get mad but the disassembly would fail to happen.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused physical clones to get permanent versions of mutations their parent organism had granted by relics or cooking.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused lava not to heat up containers carried in your inventory.
[*]Fixed a bug allowed you to preserve exotic foods dropped from temporary creatures.
[*]Fixed a bug with the Brightness & Contrast sliders in the classic options menu when you assigned a value below 0.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused some damage messages to be visible when the target wasn't visible.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused blaze injectors to increase cold resistance instead of decreasing it.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused the classic UI sidebar to handle some target names poorly, especially ones with complex color patterns.
[*]Fixed a bug that caused item qualifiers like '[implant]' or 'illuminated' to show up twice in the names of village quest items.
[*]Fixed some extra spaces and incorrect a/an cases in village quest text.
[*]Fixed a bug with the conjugation of 'catch'.
[*]Fixed a typo in the glotrot tomb inscription.
[*]Fixed a bug that made electrical arcs and some other visual effects sometimes display strange floating Unicode characters instead of the desired effect.