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3rd pocket challenge
Let's be cheap here: start with 3 Pierce Shield in Chain Contignenvy, put up as many defensive spell you can (don't forget Negative Plane Protection) along summonning stuff. Planetar is obvious, but the numbers count here more tbh as you just try to create some obstacle to buy time.
Oh, you'll also need Improved Haste for this. You can't really use energy Blade here, unless you wanto to make your life harder or something.

The main strategy here is, that while the summons provide cover, you pull out time Stop + Improved Alactricity first, just Time Stop the second time. First time I launched Magic Missles and threw MMM on it, the second time I just kept casting Abi Dhalzim. Maybe just using Abi Dhalzim would be evenm ore sure, but this worked out for me, so it's fine.

Note: a bunch of simulacrum all casting Abi Dhalzim while you are running around would likely work just as well.
EDIT: this is impossible scennario. EE only allows you to have 1 Simulacrum and 1 Project Image. Neither S or PI can make more clones, and their summon-limit is of the party, so you can't have more than 1 planetar, or more than 5 summons.

I hate this guy with a passion, but seems I managed to build a mostly reliable strategy.
EE seems to have buffed hs human form, as he previously did nothing but try melee, now has a bunch of spells, and some AoE fire damage was running too... Either way, with some common sense, and a planetar, you can eventualy win. Next move: hop into the Pocket Dimension.
In safety sleep, and start casting all kinds of defensive spells. Like a truly serious amount. Stone Skin, Mirror Image, Improved Invisibility, improved Haste, Prot. From Magic Weapons, whatever can carve you time to pull out your next move.
Oh, and you'll need a Chain Contignency filled with 3 Pierce Magic. See, I find all those topics about "what's your favourite Chain Contignency setup" because of this. It's entirely situational.
Now SAVE, and hope the bugger doesn't start to summon Invisible Stalkers like crazy, because those Pierce Magic HAVE TO hit HIM. Then your task is to cast Time Stop. Then Improved Alactricity. Then start unloading right behind the dragon all your Skull Traps (I don't remember, I had maybe 5). Then I cast a Magic Missle, and this seems to be optimal timing, because the Time Stop just stopped with it, but I still could immediately start casting an Abi Dhalzim.
This turned out to be sufficient amount of damage to nuke him into kingdom come.
I'm kinda proud of this.
PS: Oh, Prot. Form Acid seems like "a good idea".

When entering, cast planetar. 2 Pierce Shield will make you able to hurt the Werewyvern with magic for good.
Cast some invisibility, and swim to the frost salamanders. Either drop a planetar on their head, or shrug and let the bone golems inside hit you. Either way, you can come back in one piece, and as you'll summon a planetar either way against the quo toas... (it can heal you, rmemeber)
In the kuo toaŰ/water elemental prison help the planetar with Sunfire. We did not use that spell since a while.
Turn invisible again to avoid confrontation with the eyes.
As there's no real hardness in getting the mage's quest yourself (so what if it's a beholder, just send on it a planetar), the Stone to Flesh scroll use shall be 100% allowed, because that's mmore fun. Release the dragon from it's gease, enter Abazigail's lair and pick down all the salamanders. Hop into the Pocket Dimension for a good sleep.

Ok, I moce to desperate solutions.
One way to solve this obstacle could be to pile up Skull Traps by sleeping. The other is to insert Protection From Electricity somehow.
See, the problem is the dragon form. The human form is easy: 3 Pierce Shield in Chain Contignency, summons, Simulacrum. Wait until the contignency empties out, then unload on the bugger either Magic Missile or Abi Dhalzim.
The dragon form is where I get stuck. One: the planetar like always get stuck INSIDE the dragon form, unable to move or attack. Re-casting it is a pain, even if it manages to un-be.
Then there's the defense of the dragon form. One: it entirely drops off any debuff it had in human form, what is just unjust. Then there are his stupid electric charges, which hurt even out of screen, and even can oneshot you for reasons. That's HILARIOUS.
And even if you pull yourself through all that, it still has Spell Trap I assume, which launches back your spells on you. That's where I give up.

Come to think of it, I could try out Project Image to try to have even more Skull Traps?
Either way, this is just unattainable. Nonsense.
So Prot. From E. is a slvl 5 spell. I have there protection from acid. We keep that. Animate Dead? Detto. Sunfire? Of course. Cloudkill? Sure, it was only used ages ago, but there would be a hugh inconvenience to try to solve those cases without it. But Spell Immunity? When did I actualy use that? I checked my notes, and - never. This is interresting.

More details:
- when Abazigail changes form ALL BUFFS FALL OFF FROM YOU (except Stone Skin). Great. This fight gets more hilarious by the second! Or he just tend to cast some overpowerful dispel. I'm fed up with this world.
- still, it seems you have the time to cast Prot From Electricity. Yes, that's still "advisable". Keep your distance from the lizard, and position your horde of Mordekainen (and planetar) that if they are winged away, don't get swiped at you.
- start casting Dragon Breath. WATCH OUT, the wyrm has a tendency to cast some short-term Miscast Magic on your head. It only lasts like 5 seconds, but that's many spells to be wasted! Then keep casting Dragon Breath. (whoever found out DB bypasses magic resistance, I'm greatful to you),

4th pocket challenge
This one is a joke with this char. Cover with summons, True Sight, and if you feel like that, cover with MMM / Energy Blades, Improved Haste if you feel extra diligent. Seriously, this is formality.

While checking my old notes, found the detail trying to strom the front gate of the citadel. This is not a working solution: the gate will remain closed, and the guards infinitely respawn.

None of the Amkethra-quests are available anymore (monk vs priest, The Major's Daughter, The Soulstone).

I'd be interrested what Beamdog thought when making the Balthazar-encounter.
Btw, I think Trilogy limited the number of Skull Traps to the amount of thief-traps, EE does not, what is perfectly good for me...
But what exactly am I supposed to do to start this fight? Can't even send in a summon, because the trigger in EE is not standing in front of the throne, but walking up on the side-stairs. Yes, even if the thing walking is a summon. No, the summon does not end up at the throne - it stopps when you get teleported up.
then you get stunlocked and mobbed by the horde of monks.

Well, I had 1 more trick in my sleeve.
So yes, summon a bunch of Skull Traps down. Use Simulacrum, or Project Image, or just sleep.
Then cast some defensive spells, just to be sure. Missor Image, Stone Skin will do. Invisibility either would fall off, or I dunno, but Blatthazar could hit me with Magic Missles even if I was under Improved Invisibility. One thing is to see through invisibility, and yet another to ignore it completly. Oh, before I forget: have Improved Haste on you. And preferably Protection from Magic Energy.
When you pop up before Balthazar, it'd be good if he'd be hit by 3 Pierce Shield from Chain Contignency, but... You'll see.
So, as soon as you gain back control TURN INTO THE SLAYER. That solves the problem of stunlock. Neat. Now try luring Balthazar on your skull traps. Prot. From Magic Energy allows you to walk right into that mess.

Now thing was, everyone followed me but Balthazar. I had some summon(s) running, so had time to summon a planetar(?). Then nothing moved, so I saved. Obviously I messed up with the next move, so reloaded, what provided some interrestng experience: when reloading, Blathazar will charge at you. No idea what happened with my previous planetar, maybe it went up to B and got annihilated, maybe got unsummoned with the reload... Still had time to cast planetar, which bought enough time to cast Chain Contignency (3 Pierce Shield) - this was needed as it expired from B, yes, this was why I had to reload - and Protection form Magical Energy (previously I just manuvered around the skull traps, but you know), that's harder).
And that solved this.

PS: why did Balthazar have an Exploding Arrow on him?

The Ravager
Hm. So the summon-limit is 5 + a simulacrum. Ok... But this kills the strategy I found from 4 years ago, in which people claimed to summon way more summons using simulacrum/project image.

I'll go thinking, until then if anyone has any suggestion...

EDIT 1: I came to the realisation, in EE there's absolutely no limit on Skull Traps. And both The Ravager and Amelissan only has 90% Magic Resist. This means with enough casting, they'll be spawn-killed.
This leaves out 2 questions:
one: can you send in a project image or simulacrum into the Ravager's arena, or that's a deathtrap like at Balthazar
two: still have to come up with something for the initial phase of the Final Boss
EDIT 2: Yes, you can send in a simulacrum to the Ravager's arena. Therefor the Ravager can be considered dead. As well as Amelissan for the 2-3-4th times.
EDIT 3: just a sidenote in case anyone wondered about it: no, Slayer Form has zero chance here. It was a nice idea though.
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Ravager UPDATE:
So, some raw info: Simulacrums (and project images) do not carry overy, and can not put on any spell containers. That's bad.
Also bad, that Chain Contignency (filled with 3*Pierce Magic) will NOT activate in the arena until the Bone Blades start to spawn, so you must move. Best place is right behind the Ravager. That way 100% of the time the contignency empties on the thing.
To achieve this without problem, pre-cast Improved Haste.
As you will be in melee range of the beast, and I could not figure out a distance to cast Skull Trap safe, pre-cast Protection from Magical Energy.
As soon as you are placed, cast Protection From Magical Weapons, then Improved Alactricity (Pierce Magic does not last forever after all).
Empty all 6 Skull Trap spells of yours on the Ravager. You still have a bit of time, so you might want to empty your Spell Trigger - but do not! Spell Trigger, despite its nature, will fail becuase of the Blade Barrier. Also don't try Magic Missle. The thing is either immun to it, or there's some protection running against it - dunno what, didn't need to know, so dun care.
You might want to empty you Spell Sequencer though, that works absolutely fine.
Recast PFMW, IA.
Cast 2*Abi-Dhalzim. If you pre-casted MMM, you might try to throw 1 missle (2 in theory, but don't stretch it, there can be problems!).
Repeat the above in cycle until you run out of 2 Abi-Dhalzim to cast. You'll still have 1, and you are running out of damage-spells. If lucky, the challenge will be done at this point, but if not, recast your two buff, and cast the last Abi-Dhalzim. Move a bit away, and discharge Spell Trigger NOW, that you don't have to worry about timing. If this still is not enough, you are in deep trouble, try your remaining MMM, or better cast your remaining slvl 9 slot as Energy Blade, and hope it'll be enough.

Of course if you can manage a Simulacrum, this fight will be that much shorter.

Technical note:
Improved Alactricity allows you 18 "casting time" to play with, before you'll have to recast Protection From Magic Weapons.

IMPORTANT NOTE: turn off for the duration of this fight the "pause when enemy is down" option, and only leave in "pause when spell is cast"!
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twillight: So, some raw info: Simulacrums (and project images) do not carry overy, and can not put on any spell containers. That's bad.
Do you mean putting simulacrums inside a chain contingency, or having a simulacrum itself cast a sequencer or contingency?

In the classic edition, you *could* have a projected image or simulacrum cast a sequencer or contingency, but doing so would likely cause a softlock, as the game would prompt you to select spells to put in the sequencer, but there'd be no available spells to choose. Also, the game isn't designed to actually assign sequencers to anything other than a permanent party member, and therefore the sequencer will, I believe, go to the most recently selected party member (or something like that) if it does somehow get cast successfully. The enhanced edition simply made the sequencer fail if a clone tries to cast it, which is nicer behavior than just softlocking the game.

twillight: Spell Trigger, despite its nature, will fail becuase of the Blade Barrier.
From what I remember, sequencers and triggers have to target a creature, not empty space.

In the classic edition, this results in a rather interesting interaction. In order to keep self-cast spells from failing, any spells cast on the caster themself will ignore spell resistance. This is most obvious with Sunfire (which would damage the caster if it weren't for the 3 second fire resistance it applies), making it ignore spell resistance in the CE, but is also applies if you cast, say, a fireball trigger on yourself. So, for example, you can't just get 100% spell resistance and then set off a fireball sequencer on yourself and expect to survive in CE. (I believe this strategy works in the enhanced edition.)

Also, IIRC, the Spell Immunity spell works like spell resistance, and in CE is also bypassed this way, so no making yourself immune to necromancy and then setting off a Skull Trap sequencer right on yourself; you won't survive without Protection from Magical Energy, though at least enemies will die. (Again, this has been changed in the enhanced edition; this strategy won't ignore enemy spell resistance, but won't ignore your Spell Immunity either, making the strategy safe but less effective.)
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dtgreene: From what I remember, sequencers and triggers have to target a creature, not empty space.
I don't know, but Sequencer did work, Trigger did not. Both time, if that matters, clicked on the Ravager during the latest attempt (Immun to Magic energy running as buff), and Trigger still did not work.
Previously I had no problem casting neither of them on empty space, the skulls just float there.
Still not used Spell Immunity, but thx for the info anyway.

Any suggestion for Amelyssan?


Woah! It's 2AM here, but I thought, I'll give it a go.
Preparation: Spell Trigger: 3*Skull Trap
Spell Seqencer: 3*Skull Trap
Chain Contignency: 3*Pierce Shield
Improved Haste
Stone Skin

Enter The Throne

Run back a little for space, start casting Planetar when done talking.
Run away, so no summoned monster follow you. The Contignency MUST hit Amelissan.
Start casting Improved Alactricity.
Empty Spell Trigger, empty Spell Sequencer, start casting Abi Dhalzim. When she teleports away for lack of HP, the summons will go away too.
Cast Wish to refill your spells.

I'll do the rest tomorrow, or something.


Phase two starts with you pushed back, and Amelissan will try to Heal herself when at Near Death.

- Stone Skin, and preferably Mirror Image too (though I did not do MI this time)
- 2-3 Mordekainen's Sword
- Planetar (to be on the safe side)
- Wisheal, re-fill Trigger, Sequencer, Contignency
- Energy Blade (this is important!)
- Improved Haste
- possibly Negative Plane Protection (from Limited Wish)
- Improved Alactricity (yes, for every phase I count on Wsh-heal)

Interlude #1
Send in a Planetar under the cover of a Mordekainen's Sword, and that's it.

With IA running, you have a slight time to cast something when you gain back the control. My advice is Abi Dhalzim - that does not hurt your summons.
Then ASAP start casting another Improved Alactricity. Trigger and Sequencer count as casting spells, mostly that's why.
Contignency hits Amelissan 100% of the time, so at least that's not a worry.
You probably could get away with one more Abi Dhaltzim, but then definitely start unloading Trigger and Sequencer on Amelissan. I did not do the 2nd AbiD, but caused enough damage with Energy Blade, which also disrupts Amelissan casting her Heal.
Watch out your spell capabilities, as there is the definite problem of some enemy summons do leveldrain.

Interlude #2

Just to tell you this, Wish's "Cast AbiD on everyone in the area, inclusing party" does NOT mean everyone in the area, but only those who are in sight of your party. I learnt this by getting really bad choices. It did not really effect me, as Planetar can always Heal me.

Phase three

I thought I'll leave 3 mordekainen down, a mordekainen and planetar up, me improved haste after the start, and blast her off. The Chain Contignency: 3*Pierce Shield 100% goes off on her this time when she spawns.
Then by a helping hand it was called to my attention she is teleporting away, and this time it is an advantage, because traps can be set up. And while Skull Traps are spells, when she arrives, her MR will already be removed.
So this one is actualy total easy.

Interlude #3

This fight is stupidly strong, and even from the wiki some data is missing. What I can add is:
- something in the group starts with a Death Spell, so Mordekainen Swords are almost a waste
- something will also start with "destroy all illusion", so don't even try Project Image until that is delt with (the Solar?), but Simulacrum can kinda work.
- with a good chance something will cast an Insect Plague, so distance is important (stay far away form the creatures)
- the Fallen Solar can not be damaged by the Planetar, though luck. It also has several heal-spells, and has insanely high MR%. Fortunately it is not even resistent to fire, so 3 dragon breath to its face in seuqnce will solve it. Too bad, a Simulacrum can only pull off 2 Dragon Breath (I think), so you'll have to do this yourself. This'll include time stop + improved alactricity, so wish-healing before the fight is mandated. You'll have 1 more 9th level spellslot after this.
- before starting the fight, prepare with skull traps. The Solar is on the right side, so put them on the left. These CAN destroy Mariliths even, though they have unknown% MR%, which works for the majority of times, so...
- the succubus doesn't even worth mentioning, but the Alu Fiend (a higher level succubi) does, as it has quit a large amount of HP. Hopefuly perishes to the Skull Traps.
- if the mariliths are only left, consider yourself lucky. Summon 1-2 mordekainen ASAP after casting Simulacrum. Move in sight so you can move the Planetar from harm's way, and make the marilith attack the sword - mariliths only deal physical damage, so now you are 100% safe. Let the planetar do its job while you and the simulacrum cast 2*Pierce Shield on each marilith. Maybe it is too much, maybe just enough. Then start casting Abi Dhalzim.
And you're done. Time to wish-heal.

Phase four
Nothing special, really. Summon 3 mordekainen, the planetar, a simulacrum. Your Chain Contignency: 3*Pierce Shield sets of hitting Amelyssan, cast Improved Alacricity on both of you, blast away 2-2 Abi Dhalzim, finish it off with releasing your Spell Sequencer/Spell Trigger (filled with Skull Trap).

Special Thanks

The original challenge idea: LINK

Showing how to beat BG1 Sarevok with slvl 4 spells as solo sorcerer/ess (and showing why Web is popular): LINK

How to win against Abazigail: LINK (see The Fastest Way to Kill Abazigal in Dragon Form: Neera + Dragon's Breath)

Guide to beat Amelissan as solo sorcerer/ess: LINK

Hasse Be from Facebook for Phase 3 of Amelyssan.
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Cleric/Thief is possible after all?

I've checked, and if you'd manage to get the Deck of Many Things, you could use it to permanently blind yourself, what means you'll be able to Spike Trap the two remaining opponents (Ravager, Amelyssan).
Not sure how you'd deal with the Baal's Throne Pool Monsters between the Amelyssan fights of course, but whatever I guess.

The problem is getting down to get the Deck. I'll assume the Chromatic Demon can be Harm-ed.
But the Compass Level seems to be a problem - unless you can steal the Scepter Gem after you promise to defeat the other demon horde. If you do can steal that key item... Crap, you don't even need to steal it, right? I mean you are not going for the Machine of Lum, so all you need to do is to get to the Cambion and finish HIM to get the Deck.


Sun Soul Monk

This can shoot stuff. Let's see what it is good for.
A slight problem it can not hit magical creatures, fist only becoming magical in BG2, but whatever. First itme in life tried out Basilisk Hunting, and the area provides ca. 25K exp, so messing a bit with the adventurer group even (thx Korax), even clvl 6 can be reached. That's insane.

reputation quests:
- Firebeard's book (Beregost) (easy)
- Bjornin's half-ogres (easy)
- protect the cow! (you can do it with clvl 6 monk, you need to use the Sun Soulrays)
- Melicamp (if successfully turned back) (easy)
- clearing the Nashkel Mine
- telling the truth that you are not Greywolf (male only) (easy)
- The Dryad and the Oak
- Prism's Final Masterpiece (very hard)
- Lena and the body of Samuel (easy)
- making Tamah flesh again
- give money to Farmer Brun
- give at least 1 bandit scalp after you delt with the Bandit Camp to Officier Vai (easy)
- Ardrouine's Lost Boy
- bring Captain Barge to the temple
- finishing the Cloakwood Mines (assumiing you rescued and supported the slaves)
- things in Baldur's Gate

Monk can't rly do much aside punching, and the Flaming Fist is pretty much useless as far as I can tell, it maybe would punch out a troll for good, but aside that...
The Sun beam is good though, it can be used to interrupt spells if your hits miss, or just cause extra damage.
Sneaking is required a lot for the extra thac0 at the first punch, and against a lot of named enemies you sneak-punch, run away to a shadow, sneak, punch, run away more... The Bandit Camp requires to run out of the big tent, and split the enemy one-by-one.

The finding trap thing obviously does not help, so leave that skill alone. Unfortunately there is not much else to do with this: no 19 STR to bash things open, no lockpick. humans suck.

Reaching Cloakwood Mine lvl 2 also ment clvl 7.

Davaeron is a stupid boss.
In theory he has infinite spells, plus whenever you leave the area, his spells re-launch (his buffs: santuary, mirror image), PLUS ha gets fully healed AS WELL as any battle horror spawn from traps, PLUS you cann ot sleep in the area. And I suspect while his sanctuary can expire, his mirror image does not.
What you need to do here is stick to the south wall (I think), and get to the room just a bit on your side of the corridor, right before where he stands. I mean sneak there. If no battle horror spawned, SAVE.
You likely want to sleep on the previous floor after you got rid of the soldier at the entrance.
Here comes the ricky part: Davaeron looses his infinite spell cycle, and switches to melee if he cast a Summon Monster. You should hope he only summons 1 monster, which is preferably not an ogre (that hurts). Get rid of the monster, even if you have to use your Sun Beams on it. Then just whack away Davaeron - you still have healings (I mean you did have high reputation, right? Also, clvl 7 gives Lay on Hands).

Coming out of the mine the addaddin group was not gone, so I thought, wth, let's have some fun. It IS possible to step in sneaking, shoot a Sun Beam, back away, sleep when out of charges, repeat the process. the enemy does not get healed. Yes, this is stupid. Still, a possibility.

Annoys me to no end the limited STR. Lots of quests are behind locked doors. Not that I should complain much, just following the main quests, and only doing sidequests that were in my way anyway, still got 96-98K exp even before touching the Seven Suns. But still. I'm usualy don't even enter BG without maxed exp after all.

Did Scar's other quests, and boom, didn't even enter the Iron Throne, already max clvl.

Note: don't try yourself against the Void-woman.

Also: I didn't know, but you do not have to fight the mob at the top of the Iron Throne. Lure them down, or just walk through them invisible/sneaking. If you do fight, let you know, the archer is the thoughest - I could only annihilate it by running away mid-fight to get healed in the shop. Note: do NOT try to sleep when fighting, the enemy gets fully healed!

It is a good idea to prevent Cythandria and similar mages to turn improved invisible (shadow door seems to have the same effect?). Of course it turns out you don't even need to meet her. I suspect coding error.

Had to lower the difficulty at the Dukes. Winning the fight was not the problem, I mean keeping alive at least one duke. Somehow most of the attention was directed to me: 3-4 of the doppelgangers ganed on me instead aiming at the dukes. Especialy after hitting one with a sunbeam. the problem was staying alive in such a crowded place. Always bunking into people and the monster hitboxes seemed to hit me from pretty far.

The enemies you will meet, but can't do anything about them:
- mustard jelly
Also avoid these, they are way too strong for your health: battle horror, doom guard, those skeleton warriors in The Maze (though if you manage to pass the traps, from the other direction it IS possible to take them out one-by-one).
NOTE: I have no idea where the traps in The Maze are, but seems the magic miccile traps at the end can be avoided by shimmiing the right wall.

It's kinda disappointing that Tamoko does not show up in Undercity if you did not speak with her.

Good news: the traps in The Maze are disabled once they set off. This is important, because opens up a theoretical abuse.
The theoretical method is, Sarevok's place does not lock up until the fight is activated by Sarevok's speech. But you can activate the lightning-traps on the left side of the room, hittin Sarevok with the bolts. Their pattern is kinda random, but you can reliably hit Sarevok with them, eventualy defeating him without even seeing each other.
Now there is that thing, that enemies don't heal until you sleep. So if you accumlated sufficient wealth, which is very possible, if you have the nerves, you can walk on the trap, hit Sarevok a couple of times (abusing reload like heck, very likely), then walk all the way to a hospital, pay for healing (social services are for pussies), crawl all the way down (don't forget to sneak because of mustard jellies, and whatever you did not pummel down), rinse-and-repeat.

NOTE: There is some questing to be done, as I've finished with 140-150K exp from the 161K max.

UPDATE: the only way to defeat Sarevok was to use lightning traps, and run back to the surface for healing (sleep makes the enemy 100% HP). Fortunately, the place does no lock up until we see Sarevok.
For BG2 it'd probably be beneficial with this one, if you'd overlevel more in SoD. Starting BG2 is hard, but with a lot more level under your belt, you can steamroll most encounters, and the rest just needs some finesse. The Sun-Monk abilities get pretty much useless almost immediately either way besides finishing off trolls. HLAs are the way to go, I'm going with Greater Whirlwind as long as possible. Might prove wrong choice later, then I'll simply swap to Critical Strike, but this is more of a test-run, and the problematic parts can be solved by running away, or simply not engaging in battle at all (watch out for myconids to start with).
As I'm mostly just testing this, I cheatbared exp under my belt on base of you can go to the Temple District, go down the sewer, defeat an ooze, wait for it to respawn, and get infinite exp. But judging by experience, it should be possible to overlevel to the 20s, where you WILL be able to pass the Underdark.
When entering the Abyss, it is advisable to get clvl 35 at least. Also, theorycrafting: you want 20 CON sooner or later, and I feel Watcher's Keep is too risky for this one, so your only chance for this is the Baal Tear. The loss of DEX would be significant too, and the 2 STR from evil Wrath is just too good to pass on.

Gromnir is down, that's where I'm now.
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Forest of Myr
Here start the engine-abuse. The problem here is the many level-drainer. To avoid that, you have to turn into the slayer. Because the Master Wraith does that too, twice. So after you beat the mists, you have to travel to another area (use the mountains), hop to the pocket dimension, sleep, return to the fight.
Beware, do not use your fireshield, there is a feedback to other fireshields, and the WM simply has more HP than you.

Giant Mountains
Sneak in, and run for the dirst runestone on the left. This spot spawns Fire Trolls, against which you can't do anything, so you must run to leave them behind. Note: while monks "can't be hasted", whirwind does give you superspeed, in case you have trouble here.
Never get close to the above entrence, aim for the right side, where are giants. They'll mob on you no matter what you do, so your goal is to eliminate at least one of them, than leave them out of sight to enter stealth. Watch out, do not attract the attention of those at the front gate! When you manage to geat stealthy, you can hop to the pocket dimension for sleep. Good news: items on enemy do not respawn, so you'll have an easier time. Taking the runestone spawn some golem, which you can NOT leave behind, at least initialy. Run south to the stairs and deal with the hasted clay golem. Then fight the adamantite golem, which'll probably be in your way. If you had the attention of the magic golem, run to the back of the room and enter stealth, so it is lured far, and you can leave it behind (you can't do anything against it, your fists are magic).
The next two runestone-room are guarded by panthers initialy, so do not try to run in. Let them "see" you, and deal with them first. Then run in, and run out.

Yaga Sura
Him being immun to fire you have to punch him. Seems though Beamdog rmeoved the respawning army, so it's not that big of a deal, you just have to punch HIM.

After you sneaked through the Oasis you shall collect the free reputation points from the quests.

At arrival START WITH THE RABBIT, that has some stunning ability, and that's bad.
After that, sneak through most of the areas. Sneak into the Kensai-chamber and wreck havoc. When you'll step out everything will attack you, still better than messing with the myconids at the entramce.
sneak through the slave-passage as usual, sneak to the lich. Wait until its time stop expires, than punch it.
Sneak to the new area. Now Ogremoch, the earth elemental king IS though, and walking to Amkethran for healing... Eh. So start whacking at it (wait for it to come to you, it starts with some earthquake, and that's not good), and when the character starts complaining for little hp, turn to the Slayer! This thing heals you, and that's what we need. Finish the fight.
For the other sideroom, the priestess will likely come out at a point, and you have to defeat HER. As the monk has large MR%, this is feasible. With a couple of reloads. Eventualy.
The duel after this is really nothing.
The mindflayer-section was pathetic, couldn't even touch me, so you definitely not need high INT with this one (6 might even do!).
The sendai-fight is the usual: pocket plane abuse. Punch the Current Sendai, run to the entrance, punch the drow, save. Beware, a lot of them have fireshield, so don't use that. Definitely make a save before finishing the last "statue", as Sendai as alway is lottery. The tricks she has that threaten you: fear-effect (low chance), overwhelming amount of summon + Heal spell + stone skin + mirror image (so she might never die), some kinda stun effect that lasts forever (so it's not her earthquake that puts a short term Hold Person on you).
Agains the Final Sendai I suggest ALL buffs (Hardiness, fireshield, flaming fist), and the SECOND round use the regular whirlwind instead of a greater one, as that's when she definitely casts mirror image. then just keep Greater Whirlwind her, and hope for the best. Reload until succeed.
NOTE: as she has some crazy regeneration too, CON-healing out of sight/in the pocket dimension is not an option.
NOTE 2: CON-healing will be mandatory against amelyssan - IF that fight can be reached at all.

Dragon's Lair
At Draconis, I had to scale back to Easy. This still worth running, as character death, game over is still possible, this is not story-mode.
The human-form is a joke and a formality, as neither him, not the stalkers can harm a monk (normal weapon immunity and all that). It still can ruin your day, if its purple fear-cloak-spell catches you, because then will able to summon an efreeti, and that's a headache.
The dragon form is problematic, as it'll spawn on your head because of bug, and you won't be able to move, but you want to. So reload until you manage to run away at the last hit you land on the human form. Run to another area. When you return, you'll have time to pack up 2 budds (make one Flaming Fist for extra damage, I don't think either fireshield or hardiness helps though, but put one up anyway). Then just GWW him.
The lair is whatever. The were-wyvern falls fast, there's enough space to enter stealth at the eyes (arrive stealthed, back to position, stealth properly). The ice salamanders are many, but you can always swim back, and sleep for healing in the pocket plane.
For Abazigail, I'm yet to do it, but there's not much complexity at this point: Hardiness, fireshield (greater sun), flaming fist (at this point it has a lasting duration, and every little bit counts), then run in and greater whirlwind (still can turn out thac0 is insufficient for GW, than at least we'll know Critical Strike is the way to go, but that seems insufficient - well, not on easy).
For the Abazigail-chamber, while it is true it is locked down, doesn't mean it is locked down, meaning abuse Pocket Plane.
Lastly, The Stuck Salamandershall not be touched, if you get in melee distance, Abazigail will see you, and that's not what you want before preparation.
PS: On EE's "favour", it is no longer possible to eliminate Draconis/Abazigail etc. without them changing to their second form. I remember it could be done in the original version. I'd be happy with that, but whatever.

Ha. this was interresting.
One: when Abuze turned to dragon, I said myself: why not? and tried to save. As I succceeded, immediately hopped dimension, got healed, buffed up, return, and done.
Well, The Stuck Salamander got out of its position somehow, and was hitting me during the cutscene! I was understandably worried of this with like 14 HP left, but I got lucky and the propgram doesn't count damage there, and when returning from the Solar the salamander was even gone (it wouldn't have been a problem, I had Lay of Hand to get back some HP).

Challenge 2
This would be easier, if we'd flex the rules, and allow buying Restoration. I found it easier if this group is delt with just whirling them.
But that aside, it IS possible to win here without getting leveldrained, though it is complicated. First buff up, (save), enter, immediately hit Turn Slayer. Run towards the entrance to buy time, then when Sarevok-You gets close run to the NW portion of the room. There is a spot where you are entirely hidden behind stalagtites, and only 1 enemy can get to you. this'll probably be Alternate You, who is the one doing leveldrain. You only have time for like 2 GWW before the Slayer Form starts damaging you, and that's a HUGH problem here. If you are lucky, Tamoko will go down too. If not, prepare to change back to human, and cast Lay on Hand, because your HP will be down the drain. I think Tamoko is the one who can hit you very hard, I think with Kai? Whatever that is, it hurts.
Another problem is the mage, who is pretty negligable for most of its machnations, except his Time Stop. He usualy does that when you are done with your 2nd GWW, and while it "stops time", does not stop time, the slayer-counter is still running and runing your run.
If this is done, good for you, because Angelo can do no harm to you (good to know), and neither him or the mage can see you stealthed, for what there's plenty of opportunity. Hint: if Semaj starts casting his Time stop, just run to the other side of the arena. But that's it.
(I hate EE's challanges force you back to human form.)
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Challenge 3
This challenge relies on RL-luck, as the creature is leveldraining, so you need to Slayer Change, and that does not last forever. So your best. Fire does not damage this, so leave those buffs.

Challenge 4
This one is easy. Just put up all buff, and GWW what you can see.

Watcher's Keep
The Chromatic Demon goes doesn smoothly in its ice-form with all your fire buffs.
The compass-level isn't hard either with a maxed monk, so Machine of Lum, here I cum.
For the deck of Many Things, there's no reason going for the mind-shield, as monk has that as innate passive ability, so murder-time. Get Star and Moon (+1 STR, +1 HP).

Challenge 5
It's not easy, but doable, especialy that it seems, The Ravager does not take time to summon Bone Blades if you melee it- There are factors, like keeping your distance because its melee makes you unconscious, not allowing Hardiness to run out and stuff, but with your 2 healing options (laying hand, slayer change), it is doable. If you are lucky/good enough, you won't even have to shapeshift (though at this point there come no soldiers, so reputation doesn't matter anymore if you got it low).

Amelyssan #1
This is surprisingly "easy" in comparison, with some RL-luck, only had to use up the WW (she puts up a Stone Skin, so it doesn't matter much how much you hit her at the start) and a GWW.
Another good news is, she does NOT see the invisible, so arrive stealthed to get advantage.
Potential problem can be she summoning shadow slayers, which not only hit you the more easly (making the fight more of a 3 GWW / 1 hardness + 2 GWW fight), but if they manage to leveldrain you, it's reload-time.

You MUST have 20+ CON for natural regeneration, else there is no way you can have enough HP. And if you remember, I'm doing this on Easy. Btw, have fun standing around 1-2 hours doing diddley-doo.

Pond #1
This is 100% easy, just hit what's in there. Of course it's easier if you manage to lure things away.

Amelyssan #2
Remember, arrive stealthed to have that advantage. There is a Sweet Spot behind and a bit east of her, which you manage to aim, you'll NOT be knocked away, and she'll start casting True Sight instead of Time Stop. Time Stop is not that big of a problem though, the Too Many Summned Things is. Doesn't really matter att his point what she summons if she summons a lot, but even if she summons just a few (for you positioning perfect), there is a chance it'll be shadow-slayer, and it might leveldrain you - if that happens, reload.
You must spend here 3 HLA. Either 1 Hardiness + 2 GWW is a possible combination, but 3 GWW is more likely to succeed.

Pond #2
A bit harder, but still only requires punching. Splitting the mob is definitely beneficial, I mean a must. Beware, that there are 2 trolls here, fortunately not the fire variant. From all your abilities, I think 2*Sun Soulray seems most reasonable, as Flmaing Fist can be combined with GWW and stuff. They don't hit you, so Greater Sun is out. Sun Soulbeam could work of course, but even if that hits a single creature, would hurt more. On the other hand, it's 1 ability vs 2 creature instead of 2 ability vs 2 creature, and it it's true, the Fallen Solar is not immun to fire. Still, it's up to you.

Amelyssan #3
The problems here:
- Amelyssan's teleportation: if you start stealthed, you can rach to the other side just when she arrives. This way you can prevent her casting Time Stop
- the 4 Shadow Slayers can see the invisible, thus follow you. These are the buggers who can leveldrain. You'll very likely loose a level. Don't panic, it's a single clvl according to my experience. Still uncomfortable, but do NOT reload just because of this. Your chance to not get leveldrained is like 5%.
- Amelyssan does not like to stan at one place, likes to move around, lessening your numbe rof hits per round
- Amelyssan likes her Stone Skins. If you ever get away from her, she'll likely recast it, and that'll cost you +1 GWW.
- there are many enemies, so Hardiness is a MUST. You'll also spend 3 GWW at core value (4, if you had to get away)
- the point is why you want to get away is, to Slayer Change. Lay on Hand will heal so little it won't cut it. Don't be too alarmed, using that ability here seems fine (on paper), there is no more leveldraining (aside the final wave, but at that point who cares, and that is easier, as Amelyssan wont bugger around), and Pond 3 is ... Well, let's just agree on, if you can deal with the solar, you can run around from the rest, and while running in circles for literal hours does not sound fun, it's better than game over.
- Amelyssan has a chance to stun you. That's lethal, reload right there.
- it is very possible to loose HP the same time Amelyssan looses hers. In this case - Amelyssan still wins, because you get game over!
This is very heavily rely on RL-luck, and in every case was a nightmare.

Pond #3
Preparing for the last confrontation. I have confidence With 2 Hardiness and 4 GWW left. Also Lay on Hand, Slayer Change (and 4 Sun Soulbeam, but everything will be immun to fire, so it's worthless, that's why I used all my other Sun Soul monk abilities on this one (aside the Soulbeam, which went for Pool 2's trolls).
Ran in buffed, delt with the Solar first (likes to run away, is the strongest of the bunch), hit both marilith 1+ (their prot. from magic weapons only kicks in after the first punch), used the first GWW on the succubi/alu fiend. Then when no "this weapon is useless" came from the mariliths decided to kick in more GWW to cut them down asap, as I think they have some healing spells? And who knows, if they have it without limit.
Anyway, 4 GWW should be actualy more than necessary to take down Amelyssan. This also means I picked 1 too many Hardiness.
Now going to stand around for an hour or two yet again to regenerate.

Amelyssan #3
Hardiness + 3*GWW. what else you expected.
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It is scary, how pathetic druid is compared to cleric in BG1. Not that it'd become better later tbh.

Actualy, I'm more interrested in the multiclass combinations. Cleric/Fighter or Cleric/Thief doesn't matter regarding spells compare these to Druid/Fighter.

Clerics get 3/3/2/1 spells.
Druids get 3/3/3/2 spells.

Purely this would indicate an advantage for the druids, but this is quantity over quality if we take a closer look.

Both class get some basic spells: healing, Shillelagh, Flame Blade, the ever-pathetic Animal Summoning 1.
Let's look at the exclusive spells though:

Druid gets:
- entangle: this is a bad spell. Does not prevent enemy from attacking, neither is party-friendly, so you can't walk in it either.
- charm person/mammal: highly unrleiable, and only useful against groups of enemies. Not the safest thing.
- goodberry: seriously?
- call lightning: you can only use it outside, casting time is 9, and at max BG1 level will last only 2 rounds. Pathetic attemt for a feature.
- Hold Animal: 99% of the enemies are not animals. 99% of animals are random spawns, not part of any quest, or story, or whatever. Why does this exist? Casting time on top is long as heck - like all druid spells.
- Summon Insect: needs target, casting time is 9. I wish to call to attention, you still have no summon to cover you.
- Call Woodland Being, aka. Summon Nymph: now if the spells of these don't work like the greatest thing in existence, this druid is 100% useless.

Cleric spells:
- Command: gives you a free hit, or the chance to run away. Not a bad spell.
- Magical Stone: kinda pathetic, but it is ranged damage, you can cast before the enemy reach you from the edge of the sight-radius.
- Protection from Evil: given that most if not all enemy is Evil, if you need one more defensive buff, this is ok. It's main use is in BG2, where it blocks summoned demons.
- Remove Fear: dunno why they called it like that when it also, primaly, resist fear too. Kinda useful, considering more than one unavoidable assassin uses Horror. And this is a 1st level spell.
- Sanctuary: you have (another) invisibility option. This is GREAT!
- Aid: this is kinda pointless, but whatever.
- Chant: a defensive buff that last FOREVER.
- Draw Upon Holy Might: we all know, this is good.
- Hold Person: unreliable, but if it hits, the target is toast. This is not some pathetic Charm Person.
- Silence: this being AoE makes it awesome.
- Spiritual Hammer: becomes iomportant later. Having a +3 summoned weapon instead of +1 (shillelagh) or 0 (flame blade), is a good thing.
- Animate Dead: oooh! a summon! Sure, they are not the strongest things in existence, but are at least there.
- Glyph of Warding: not very impressive, I accept, but it's practicaly a low level Skull Trap.
- (Unholy) Smite: sure, whatever. I won't start guessing alignment, and the damage is pathetic anyway.
- Remove Curse: now this is interresting, even if just to play with the Deck of Many Things.
- Remove Paralysis: party skill
- Free action: might come in handy, considering Cloakwood Forest and stuff.
- Holy power: i'm not a fan of class-changing spells, but sure, why not.
- Lesser Restoration: I bet everyone avoids Vampiric Wolves here, but later is convenient to have.
- Mental Domination: "one of those" charm-spells. At least this does not give bonus to the tarrget.
- prot from evil 10 feet: well, you know... You have summons to buff with a single casting!

On Call Lightning: it demands a target. Won't just aim for the nearest, or a random target for its duration per round, oh no. So this sucks a lot.
But my main problem with druid, I feel no progress.
From lvl 1 spells you have Shillelagh, and that's pretty much there is. Maybe Entangle can be used for strategic purposes, lakcing any kind of invisibility, but this sucks.
slvl 2 has Barkskin, that gives AC, and has Flame Sword in case I use my slots for that "day" for Cure Light Wounds. But again, that's it. And it runs out the same time as Sillelagh, so if the fight lasts further, you are toast.
And lvl 3 has ... Cure Medium Wounds? I hoped Call lightning will do something, but if it needs target, it's as useless as Summon Insects.
Monk was at least fast. Died fast, or won fast. Well, in BG1. BG2 was a horror until gained levels under the belt. But this...

I was counting towards the Cloakwood Mines Assassination Group as brick wall for the Drud/Fighter, but the Bandit Camp already is (clvl: 5/6). There is nothing you can do, and the archers are impossible to split, while your AC is below any level, and obviously you have to cast weapons, which last, again, almost no time.

Animal Summoning I is entirely useless. My only hope left is Call Woodland Beings.

I hoped Fighter/Druid got stuck at the depth of the Cloakwood Mines. Can't vanquish a single Battle Horror. Unfortunately nothing prevents you to leave them behind with a summon (self-barkskinned Nymph for the win, but two war dog might even be enough to keep them busy while you are running).
Then you save, and hope the mage will summon something instead of casting spells, so you can finishi him off.

For Ramazith's Tower had to eliminate the jellies (only shillelagh hurts them), also the ghasts. Summoning 3 nymph on the level below, and luring most of them down did the trick Talk about meat-shield...

For the Golem Cave - EE made the bear forms hasted, so it's just some reloading when coming back, because of all the nymphs trying to charm you.

For the Charm Tome it's easier to have a nymph supporting you with all the random spawns.
But for Durlagh, it's just running around until the Battle Horrors are left behind.
Too bad can't avoid BG's Central, because that WIS-book might be useful with this one.

The Dukes can be saved by removing the fog-of-war by farsight, and stratgicaly placing nymphs in the corners. Make the manualy cast barkskin before the fight, I'm not sure how their script work. Barkskin is triggered when enemy sighted, but it is not cast, but happens like a contignency. On the other hand I have no idea if this takes away you round or not. Better safe than sorry. If you are lucky, 3-4 doppelganger will be out in the first round because being Held. Take over the catsing manualy, and put more held on the still active ones. It is better trying to save the duchess with this one. You still can try to fight in (barkskin, summoned weapon). Hit the still active ones. You have no invisibility, so the mob will attack the dukes, not you.

The Maze is problematic, as you have no chance fighting the undead, so oyu must fight the oozes. You can sleep in the place though. Then transform to a bear (haste effect) and run, and hope the traps won't hit you.
Avoide the troops in the Undercity by wnadering to the ruins - oyu'll meet some skeletons and zombies, but those are negligable at this point.
Inside cast Prot from lightnng and abuse the traps.
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For Irenicus' dungeon you only need to grab the Activation Stone, run past the otygh (pick down the guard-golems though in bear form), grab the Portal Key, demolish the mephit portals (the exit won't unlock until you do this), then just run out. Seriously. Still got a levelup this way.

F/D has a big problem to plan around: no Spiritual Hammer means it's stuck with 0/+1 weaponry until slvl 7 spells are unlocked! So thing like Stone Golems will be unmovable objects until then.

Doing the Mae'Var quests is practicaly made to dinish Act 2. Gives 10K in cash, and if you sell the magic items, you'll easily gain the remaining 5K.
NOTE: seems divine casters don't need magic licence?
NOTE 2: I alaways thought you need to do Bodhi's quests during nigth-time. Seems I was mistaken.

In Spellhold, during the sanity-trial, in the room with the myconid I killed it with Energy Blades, then ran to the containers. One had a prot from cold scroll, the second was empty. But as the 2nd I reached when the supervisor wanned to eleport us, we remained in the room, and the game got softlocked.
Another even was, that at the kuo toas one of my summons (a fire elemental) got charmed. When coming out of it, it turned blues instead of green.

Around Ust Natha, Call Woodland Beings becomes obvolate.
With beating the last Tree Parasyte Fire Elementals become obsolate.
And with lacking Spiritual Hammer, you yourself are pretty obsolate.

Against Irenicus pre-cast True Sight, Deva and Greater Elemental Summoning, plus Energy Blade. 1 elemental prince is enough, they don't last longer than squashing the 4 demons. The green 4-armed glaberzu are less dangerous, so shoot down the balor on the Deva's side - the deva is much weaker than the elementals.
Also note, that you can NOT cast summon greater elemental again until the previous casting is there!
Irenicus poses the problem that he has an energy blade mirrorring buff running, so there go oyur chances. What you can do is the deva, and greater elemental summoning (and maybe regular Fire Elemental summoning), also you might want to try Elemental Transformation (earth). If (greater) Whirlwind can be afforded, all the better. What you should watch out for though is Irenicus casting Maze, so don't let him aiming at you!
*During the first run, when the door opens, and the demons are thrown at you, an Insect Plague might work as extra damage. Seriously, 2+ tends to fail their save. But then you rly have to work on saving the Deva.

The 5th Baalspawn
Hold her up with some summon, then Energy Blade. Or just summons. Or GWW. Possibly transformed to elemental. Or whatever. She is weak.

Challenge 1
You need summons, so switch back to Fire Elementals for starters. For the first waves you'll also be able to help out, so summon armor and weapon. You can also help out with Insect plague, and that's even more useful when at a pont enemies start to accumlate.
Knight of the Order (last but one wave) will have to power to destroy your elementals, but deva + elemental prince can hold out, and you can help with Energy Blades.
NOTE on Energy Blades: elemental transformation cancels it out.

At arrival to the city you can cast elemental summon (preferable, I think) under Iron Skin.
Gromnir hisself is actualy ridivulously easy, because You can leave the throne room, while they can not. So picking them one by one via Energy Blades is just shooting duck in a barrel.

Forest of Myr
Master Wraith and its cohort is sure annoying, but 1 elemental prince, 3 fire elemental, 1 planetar are substantial force against them, thogh their prime function is blocking the enemy to not hurt you, this char lacking restoration and all. Energy Blade on what follows you. True seeing might help. If you get low on resources, you can simply leave the area. Sure, this rmeoves your summons, but you'll likely have way enough space between you and the enemy to let you cast again.
Same for the undead group.
NOTE: when you return, you do NOT have to deal with her, just run out of the map.

Giants' Mountain
Again, You can leave the place, so energy Blade, energy Blade, energy Blade. Plus whatever you have, doesn't matter much.
I'd still just run into the northwest chamber when it comes to that, and not bother the desert trolls. You CAN defeat them - but only if you picked up Storm of Vengeance, and that's one less other HLA!
For the northeastern room: Flame Sword, or one of the basic transformations deal with the magic golem nicely.
And as for the innermost chambers: we all know giants get stuck at places, so again: energy blade, energy blade, energy blade.
Note: greater elemental summoning takes forever, so that's why you need deva in situations.

Yaga Sura
Patheticaly easy. Summon 3-4 fire elemental, plus a deva, cast energy blades, run in, run back, concentrate on yaga. Without the respawning army from EE, this is easier than ever.

Run back at arrival, so you have time to cast Iron Skin, then transform to a speeded form, and run. Beware, don't get stuck.

Be honest, who cares.

Abazigail's Lair
Draconis: ye, this is bothersome. Summon stuff to defeat its human form, the more the better - it'll desintegrate them anyway when changing form. Hop to pocket plane, or switch area and come back, THEN pocket plane. Buff up (mainly iron skin), come back, summon a deva + elemental prince, cast Harm, get to the dragon, cast Critical Strike, hit it, and it will be on very low HP. Now you have to hit it before it casts its Full Heal, what entirely depends on random, because it can just turn invisible, and then you are F-ed, even if True Sight is running.
Werewyvern: enter with Energy Blade, so you can back away fast. Summon deva, or even elemental, finish it off.
For the slamanders and kuo toas use the fact you can back through the wells whenever.
For the "eyes" your primary attack can be energy Blade, but asap get a summon to have a meat-shield.
Abazigail: Energy Blade picks down all salamanders.
But that's the end of it. Its human form can be beaten with summons + energy blades, but then it's too hard the GWW it even in Earth Elemental Form, the summons do not last, like, five seconds, and it dispells Harm instantly when sees you, and Harm's casting speed is 9, so there it goes.
UPDATE: xler3 from reddit ... let's say called my attention along his BS that I forgot to put up Prot From Lightning. What this changes is, Abuze-igal never stops fighting the summons, so I can go back and hit it with Harm before it casts Harm. And for some weird reaason, the dragon dies from it. I had to pump like a dozen energy Blade after Harming Draconis, but here it just ends.
EDIT: Abazigail dies from Harm due to an oversight in the code, which necessitate the creature of the triggered even to be "alive", so it is prevented to fall under 1 HP, and Harm lowers it to 1 HP, effectively making it commit suicide.

Big waste of time this is. Summons, Energy Blade, sleep to recharge. Run through the spider cavern with iron skin + haste effect from anythin (energy blade works best).
The illithid rooms are few, but will probably require slayer transformation, or at least don't forget Chaotic Command.
Ogremoch is though, and can fit through the door? I remembered otherwise. You best chance is summoning a counter-ogremoch, and a full summon group along.
Sendai herself is same-old, same-old.

Challenge 2
Summon 2 prince, planetar, 2 fire elemental, energy blade. Make the horde focus on evil-you, while you pick down the mage (if you can, pre-cast True Sight), then Tamoko, then the archer. Let's hope the mob gangbangs evil-you in the meantime.

Challenge 3
Summon, Energy Blade for haste and damage. It'll take a while, so Negative Plane Protection barely helps (don't forget iron skin). I suggest 3 energy blade, 1 summon planetar, 1 greater elemental summoning the least.

Challenge 4
Not very impressive. Don't forget True Sight, Iron Skin, Energy Blade, summons.

Let's abuse the engine again. Summon up, buff. Prot from Fire will prove helpful. Position your minions on one of the side-stair. you can't put them on the throne's level either. Ridivulous. When the battle starts, run to them. Focus on the monks! the goal is to clear enough of the room that you can walk to the side-room, save/pocket-hop. Then rest, get back, and if you have both iron skin and prot from fire, you'll be able to summon TWO elemental princes. This time maybe the fire is what you want? Well, he 2-kicked Ogremoch (the earth one), so maybe go for 2 prince the same time (it's always earth + fire, air don't like to appear in tandem)..Then you'll have enough time to cast planetar, then unload energy blades. With such a mob and no distraction, you have a chance. For me, Balthy even paniced, what definitely helps (I hope you packed enough Energy Blade).
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