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This topic might die on the long term if I loose interrest, but I give this one finaly a try.

EDIT: The idea is, that you play without items (aside for questpurposes), and without gold (again aside considering quests demands).

Version: I have BG1 merged into BG2, both classic. This unfortunately means no immunity from charm in BG1 (originaly any charm effect did not mean instant permadeath, just a pause).

Class: sorcerer
Race: elf
Stats: [s]9/19/17/9/18/18[/s]. Probably max STR would help more, but whatever, eventualy imma magling, right? And good CHA means bonus exp sometimes? CORRECTION: CHAdoes NOT give better exp, only the monetary side of rewards. Lack of charisma canbe counter-balanced by reputation, the highestreaction you'll ever need is 15. My altered stats are: 18/19/16/9/15/13. Still a reasonably high CHA. STR risen to carry stuff for quests and more,and for extra thac0 for MMM and energy blades HLA. CON is reduced to16, because elf can not reach 20 natural STR without the evil Tear, or the Draw Upon Holy Might baalspawn ability which gets lost for a good portion. Elf has the advantage of 19 DEX whichmeans AC and ranged thac0 (MMM and Energy Blades). Wisdom lowered because after 18 WISthere's no more benefit. I'll loose intelligence in the Final Dream if/when I get there. Srocerer has crappy lore skill by the way: 30 from level, maybe +10 from intelligence, and another +10 from wisdom. The highest lore needed to identify from witts tomes is 60 - problematic,unless you pick Limited Wish as an option (Glasses of Identificationcanbe considered a quest reward, thus mightbe usable).
Alignment: chaotic neutral. The other choice was neutral evil, which'd allow to bypass or gain some quests (most importantly at Firkraag and the teleport maze level of Watcher's Keep), but I'll come up with something when the time comes I hope. NOTE: seems the cat (useable to spy aorund,and might even be able to steal if needed?) can not attack. It just never does. Weird.
Sex: male, for extra options.

Starting spells: find familiar, magic missiles.

Argument for another race: Half Elf gives you the advantage of Infravision, if that counts, and still can have 18 CON. Why is that important? Because aside the Evil Reward of Tear of Fear there are 2 possible bonuses for Constitution,and 18+2 is 20, whatis the minimum for instant sleep-regeneration (the regeneration isn't that noticable, but whenever you sleep, your HP sets back to max, possibly due to coding mistake).

I immediately decided I'll use the starting basic staff, at leastfor a while because without it you can not finish with a non-attacking familiar the stupid rat-quest, as your fist is non-lethal,and you can only cast 3 spells. Awesome.
Otherwise it's an easy area, where I got a Lynx Eye Gem, the +1 magic dagger, and 2 healing potions.
It'd be an interresting option to only be able to use items you are given by questors. No shopping, no looting (only for quest items), but still something...
Oh, because I kept the Quarterstaff, I did not sleep here. It'd cost money. You'll need plenty of sleep during a poverty-run by the way. For this it is a good idea to go for at least a use of Draw Upon Holy Might to regenerate during sleep.
On other abilities: ghoul touchis useless, and while unreliable, Slow Poison is actualy curing poison, sono contest there. For the first abilities it is a good idea to go for at least one Cure Light Wound as you need a healing ability to do the avatar of ilmater quest. Otherwise you're better off with extra attack-power, so Larloch's is attractive option.
Oh, and let's try to only use the money I'm given,so no looting, so I've done the "talk 30 times with Firebeard then do nothing for 5 seconds for 300 gold" easter egg.
Note: the program does not tell you, but slaughtering the three cows give you 1 exp each. But do not attack Bessie! Come tothink of it,at the rats there are 2 cats. No idea if they give any exp.

Leaving Candlekeep:
Seems killing possible recruits gives you no exp, so don't bother.
Definitely sleep here if you did not do that before.
As Imoen if focably joined to you I say it's fair game to rob her of her inventory before releasing her from this misery.
Go to the Fedelpost Inn. It is good we cancast 3 times: immediately cast one to prevent Mirror Image, then prevent Horror, and keep one to finish him off, so you gain the exp.
Collect the quests, keep opening the areas, and hopefuly get back Joya's flamedance ring (don't give it to her if yougo for the Larloch's ability thoughas it gives you reputation!). This is also one instance when NOT keeping the pantaloons worth more.
There are also 6 cows here to slaughter at the Inn.

To get rid of the reputation-problem in case we want a Larloch's, work for Silke. You loose 2 rep, which you can immediately gain back by giving away Joia's ring, and solving Firebeard's new book-issue (don't forget to hop to Nashkel before bumping back to 10+ rep, otherwise all was naught). Ye, there'll be some stupid running back-and-forth in this one.

Did you know Marl The Drunk has no weapon, thus can't actualy defeatyou? Sad news is, I could not do the eat&keep the pie trick,as in my version Marlcosts reputation. Darn. That'd be 650 free exp. Still reached lvl 2.

In Nashkel there is Noober with his free exp. Also, you cangain either +1 reputation (reputation is plenty though), or 200 gold.

It is also possible to defeat Ooopah: I put the cat before it, and rescue it when it got seriously hurt. During that hit is with the staff (hey, Jesus had a staff too, at least the deciples), then when hurt enough released all 4 magic missiles,and the larloch on it. This might mean I'mready to go against the ogre with the belt? Sounds like they are the same race, thus same stats...
NOTE: as my character could not know which belt it is, looted and sold everything of the ogre.

I could also win against the mage in the carnival by placing the cat in front of it, and preventing most of his casting (the first two is mandatory) by magic missiles. He can only hit the cat with a 20 with a weapon, and it has magical resistance to prevent some of his spells.
The problem is, some major random is involved, if he leaves the tent while panicing will no longer notice the cat, and can hit you more easily than you can him.
Also, some weird automatic self-healing happens in my version on his part for unknown reason. There's some tinkling sound effect, and he gains back HP (I know this by his hp going up a category).

You can go and return Drienne's cat. The cat-familiar rly helps here avoiding the random monsters.

lvl 1 spells analysis:
- armor: it's not bad, but how far in the game the AC will protect you?
- blindness: there is a saving throw against it (and immunities), so no
- burning hands: this spell sux
- charm person: there are saving throws
- chill touch: slow tocast, minor effect, needs a successful attack - why these kind of spells exist?
- chromatic orb: sure, it does damage, for what it worth. The damage is though swarfed by the Magic Missile's potential, and its effect are easily negated by saving throw (and there are immunities).
- colour spray: don't make me laugh. One of the most useless spells in the game.
- detect evil: entirely useless
- find familiar: extra HP, companion with abilities.. Good.
- friends: needless. Even a chaotic evil person can have enough reputation to balance out a lacking charisma.
- grease: in icewind dale it is necessary. Here though... Especialy that it can effect you...
- identify: only for the most hardcore.Why have it by the way in a poverty-run?
- infarvision: useless
- larloch's minor drain: okat low level, useless later
- magic missile: of course!
- protection from evil: you can avoid demons, and has other benefits. Excellent.
- protection from petrification: convenient to have to say the least. Good.
- reflected image: i think the effect is just too small
- shield: why does the spell Armor exist again? This have nice effects, only you have 5 slots. Still good.
- shocking grasp: leave me alone
- sleep: there are the saving throws, and soon immunities.
- spook: well, it has a -6 on the saving throws, soif you even consider using anything with a throw, use this. Good. The problem of curse is, you don't want enemies to run, you want them to be conquered. Later likely things get immun anyway.

My picks are:
1) magic missile
2) find familiar
3) protection from evil
4) protection from petrification
5) spook/shield (chose shield this time, although I can hardly see much benefit after the 1st of the trilogy). Maybe Idtentify if you use the tomes (they can be considered as a quest)?

Btw, by a rushed walking (I try to send my cat ahead stalking to prevent loading from quicksave) learned I can defeat a wolf, so let's rescue that talking chicken... But first tried to win against Silke - done, and happened no reputation-loss, as expected. The problem here is her lightning, which at times can not be interrupted, and can finish her stripping you the combat-exp.
With Shield running, after this decided to try my luck with the local assassin - and it worked out. Decided if the loot contains a quest/story item, all loot is ok to pick up and sell (not that here were much).
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Having reached clvl 4 time to start a new post, starting with lvl 2 spells analysis:

- aganzanar's scorcher: to be honest, it can be redundant, but it is fire, has crowd-control, and is early damaging spell. The problem is, unlike casting from a wand, it has some duration.
- blur: bonus saves and AC
- deafness: I never liked gambling
- detect invisibility: you must know it'll prove useless
- ghoul touch: I'm a wizard, ok? why is this a spell?
- glitterdust: I'm not even sure if it works
- hold person: saving throws and immunities
- horror: if I'd want a spook, I'd go for Spook
- invisibility: it's a good-to-have skill, but you mustdecide which one you want: this, or the improved version later on? Another problem is, if invisibility is dispelled, it is dispelled for good, while improved invisibility will still have its effects, primaly its protection from spells with target.
- knock: especialy if you lack STR, it is very convenient to have
- know alignment: useless. Why did they even implement to the game?
- luck: if it'd be useful, bards would be more common
- melf's acidic arrow: damage, through many rounds, and is acidic damage meaning can finish any troll variant - very good option
- mirror image: we all know and love this
- power word sleep: what does NOT have 20+ HP?
- ray of enfeeblement: saving throw to start with
- resist fear: unavoidable to fight dragons
- stinking cloud: it stinks
- strength: I THINK if our STR is low, this can be a good option to bash locks, carry around corpses and other items
- vocalize: be hones - how many times you pre-cast this? Ye, I thought so.
- web: superb in Icewind Dale, less so in this one

With that:
1) melf's acidic arrow
2) resist fear
3) blur
4) knock
5) mirror image

I realised two things here:
One: I don't know what's behind locks, and what is not. There's definitely a lock with an extra minor quest behind in Nashkel. And there's that Tome of STR. And the Kangaxx quest, and various other stuff. Heck, I'm not even sure the main quests don't have locked doors with high STR-requirement for bashing! (Of course the problem fades when you can turn to the Slayer, but that's very late in the game.)
Two: you must carry around bodies at the very least as quest items. They weight up to 200, so you'd need for a character of this playstyle 16 STR with all bonuses, assuming you can't "drag" bodies by dropping then picking them up a hex away. Assuming you want to finish such quests. Valygar only weights 70 though. Another solution might be the cat/other familiar "stealing" the overweight items from you.
You can get the STR-tome, and another point by casting Draw Upon Holy Might from baalspawn-ability,what still means the need for 12 STR to start with. So I might need to alter my character accordingly later. We'll see.

Beregost has 2 cows. Cows are good target,as they can not move. All animal's (cats, chicken) AI seem to be set on flee, what is very inconvenient. Each animal worth 1 exp.

The spider infested house could be solved by the Invisible Door Blocker Strategy. I like this cat.

S of Beregost next. Need to sleep after each enemy (half-ogres, amnish soldier), but the hit&run works (I'm lvl 3 now). The cat can't be oneshotted still, so that's a cover against the soldier who don't worth much exp, but given no rep-loss, it worth it.
Btw,tried to eliminate Zhurlong after delivering the boots, but got a rep-drop, thus reloaded.

Went on hobgoblin-hunting: Cattack at the Temple (youcanchase him away, but when you force-attack any of his cornies all will turn hostile), the hobgoblin camp N of Nashkel, Vitiare (this thief has like 20 HP), the Gauntlets of Dexterity pair, Albert's dog (sacrificed on the altair of more exp), the fastest dart-thrower (separate the two. Needed all my casting on the thrower doing hit&run abusing the fog-of-war), Sendai (technicaly I did not have enough firepower against them, but separating them, and abusing fog-of-war to sleep-rememorize spells solved this. Also making the catstand guard to prevent random monsters spawning). Galtok chased by kobolds at the mines. As being there, cleared the 2nd mine level too and the first half of the 3rd (not passing the trapped bridge yet). Then Zargal fell.

NOTE: Realised, tome of stats must be identified to be used. So we need the identify spell, or use gold for doing it. So we have to swap one of the lvl 1 spells. This can either be Shield, which is nice and all but canbe countered by leveling up for more HP and stronger spells, or protection from petrification which is mostly optional, you have saves and reloads to prevent it happening, and is mostly against basiliscs which only appear in the 1st game, and are pretty much optional (there's one sidequest in BG's docks, a bunch of optionalone in Durlag's Tower's upper level outside, a lot on the friendly-ghoul map, and a couple when leaving the cloackwood mines).
Tried my luck against Bassilus, and using the cat safekeeping the nearby (SW) spawning spot, and proper running away, with all my power (chose Melf's AA, as Aganzanar has too long casting time to be useful where it'd be needed) he finaly fell. Btw, anyone knows where you get the quest proper? I'm sure it's NOT that cleric in the Temple.
There were some gnolls SW of Nashkel. Furret in Ulcaster was (costs no rep.). Same place the hobgob. with the boots got targeted. Mad Arcand's Adventure ticked out.
Visited The Surgeon, and that seer who gives you a prot. from magic scroll.
At the lighthouse the worgs were no challenge. The local seer should have been more cooperative.
Oh, and there's (was) Ba'ruk, whose minions spawn north of 'im. Viconia worth 400 exp. Osmadi/Corsone finished too.
Tenygan could be delt with, though the hobgoblin was annoying with its poisoned arrow (reload). There was abandit called Neville too. Fahrington's Scroll pushed me to lvl 6.
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So, another tier of spellsunlocked - let's analyse them:

- clairvoyance: unnecessary
- detect illusion: nah
- dire charm: Istill don't like gambling
- dispel magic: I found this unnecessary
- fireball: good
- flame arrow: weak
- ghost armor: form the armor-spells this is good. But do you need an armor spell?
- haste: there is fatigue and all that nonsense. Skip.
- hold person: gambling
- hold undead: just ... why?
- invisibility 10': same as invisibility
- lightning bolt: likely mandatory to beat the chromatic demon
- MMM: excelent. Thugh now I realise I should just pump all my CHA-points to STR. Nothing realy would change aside not getting the +1 dagger at the start (not used anyway), and maybe the order of some quests as reputation needs bumped to get the best (monetary) result, and those quests worth only maybe 1K exp, what in the end equals to some random monster hunting on a tolerable level.
- minor spell deflection: annihilating mages with brute force is better, and this protects your from... 1 spell?
- monster summoning 1: the summons are too weak
- non-detection: protects you form like 3 kind of spells? Nah.
- prot. from cold: not mandatory
- prot. from fire: can live without it
- prot from normal missiles: not enough
- remove magic: see Dispel Magic
- sull trap: it is like being a thiedf, laying down traps. But can be used during battle too if have to. I love this spell.
- slow: are you serious?
- spell thrust: thx, but no thx
- vampiric touch: don't want a melee skill

1) skull trap
2) Melf's Minute Meteor
3) lightning bolt? - might be the solution for Chromatic Demon
4) fireball? - good early crowd control, useless later, problematic if friendly character is involved in quest
5) ghost armor/minor spell deflection/protection from fire (pretty much whatever suits you actualy)

With MMM defending that cow turned easy. The quest is only available in Chapter 1-2? I barely manage to find it, usualy the place is abandoned. And being there, cleared the whole area. Also being nearby defeated Icharid. Ported to deal with Barge and his cousine (easy exp with MMM). And as MMM pierces magic resistance (I'd say in this case: immunity), Borda is delt with too.

NOTE: as listed as quest, although it never gets crossed out naturaly, I delivered a winter wolf pelt to Nashkel.

The challenges of the Firewine Bridge are also of the past. And as being there, solved the village Gullykin's problem too (not the assassins or the dungeon though). NOTE:despite the wiki saying so, murdering the chieftain DOES lower your reputation.


At this point I edited my character according to the experience. This means the stat-change described in the 1st post, and changing the Shield spell (which I never used) to Identify.


With my "newfound" STR brought Samuel to the Friendly Arm Inn. Went for the Tome of CHA. Helped the dryad SW of Nashkel (was much easier than expected). Defeated the Red Wizards. Gained the Tome of CON. Ran over the xvart village (that's the first god I defeated this time?).
Starting N of Gnoll Stronghold area, 18 rep + 14 CHA = 15 reaction. Reaching lvl 8.
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lvl 4 spell analysis:
- confusion: negated by save
- contagion: negated by save
- hopelessness: negated by save
- magical weapon: don't make me laugh
- farsight: nah
- fire shield red/blue: better not hit me anything
- greater malaison: not bad
- ice storm: unreliable
- improved invisibility: now we are talking
- minor globe of invulnerability: too minor
- minor sequencer: bothersome, but every little bit can help I assume
- monster summoning 2: still too little
- olulike's resilient sphere: useless
- polymorph other: negated by save
- polymorph self: ye, the ooze-transformation canhave some use, but more in party i assume
- remove curse: suuuure...
- secret word: can't believe how useless this is
- spider spawn: finaly a useful summon. Dies out around midgame, but until it is fine.
- ghost armor: too much drawback, too little improvement
- stone skin: cool
- teleport field: suxxor
- wizard's eye: inany case, my cat can do this

1) improved invisibility
2) stoneskin
3) minor sequencer
4) spider spawn
5) ???
Alternative might be olulike's sphere (cast on self). Interresting sidenote is, there's no direct damage spell in this category.

Note: the gibberlings can be decimated by a skull trap, but let at least1 survive for like 10 seconds,so the lady actualy notices they spawned, else no quest reward.

Time for the mines. Greywolf couldn't stand 3 skull traps (does not activate when walks in), and 2 MMM (not two casting, just two shots). Some well-placed skull traps made winning against the mine-boss instantaneous. The same "strategy" (skull traps + MMM) worked on the local assassins too. The local mage got removed too. The nashkel assassin posed no threat. Got information in Beregost. Bandits at te downed charavan are done. That's about Raiken. Larswood is cleansed. The gullykin group is downed (the AI is very dumb, the twocasters do nothing if you have improved invisibility running). The firewine ruins have no more purpose (the only problem was to not run out of HP, which probably could havebeen a non-issue if I'd healed up full before entering).
sidenote: my version did not allow trick-exp from double emeralds, or stuff of Mulahey.
For the Bandit Camp improved invisibility gave nice additional boosts, and for the main tent prot. from evil too. Started inside by summoning a spider on the head of the hobgoblin, later a second on the archer. The most problematic of course is the mage (MMM him to oblivion), the strongest is the speaker (letthe spider/s deal with him).
Btw, if I remember correctly spiders do unenchated damage, thus can deal with magic golems. We'll see.
For the Ulcaster Dungeon spiders are good cover. And yes,the wraith accepts extra books.

Next time will go north, then go back and start the cloakwood forest.
Before the forest though got the stone to flesh scroll at the Carnival - technicaly it is a quest item, not shopping. Could wait until inside BG, but nah. Let's hunt us some basilisks, and free Tamah!
NOTE: do not let Korax do any finishing blow, he's stealing your exp!
To fight the spider-queen invisibility, spiders as diversion, MMM anda lot of manouvering as wellas occasional skull-traps did the trick.
Peter's baby wywerns are no longer an issue, not evenfor the Shadow Druids. The big wyverne cave was though though. I thought the big ones will block the passage, but they didn't. Destroyed what could with magic missile and MMM while whishing the best in the protection of Mirror Image (when hit fortunately didn't get poisoned), but had to fall back on improved invisibility to get a breathing in the end. Could separate the remaining ones.
I usualy not bother with Lakadaar, but this time... Every little bit cunts?
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level 5 spell analysis:

animate dead: weak
breach: ye, ye, I know
chaos: not for me
cloudkill: it's not terrible, but has its downsides. Mostly good only for fog-of-war kills, or in summons-heavy encounters without friendly NPCs
cone of cold: leave it in Icewind Dale
conjure lesser ... elemental: pathetic
domination: still those pesky saving throws
feeblemind: nah
hold monsters: double nah
lower resist: we can do better
minor spell turning: so-so
monster summon III: a bit high level the spell, and the summons are at bestmediocre (but at least finaly not just puny)
oracle: skip
phantom blade: I'm sure it has use ina pen&paper game
prot from acid: I don't thinkso, especialy as it canhave any use against what, 1 enemy in the entire trilogy?
prot from electricity: just though it up
prot from normal weapons: how about not getting hit?
shadow door: I never got the hinge of it. Pardon the pun.
spell immunity: sounds like we'll need this
spellshield: sure
Sunfire: now we're talking!

So basicaly there's Sunfire for instant crowd-control (think upon entering a room to start with), spell immunity for cheesey solutions, a couple of defensive options, and breach against those pesky 4-armed ToB monstorosities or something. I can't say any definitive otherwise,so 3 slots are open for interpretation.

In the mine lvl 1 is obvious, on lvl 2 use the secret back-tunnel, start lvl 3 with a sunfire. "Slow" (more like neutralise) poison specialability is invaluable throughout.
After the whole thing went back to Beregost to get rid of Gurke's cloak, turned out the cat CAN steal, at least certain items. Algernon's Cloak is now mine, as a will-be-quest-item.

At this point it is highly advisable to visit Ulgoth Beard and meet the archmage there, to prevent him instantly teleporting you to his quest whenyou rob his family's house. Though probably skip the two runestone-seller, youdon't need those stuff anyway, and youwon't see your money back, nt evenfrom the liquidation sale (the sellable stuff worth ca.50 gold, while the bunch costs 500).

The four mages in that shop can't even react if you are improved invisible.
Arriving at night, immediately went for the telescope, then started working on the timed quests (Oberon's Estate, Lathender's Geas). In themeantime, the rabid Chickens were surprisingly dangerous. Fortunately they are only melee.
I think BG is the first instance you can aquire an Angel Skin Ring - don't forget to check the (random?) drops, as you'll need one as a quest-item. I found mine on one of the mage-sisters in the Oberon Estate.
Also note there are a couple of chain-quests, namely: "the kid, the priestess, and the book", "the corpse, the amulett, and the ring", and "the nymphand the patriarchy". Pick up those quests in the right order to maximize exp. Also note if you "forgot" to pick the ...Unicorn Run book from Gullykeep, you canget one at the end of the Toxic Masculinity quest.-chain.
My passage of picking up/doing quests (aside normal complications of returning/pre-visiting areas): E -> C -> N -> W -> NE -> the three south sector.
NOTE: when dealing with Umberlee, the dialogue option to "first release me, then I give the book" seems to depend on some stat, given mines it'l likely intelligence. But do not mind that, as the Tome will be on the corpse if you force-attack. This also presented me a Sphene Gem, which otherwise can be gained from the local basilisk.
NOTE: there's that "kill the sirenes"quest, which canonly be done with 15 or less reputation. The only way I find within the game to lower my rep was murder, and that cost me 10 rep. There are plenty of reputation in the game though, and either way it is minor exp - minor, but still exp. Keep these in mind.

NOTE: I always forget, that Algernon's Cloak can not be turned in if you don't have a thief. The other problem is, even selling such item produces an insane amount of gold. By the way, you SHOULD use gold - on healing. Sleeping in BG1,especialy in BG-city is problematic to say the least, and self-healing is realy a slow process. So do NOT donate away your gold!

Entering The Sewers: from NW you canget to the Sewer King. From NE to the Ogre Mage. From N to Ratchild.
For the Green Slime Tavern: I payed close attention now, and not justsaved everybody, but noticed the Bartender has strange colour. He is narratively infected by the slimes,and perishes whatever happens therefor.
The Merchant Guild is easy,as you can uncover frm the fog the creatures one-by-one. Here is a theory: you don'thave to finish the top floor, because Aldethis actualy inkahoot with the things, and the couple he makes youdestroy are just sacrifises for hiding their true identity!
The ogre assassination team canbe eliminated by 2 sunfire. Cover yourself with stoneskin and mirror image to pull them out.
Invisible Sunfire works on the Iron Throne mob too.
The last quest in the city (for now) is the balduran helm/cloak chain of events.
A bit of roleplaying: de-stoned the elf (you get the scrolls as quest items, and this is even using them for quest-purpose), but still went for the helmet too, being chaotic. Then sold the helmet, but requisined back, because being caothic. Placed back the helmet where was found. But a coupl of days later only, so the elf likely won't find it and think I took it still. Chaotic is fun at times.

With 17 CON (Tome used) and Draw Upon Holy Might, I can just hit 20 CON, whatmeans sleep equals full heal.
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So, getting to the endgame, let's see what are the differences between sexes, and alignment (NOT reputation) in BG1:

Male advantages:
- you'll be confused with Greywolf, and thus gain either a free reputation point, or 200 gold
- you can pick Nemphre's quest

Female advantages:
- none

Good advantages:
- you can use one more inn/tavern in the game
- can use Twinkle (Drizzt's scimitar)
- has early access to Robe of Archmagi
- resurrecting party members costs less
- party members only: you likely will have no problem keeping them in the party in any marginaly sane playthrough

Neural advantages:
- you can use one more inn/tavern in the game
- has early access to Robe of Archmagi

Evil advantages:
- none

The Ice Dungeons are irrelevant if you have improved invisibility. Mages can't do a single thing to you.
Werewolf island... is boring to be honest. The real challenge is the ship with its confined spaces, but the solution is there, and it gets repetitive. What you need is Stone Skin (to preven leveldrain), mirror image (to give more time to stone skin), and potentialy any defensive spell you also have (like ghost armor and blur). Then you enter the level, cast 2 sunfire, and magic missle/MMM the rest to oblivion.

To defeat the Greater Wolfwere you need something more. First run into the cabin, and turn invisible. Exit, and sleep at the hermit to have all spells you need. Come back, lure the GW to the cabinagain. Draw to the other end, and start summoning spiders. I managed to have 5 by double summon (not actualy sure with the limit, but 4 can be enough). Make the GW notice you summons, then run to the cabin switching places with the GW. While it massacres your summons cast skull trap 3+ times at a safe spot. Voila, you won. To get rid of the loup garou blocking your ship, skull trap works again.
To officialy finish the whole mission you'll need your defensive setup (stone skin, mirror image, ghost armor, blur potentialy - anything to prevent getting hit), and like 5 sunfire. Sunfire seems to hit the beasts with no problem, and loup garou don't regenerate fortunately. The beasts are immun to MMM.

On Durlag's Tower:
I might regret this, but aside the levels above ground, for the Tome of Wisdom, I have no intention visiting this place. It is too long,and complicated, and I have 600K+ exp already while the original limit was what, 160K? With TotSC? So I shuld be fine, or something, grind on random monsters. Ye, sure. Well, it is not outside the possibilities of the engine, so anyone getting frustrated can give itself any amount of exp claiming did the work South Park vs WoWstyle, because in the end, it's not impossible.
But here is some theorycrafting:
- against the boss-demon crack the mirror, and reload if the result is unfavourable for you.
- for the chessboard use spell immunity (or choose immnity from lightning as your spell), and run on the table invisible, so the trap-lightning-bolts will get rid of the figures.
- for everything else there is improved invisibility, melf's miinute meteor, and spider spawn.
- for the demon back in town, I'm not sure how he works. Improved Invisibility might render it harmless, but if not, prot. from petrification and MMM seems to be the trick.
The only reason to go deeper and accumlate exp would be, if can'tsave the princ&princess during Sharevok's coronation, and for that purpose get Death Spell, or Chain Lightning (both are crowd-control, and user-friendly, aka. only effects enemies).

Stuff I got as quest-reward:
- lightning, magic missile, polymorph other wands (1 each)
- necklace of magic missile
- 19 dose of antidote
- nymph cloak (might be considered trade?)
- wolfsbane charm
- bracers AC 7
- ring of prot +1
- cloak of nondetection
- boots of the north
- cloak of Balduran
- scrolls: haste, prot from evil, prot from poison, prot from undead, prot from magic, vampiric touch, 5 stone to flesh
- potions: of speed, of fiery burning, 5*healing, elixir of health, of magic protection

To defend the duke(s) start with summoning spiders from a distance before activating the event, then activate it by rushing in casting improved invisibility on Belt (the male one). Then back away immediately, magic missle if you have a tail, and MMM everything in the meantime. If the duke does not start talking, a ganger stumbled into the treasury, and you must defeat it before things start rolling again.
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level 6 spells analysis:
- summon carrion: in theory you can stunlock things, but it is pretty unreliable from a point, and they become soft and slow
- chain lightning: a bit on the low side, but when it hits a corwd, it is nice damage
- conjure ... elemental: elementals suck
- contignency: practicaly extra firepower, and that's never too bad
- deathfog: its damage is somwhatlow,and being fire it turns ineffective. The anti-summon aspect is nice, but it is not party-friendly
- death spell: I suspect it is cruical during the 1st Ust Natha quest (saving the drow wamen), and can eliminate stuff as extra
- disintegrate: saving throws negate this
- flesh to stone: again saving throws block this
- globe of invulnerability: never felt the need for this
- improved haste: does not help spellcasting, and has short duration. Still, if you find nothing else...
- invisible stalker: moderately useful, but maybe we can find better
- mislead: there is some exploit with this, butI never tried it. Still, keep this in mind.
- pierce magic: lowering magic resistance while removing buffs as extra? THAT'S interresting!
- power word silence: not good
- prot from magic energy: ye,sure, now go back
- prot from magic weapons: sounds necessary
- spell deflection: nah
- stone to flesh: some quests demand this, but they are marginal, especialy at this point
- summon nishruu: I was never fan of this
- tnesher's transformation: I never got why it got so popular
- true sight: absolute must
- wyvern call: it is good meat-shield, but lacks any offensive power, and at thispointifit could poison, it won't (because saving throws).

So, it's: true sight, deathspell, prot from magic weapons, pierce magic, and a couple of possible spells. Some damage would be nice of course.

To beat Sharevok cast: immunity to magic school - necromancy, activate Sharevok and draw him to the symbol (possibly with stone skin running). Cast improved invisibility when there. Run up-and-down toactivate the traps until Sharevok falls.

Spells used to beat Baldur'sGate 1:
- magic missile
- melf's acidic arrows
- mirror image
- stone skin
- melf's minute meteor
- spell immunity
- spider spawn
- find familiar
- skull trap
- sunfire
+ ghost armor
+ protection from petrification
++ blur
++ protection from evil
++ resist fear
++ knock
+++ identify item

smybols meaning:
"-": essential
"+": very handy
"++": useful
"+++": simply convenient

gold spent: ca. 5,000 (not including healing)
gold left: ca. 40K. Above mentioned items not sold.


Be glad if you didn't start in B2, and thus have more exp. The dungeon of I. would be painful enough, but the fights are HARD withut the extra levels of at least the BG1 expansion(s).
Well-placed skull trap cankill goblin hordes, magic missile + MMM finished mephits. The two golems in their room can be finished witha single sunfire, I advise do thatbefore they turn hostile by the alarm. I also advise to finish the ever-passive jailer golem.
No need to bother with hirelings, they only give exp if they join.
Yoshimo, and the obviousness of the wand-key-traps make them quest-items, so loot the keys, and sell the wands, as well as the chaos sword which is directly handed you as a quest-reward.
Against better group put ahead a spider spawn for cover.

I don't remember exactly what "common" items you'll need later during quests, but I call in mind 3 bastard swords, whatever-ale, a wand of frost (if limited wish is chosen), rogue stone (I don't rmeember if you can gain one as quest item, or just should buy at MaeVar's guild as usual). The 5K to be able to cast spells is definitely themost pressing issue of course.

The starting problem though is obvious: youdesperatly need gold, and unless you play with removed (I mean merged) exp-cap, your capability wiull suffer a ton, especialy that most encounters in BG2 don't realy let you manouver,instead they throw mobs at you right at entering a room. It doesn't help either, that technicaly, if you try not even to use a quarterftaff (the original challenge theoreticaly only allows that against magic golems), you can't finish off anyone until paying the wizards, maybe 1-2 person IF you have a damading specialability (namely Larloch's Minor Drain).
There are barely any quest to gain exp, and you'll likely resort to pick up anything and everything to at least pay out the Cowled Wizards.
With some exp under your belt you likely will want to try Nalia's quest, which DOES pay you hard in cash,and if you can defeat trolls, you are mostly good to go. The Umber Hulks can be avoided by (improved) invisibility, and the golems do not activate if you don't want them to.
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Gold That Can Be Spent:
- Wizarding Licence: 5,000
- Rogue Stone (optional, do NOT buy this, as there'sa free and fast one behind the Mae'Var Guild's test doors): 6,200
- True Illithium Source: 1,000
- Lilarcor Kobold Chieftain (do not do this, gives no exp. Instead just eliminate the kobolds): 2,000
- Busting Jan Out of Prison: 600+200 = 800
- money to slaved girl: 100
- 40 to Rampah the beggar
- 20 to Rose, the professional woman
- 15,000 to start Act 3
- 5 gold to start the Raelis Shae quests
- 810 on a restoration scroll. The only restoration-source otherwise I know of is on the 4th level of Watcher's Keep, and who'd do that..
- 2 on History of the Zentharim
- 30 to buy info on the Chicken Gem
- 0-100 gold on the Chicken Gem
- 63 on ale and 78 onbastard swords for the Idle Hands of Immensvale. I was looking, but seems noenemy leaves behind bastard swords. And I doubt cabinets have them either. So it is mostlya given you'll spend this.
- 0-9,000 on solamnic knights. Actualy, none in the right mind would pay 9K gold fora golden girdle, the difference between the alternatives.
- Stronghold Events: 250 is the minimum wage, 1,000 the middle choice, and 10,000 the advanced class. I heared conflicted tales wether the 2nd lesson costs a life, or maybe not. Either way, I think the rewards mostly suck anyway, but for the first task the wand is moderatly interresting, for the 2nd Mislead is the most useful spell, while for the 3rd task... Well, for all option you can find better, so let them live, and run with the exp.
-1,000 to smuggle out Ginia
- 200 to get in the pirate red light building
- 0/2,000 to attack Irenicus in the asylum
- 70 to sleep in Ust Natha after rescuing the female

I tried to go to the De'Arnise Keep, but just as I passed to the Slums got the Arbane Sword encounter, now I got the Xan&Montaron&Harpers quest.
I'm not sure how to handle the Arbane's quest: pick up and sell the loot, or not? (I took it, sold it, and bought the rogue stone from Mae'Var's, leaving me with 2200 gold. The wands and the chaos sword netted me 1400 gold, and the elf-hater had 1 gold on him, which would cover a sleep in an inn if I wanned, and not justsleepat the city gate.) Especialy on BG2 starter level the group can be a handful. Though between areas the no-magic restriction does not apply at least.
The body-carrying quest obviously involves carrying a body, what though is not the heaviest object, still can be a problem. And you have to restrict yourself to not blow up the wounded guy. Also, delivering the body can be a nuisance as you'll likely encounter the Cryic Cleric who attacks you on the streets, as well as likely a group of thieeves around the same place, and you'll picku up the Act 2-exclusive Thieves Guilds quest.
Another note: while casting is prevented, carrying around the effect is not. So any buff put on in a building, and throwing around MMM is ok.

Now there is no issue with looting Xan's body, as you specificaly could ask him to bring your reward. Not knowing what he intended to be the reward, you surely cantake all, and sell 'em.

NOTE: a "slight" problem occured, that BG Trilogy-installation the familiar was considered an item when transitioning to BG2,and thus was taken away. But the same time it still counts as being summoned, so no familiar, no extra HP for me. I might have to adjust this later, but first I'll check if I can rob the safe of the Talos Temple or not, given the stealing option wa staken from me by the installation too.

Minor thing, but if you feel lacking exp, remember to walk around and defeat anything you find one-by-one. If you have the exp though (remember, I carried from BG1 with 1 million exp), you can play as usual. If you ever get in the position of Not Enough Mana, I mean not high enough level, therefor not enough spells, and so on, then you can by practice go to the Temple disttrict,and enter the sewers, where right at the first junktion is a spawn-point, which creates either a 5-mob kobold, or a single green ooze. That CAN be killed, and re-spawned an infinite amount of times, so as well you could just give yourself the previously mentioned whatever-amount-of-exp-boost via the CLUAConsole, which by technicality is not cheating thereby, only simulating an insane amount of respawn-harvesting for exp.

Oh, for crap sake, Nalie only gives 650 gold, not 10K when you play solo.
Whatever, this with all the previous lootand rewards nets youarong 5K+ gold, so you at least can buy magic licence.

Nice detail is, Sir Sarles only appears if the buttler signs you in.

Also, with enough power under your belt, you can go to Anomen's house after pissing him in the Copper Coronet, and fight his household for mighty exp. Well, as you do not recruite him...

Why can't you sell the Flail of Ages?
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7th level spell analysis:
- cacofiend: I never understood what's good in demons, 'cause the player can dealwith them at ease
- control undead: it's a stupid idea.
- delayed blast fireball: avoid this like plague. Anything you'd want to use it on (meaning you are out of skull traps), will be fire immun.
- finger of death: there will be saving throws, and immunities, but there's still a direct damage part.
- Khelben's Wardin Whip: essential against Mariliths and such
- Limited Wish: it's good, and reliable. Way more than wish. But it is more limited too. Looking only the repeatably wishes, you gain with this 2 lvl 4 spells (if you have whis-dom): minor globe of invulnerability, and negative plain protection. The one-time wishes cantranslate to a bunch of gold, some exp, and possibly - but it is a bit of a stretch - the identify lvl 1 spell by the use of Glasses.
- mantle: not worth bothering due to duration, and such.
- mass invisibility: not very different from 10' invisibility
- mordekainin's sword: excelent
- power word stun: way too limited
- prismatic spray: it seems a crowd control spell
- project image: it is used in some exploit?
- prot from elements: short, and very situational either way
- ruby ray of reversal: this is a bad spell
- spell sequencer: extra firepower for all
- spell turning: skip
- sphere of chaos: as funas turning to stone by a wild surge, aka. skip
- summon djinn: this sucks
- summon efreeti: efreeti is broken, as it can in theory turn gasous form an unlimited amount of time recharging its HP and all.
- summon hakeashar: I never got whatthis and nishruu does aside potentialy destroying quest items and such.

So in summary:
1) finger of death
2) khelben's wharding whip
3) mordekainen's sword
4) spell sequencer
5) limited wish or project image, or something

Some further analysis: finger of death is a SLOW spell unfortunately. And there's the problem of leveldraining monsters. A magling's only protection of leveldrain is hindingbehind summons, or mirror image, both highly unreliable in many circumstances. thus Limited Wish has a major attractive factor.

NOTE: in the Copper Coronet until you finish freeing Hendak, do NOT open the secret doors, at least not the opium room, otherwise the otherwise passive people will "see" the battle, and turn hostile. They cann ot move, or have any other effect, but are annoying, and if you have summons, can lead to ."accidents".

Need more cash, and fast? Enter Mae'Var's guild, and unlock all test-doors by Knock! They can easily be considered quests, and what they hold, are therefor quest-rewards!

Entering the 1st level of the mage Edwin wants to liquidate is problematic. The imps are many,and casting is easily interrupted. Immunity to magic school seemed not working. Used limited wish/globe of invulnerability to solve it, but if you have another strategy, please share that.

Which guild to work for (Act 3 question)? As faras I can see, there's no benefit in either, but let's see what could be the decision-points:
- joining Bodhi makes free access to the pool of blood to get the Maceof Disruption
- the thief compoundis more interresting
- clearing the vampire nest becomes redundant
- joining the vampires makes the ring of djinn summoning appear in the thief lair
- the thieves give you the amulet of power, and if you play by questrewards are allowed to use rule, it can be very very attractive. But I don't, so I'll be joning the vampires. Again.
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Deck of Many Things analysis:
So, this cardgame is dangerous to your health - and not very profitable for a Sorcerer. The usual goal is Star, but +1 intelligence is not needed. The monetary rewards are also not for this character (+3 ring of prot, or gold). The potential buffs are never used they are so forgetable (+1 all stat, and mantle). The bonus exp is not even worth it if with a party unless you wanna skip the majority of the game (but then why you play at all?). And sure, you can get 5% fire resist, or 10 HP, but they don't seem life-changing.
But what about playing with the cambion? Well... The first draw is negligable, you either win or loose without much consequence. For the 2nd draw you either loose, or get cursed. So that's a bad thing. And for the 3rd draw the cambion always wins. BUT. What can you actualy draw? I mean ok, he has royal fluch, but as the cards have individual effects aside determining who'll win the round, just check your cards. You can either get cursed (again), OR you can draw Emperor. Whatit does? It gives you permanent mind-shield. What that does? Protects you from being charmed (at least according to the world wide web). Now THAT sounds attractive, doesn't it? Can make illithid-encounters easier, if have it on you, eh? Worth a try. The bad side is, you'll have to fight bunch of demons, and if you are not of the three evil alignment, you'll have to do that twice. Still, might worth considering. or maybe you can avoid the demons, and just do the gambling? What exactly does he demand for playing with him?
And the risk of getting cursed does worth a 4th lvl slot, or just allow him to win? I mean you don't need the items in a poverty run, and you definitely can get away loosing some exp.

Independent from this challenge, an analysis of advantages/disadvantages of classes:
- fighter/etc., De'Arnise Keep: you probably will never see the return of your investment (aka. gold), but that's true for all strongholds. At least you gain some exp in return.
- ranger: you loose a minor quest (idle hands of Immensvale), but gain 3 minor quests,and the Moondog Figurine (which is mostly negligable, but still)
- paladin: you suffer an optional fight to be forced on you, and with a delay. Also gain twom inor quests.
- priest: you loose a quest, and only gain in return minor events (similar to the fighter stronghold, but only a couple instead of many). For the Unseeing Eye quest can gain a decent unique armor (all the other optional rewards are negligable), but a decent cleric will likely wear full plate instead.
- druid: minor quests, and the golden lion figurine (which doesn't worth much)
- thief: some gold, and alot of annoyance
- bard: interresting events
- shaman: it is EE, so you get nothing. justshows how much that company cares.
- mageling: several items (mostly useless), minor quests, exp

Since when are oozes immun to Death Spell? Frotunately Mrs Cragmoons goons are not. The citisens otherwise make your life hard with that. Low on health,and need preparation against them? Rest in the Temple District! hey do not spawn there probably for the lack of space.

Good(?) news is, the thief-NPC in Trademeeet will show up normaly, even if you are in war in Amn with the others.
The Rakshasas are a though cookie though. They are some bloody hard level (at clvl 16, 24 STR, 25 DEX (via CUHM) needed 15+ roll for THAC0 to hit. At least Ifatheer. So I put on a lot of protections (stone skin, mirror image, improved invisibility), stood in the corner to make the other two walk more, even summoned a psider to distratct them (the mage has 2 cloudkill, but you still earn some seconds), and MMMed for the head, then ran. What other options I had? Maybe limited wish's onetime whail of banshee, but that's it. Or a ton of more exp and lvl 9 spells, even HLMs. But who has the patience?

That hatchetman&co in the sewers can be considered a quest, because when they talk to you you can propose they pay you, therefor you can take their stuff and sell them.

Oh, and Keldorn seems notto give exp when removed from the game (I many times loot his armor solo), so youcan leave him alone.
And Grae, of the gong quest worth no exp either?

Why the golem in the quest of Umar Hills is called Juggernaut Golem, when those were only introducedin ToB, and this wasn't even re-skinned?
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Level 8 spells analysis:
- Abi Dhalzim: direct damage, what's not to like. Well, the horribly slow casting, I assume.
- Bigby's Clenched Fist: can be resisted, the damage is low, the rest of the damage will be saved against. Skip.
- Improved Mantle: I think I'd just go with prot from magic weapons.
- incindinary cloud: everything you'd use it againstwill be immun because it is fire damage.
- Maze: a bit slow to cast, especialy for its effects. And I bet things can become immun. Also no damage.
- pierce shield: awesome
- power word blind: never tried. Might have potential, or not.
- prot from energy: skip.
- simulacrum: can have the potential.
- spell trigger: extra spells. Sounds good.
- summon fiend: still not into demons.
- symbols of whatever: how about not, because everything negates it by saves?

So, it is maybe:
1) pierce shield
2) simulacrum
3) spell trigger
4-5) Abi Dhalzim/Incindinary Cloud/Bigby/Power Word Blind. Make your pick.

Take note, that beholder-types when being able to see you, will primaly attack YOU, thus sending a planetar on them and remaning in the fog-of-war is the key against them. This also means, preferable skip the beholder city at Ust Natha.

On shadow creatures: writh are annoying as the leveldrain, but the main threatis shadow fiends. They are highly magic resistant, immun to fire, immun to normal weapons (spiders can't hurt them), and can hold you. So beware.

Another point I see is, the game both has "infinite" exp if you play solo, and the sorcerer doesn't get stronger by HLA-levels. No major, or even medium gain from the extra levels aside some useless slvl9 spells. So Isay wth, I'll skip the optional stuff,as not even potentialy the itemsthey could provide will be usedhere. So no IllithidCity, no fighting dragons,and skipping the entire Shaugain City via Irenicus' portal! I long wanned to do that ina playthrough, but that never fell on the powergaming side.

The Rgoue Stone Doorway: First summon a planetar (because of course you will), thenapproach the pedestal, and before the lich appears cast iproved invisibility. Stay on the right side of the room because the mage and the lich has True Sight. Wait until the planetar defeats all things down, then send it against the mage and whatever remained. You stay at the bottom. Do NOT apprach until the planetar is unsummoned because it can be charmed-or-what (still fights the enemy if doesn't see you for some reason). When all is silent, assume the mage is stillalive,so prepare some skull-traps (not right on each other!), and start summoning spiders to get rid of some of her spells.When out of spiders, cast True Sight, and approach casting sme piercemagic, so her turn magic will be removed. If prot. from magic weapon activates, back int the fog of war and last it out. Hopefuly this'll work. If she'll some at you your only option is running around until her buffs expire,and throw MMMs at her.

Seems the Guardian of the dragon set while invisible is invulnerable,so you HAVE TO wear that mask to dispose it. Weird, thatwhen visible it doesn't have to same attack (fireballs, or somesuch). Though I did not try the True Sight spell.

As this time we need no items, for the 3rd task of the stronghold just dispose the target intead of imprisoning him. You don't loos any exp, finish the quest, while not using any item, not even the quest item :)

Just realised: Summon Planetar worth full healing!
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HLA analysis (you'll getall in the end, but still):

- comet: it is fire, thus useless
- dragon's breath: it is fire, thus useless
- dark planetar: worse spells, and originaly weaker due to bad coding than normal planetar
- planetar: awesome. Get this first.
- extra 6-7-8 spellcasting: especialy for sorcerer these are rocking.
- energy blades: it's like improved MMM
- improved alactricity: without robe of vecna + that amulet it doesn't sound that awesome...

Level 9 spells analysis:

- absolute immunity: waste of a spell
- bigby's: not thatgood
- black blade of disaster: its extra effect won't effect the things it'd count, so...
- chain contignency: good
- leveldrain: won't work as I said
- freedom: very specialised. Avoid.
- gate: I still think demons suck.
- imprisonment: i bet stuff are immun to it, and even if not, it'dpotentialy breakthe game 'cause things won't actualy be "dead".
- meteor swarm: fire damage is meh
- power word kill: if you have nothing else, this at least works by the current HP, not the max.
- shapeshift: good on paper, sucks in practice
- spell trap: every little bit counts?
- spell strike: I was never fan of anti-defensive spells.
- time stop: overrated. Where it'd be good, those stuffs are immun to it
- wail of the banshee: well, IF it works, it can be hilarious. Maybe for the darkelf tunnels.
- wish: this spellactualy sucks hardcore. Whoever ever suggests this relies on save&reload HEAVILY. I mean you get 5 picks out of 30+,and there are maybe 2 desirable effect. This spell stinks, but for poverty challenge, will be mandatory.

So, maybe GoG sometimes eat my edits, whatever. Point is, there's no point wasting time, so after beating Irenicus in the Asylum (you have to attack him, the inmates can't win alone!), just jump through the portal straight to the underdark. Skip any sidequests you can, even use your Cat Familiar to steal the sun-gem if you want to fasten things up. If you play by using quest-rewards,and you feel you canafford it, pick and use the Freedom spell for the Rod of Absorption (though even I wouldn't be as greedy as attacking the mage for all!). To get rid of the dwarves demon legit, summona mordekainin's sword which won't perish, and a planetar tocause damage.
Also, no dragon-fighting up till Abazigail and its spawn. You have the wardstone against the Shadow Dragon, Firkraag is not interrested in a fight unlessyou insist, and the Watcher's Keep dragon can be left alone too. The elfcity dragon can take out gold also if it wants, we don't play with items anyway (at that point if you play honest, even if you carry around the occasional quest-reward, especialy the harper amulet, and more so the mask, they'll be taken away. Not that a planetar couldn't trump a dragon of course.

Ah, for Watcher's Keep thereare 2 things noteworthy there to try to grab: firstis the permanent mind shield from the Deck of Many Things. The other the stat boosts from the Mad Machine. Unfortunately both demands fighting with groups of demons.

If you have the Death Spell useit to get rid of the first drow quest instantly. Or justsummonaplanetar. Though beware,as planetars can be int/level drained to oblivion!

To dispose the beholder precast a mordekainen sword to distract it momentarily, activate the even, then run out of sight (for some reason beholder-types attack me with their eye-beams exlusively). If you have Abi Dhalzim that's a perfect was to get involved in the battle, otherwise you might have to summon planetar, or otherwise overplay this nonsense.

To get the silver dragon eggs summon a planetar at the door of the treasury, and open the door. Let the p. dispose the two guards. Enter, take the eggs, and immediately turn invisible. Finaly.

The silver dragon transport is simply not safe. Before accepting it, cast all kinds of protection, andwhen arriving invisibility. Or don't involvethe dragon at all. Or maybe pre-defeat the mob with a planetar when you go for the blood.
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Let's see what are the differences between sexes, and alignment (NOT reputation) in BG2:

Male advantages:
- can romance with 3 characters
- can have drow nookie

Female advantages:
- can romance with 1 character

Good advantages:
- can use these items: Azuredege, midgame access of robe of archmagi, Defender, potential access to Purifier

Good disadvantages:
- can't use these items: Soul Reaver, Malla's Soul Stone (this item sucks)

Neural advantages:
- can use these items:

Neutral disadvantages:
-can't use these items: no access to robe of archmagi (is this true? this is "fixed" in EE)

Evil advantages:
- can use these items: late access to robe of archmagi, neb's nasty cutter (each attempt to hit costs a charge, so this items sucks), human flesh, has access to Blackmist
- can do an extra quest for Firkraag
- can skip one of the hugh fight in Watcher's Keep Level 3

Evil disdvantages:
- (possibly) can't use these items: Handmaiden's Mace
- turn undead charms the beings instead of destroying them
- unholy strike is practicaly a useless spell

To defeat the Chromatic Demon, use fire, namely Dragon's Breath. This is the only occasion that'll be useful. If you can, use a project image or simulacrum too (if simulacrum can't do slvl 9 spells, makeit cast sunfire). All this have a mordekainen to keep the demon busy.
Btw, I think this encounter is seriously miscoded. The demon heals too much, the transformation duration is random, there's no poison damage spell (and even weapons area rarity)...

Oh, note this: as you'll have to deal with some Desert Trolls, melf's acidic arrow gained a serious inrise in importance.
Also, the air room's (chain) lightning is scary strong, so to have prot. from lightning would be very convenient (not just here, but it is seriously a good elemental defense).

The Dead Magic Zones in WKlvl3 are killing me, so I'll make a new plan trying to pass them.

So, WKlvl3:
found no way to pass the AR3004 no-magic-zone, but you canavoid it if you go back from the AR3012 area, then go south. This ports you to the succubis, and you can't prevent the leveldrain. Fortunately the planetar has restoration to counter it.
The HP loss at the DoMT game is 10, from the max HP. Avoid that, naturaly. The loss exp however is entirely minor, 50K. Totaly negligable.
The weird thing is,you don't need to have the working key for the level (I'm not sure you need any part of it,actualy) to play with the ghenasi. He just plays with you, no matter what.
But unbtil then, it seems better to fight the succubi, soyou don't have to find you way back through the portals, hopefully leaving out wild magic rooms, and other annoyances.
When entering AR3013 prepare with each defensive spell you have, especialy improved invisibility to avoid getting charmed. Chain Contigenency is very much advised filled with prot. from magic weapons and two mordekainen's sword - the two bone-golem-thingy causes problem if they attack you because they have elemental damage on their hit, so need a distraction. MMM and stone skin (and mirror image)are also welcomed preparation.
When arrived start with a planetar, then asap get to the bottom corner. Make the planetar and you destroy the boss asap, else infinite respawn, and everything. If the plantar perishes,and youcan't recast, you're doomed, reload. On the other hand if the boss is down, fell lucky, you practicaly won. The planetar has a tendency toswitch target,so after setting your character MMMing the boss, switch to that and babysit it until the boss falls. After this fight neter the next room, re-enter that portal, and walk all the way back here filling the Blood War quest.
Todeal with the DemonWraith you'll definitely need chain contignency. I put 3 mordekainen in it to create distractions. Mirros image,and all other defensive buffs help too. the goal obviously to drop the planetar on the wraith. Or you could maybe just re-enter the portal.

Playing with the demon: We definitely want to play, that's the whole reason we are here, but as we have no intention of actualy winning, we might as well play fair. Riskexperience as thatmeans nothing.For the firstdraw we either get some curse (planetar's dispel canprobably get rid of it,or restoration,or something), or a simple slow spell. I suggest play for the wish scroll, but who acrualy cares, right? Next we either getcursed, or getattacked,so summon a planetar or a mordekainen as distraction, and put up some defensive buff so you last until you can cast improved invisibility. At that point just walk away from the fight, and do it however you want. Now is the point tosave, as we'll play a third time, and we want Emperor for the noless than permanent mind-shield.
the 4th level of WK is cakewalk compared to this,sodo it and get the stat-bonuses, then leave.

NOTE: sword spiders have no effect on magic golems. Wonder why, as as faras I know, they are unenchanted attackers.

NOTE: this mind-shield things seemsnot to protect from domination? I think it protects fromcharm, confusion... Who knows. Illithids definitely can create game over still, that1s the point. Still, every bit counts.

NOTE: seems the dragon of Shuldanesselar does not take away quest items. Perfect.
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Spells used up to BG2:

lvl 1: 1) find familiar 2) magic missile 3) (identify) 4) prot from evil 5) prot from petrification
lvl 2: 1) knock2) melf's acidic arrow 3) mirror image 4) resist fear 5) (blur)
lvl 3: 1) ghost armor 2) melf's minute meteors 3) skull trap 4) - 5) -
lvl 4: 1) improved invisibility 2) stone skin 3)spider spawn 4) - 5) -
lvl 5: 1) spell immunity 2) (prot from electricity) 3) sunfire 4) (cloudkill) 5) -
lvl 6: 1) death spell 2) prot. from magic weapons 3) true sight 4) - 5) -
lvl 7: 1) mordekainen's sword 2) limited wish 3) (khelben's warding whip) 4) - 5) -
lvl 8: 1) (pierce shield) 2) (abi dhalzim's) 3) - 4) -
lvl 9: 1) chain contignency X) dragon's breath X) summon planetar 2) wish 3) - 4) -

Ancient's Grove: lay down a bunch of skull traps for instant victory. You don't even get to the conversation.

NOTE: sidequests are potentialy there to replenish reputation in case you ever turn to the Slayer.
Oh, The Tears: got +2 CON to sleep-regenerate. The immunity to 0-1 weapons seemed... even more lacking. Also got 10% magic resist, because at this point if they are hitting my head, that's BAD news. We'll see.

Khaaan! surrenders to planetar covered by mordekainen. For the castle battles put 2 sword and improved invisibility in chain contignency, enter, walk up-and-down until activates, summon planetar, stay out of sight of mages. That's pretty much it.

Forest of Tyr: just put there your summons to do the job. Itmight happen some of the things start chasing you, so astone skin + mirror image might come in handy,as wellas negative plane protection (by limited wish), and prot. from magic weapons. If you get into trouble, turn to Slayer. You still can go back to Saradush for reputation.

Entering and roaming the Marching Mountains is easy under improved invisibility. Although Fell Cats cansee the invisible, so eliminate everything methodicly.
Could open Yaga Shura's Bedrom naturaly. With all the permanent statboost, including the one for yelling at Sharevok (whichfeature got bugged in EE) I have/had 22 STR. Knonk cannot be used here,and the potions even if you'd consider them as quest items,cannot be used by a sorcerer. So EE's only option is to turn into the Slayer.
Resistance to fire, or immunity to the elements are considerably spells because of this area (spares you some reloads due to traps).

A note on Magic Golems: you don't have to fight them. You can always leave thembehind a door, or hold them with a summon and walk into the fog-of-war.

I'm not even sure if youhave to fight Nyalee, or just hold her up until you can leave. For me the shambling mounds (which are cheat, like pretty much invincible, and can eliminate mordekainen) pummeld her to the ground for reasons.

The Siege Camp is very unfair. Mostof the times one of the mages remove any mordekainen yousummoned, the planetaris too voulnerable alone (and likes to attack random targets), everyone is respawning, mages and especialy archers like to aim directly at you, they have elemental damage on their side too... Ihad touse time stop + improved alactricity to get out alive, and even that way tricky.

2nd trial is though, as Dark You focuses onyou,and sees the invisible. Prepare with summons and defensive buffs. Then you can pull off Time Stop + Improved Alactricity. I cast Abi Dhalzim mostly here after that. Replenish theswords if the fight lasts. When DU starts whirlwinding, keep moving until it fades out so you preserve more buffs.
With YagaSura down you loose the option to visit Saradush for reputation.
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- some quests again provide reputation for those who need that
- 3-5,000 gold can be spent on the mayor's daughter (the quest reward can be held as needed), 1,000 on the monk vs priest (optional, but the quest reward can not be held). The Soul Stone quest can give you a 2nd/3rd reputation (in case you have to Slayer).
- if you still have some items-to-sell. sell them here. Ihad 4240 gold, a cloak of bravery, and the staff of woodlands on me. Technicaly I could have the Harper Amulet (whichdoes nothing),and the King Strohm Mask (protects against critical hits).

- the Mind Shield from the Deck of Many Things is NOT prmanent (or it can be at least dispelled, what is the same result)
- planetar wins all. Against drows you can help with MMM, against hulks and spiders with death spell (mutated spiders are immun to it).
- abuse the pocket plane to sleep there, even during stages of the boss-drow.
- you do NOT have to fight at all during the slave/spider tunnels. Just leave through the exist being invisible.
- a fact of liches is, they are slow. and with plenty of roomaround, and no other threat, the local lich is not a threat.
- Sendai is ... luck-based. If she starts summoning like crazy, thenhe fight can last forever. So save whenever you can at stages.

The Innocence Slayer: this one is though, or my game is bugged. My main problem is, the thing exclusively attacks myself, and that's bad. Had to use every buff I had (hint: mirror image,stone skin, prot from magic weapons, negative plain protection forstarters), use a simulacrum with MMM (for flavour mostly), a mordekainen (like it'd count), a planetar (has problem hitting the thing!), and improved haste. Yes, unfortunately. Maybe repeated cast of simulacrums abusing skull trap might work, no idea.

- Draconis is still not funny. I managed to win in the end, but it was far from ideal in any sense, so I leave you to develop your own solution. I myself used time stop, improved alactricity, planetar, energy béade, pierce shield, but the method is trash.
- chain contignency mordekainens makes your life easy in most rooms
- don't mind the eyes. Just turn improved invisible.

Updated spell list:
lvl 1: 1) find familiar 2) magic missile 3) (identify) 4) prot from evil 5) prot from petrification
lvl 2: 1) knock2) melf's acidic arrow 3) mirror image 4) resist fear 5) (blur)
lvl 3: 1) ghost armor 2) melf's minute meteors 3) skull trap 4) - 5) -
lvl 4: 1) improved invisibility 2) stone skin 3)spider spawn 4) - 5) -
lvl 5: 1) spell immunity 2) (prot from electricity) 3) sunfire 4) (cloudkill) 5) -
lvl 6: 1) death spell 2) prot. from magic weapons 3) true sight 4) improved haste 5) (true sight
lvl 7: 1) mordekainen's sword 2) limited wish 3) (khelben's warding whip) 4) - 5) -
lvl 8: 1) pierce shield 2) abi dhalzim's 3) (simulacrum) 4) -
lvl 9: 1) chain contignency X) dragon's breath X) summon planetar 2) wish 3) time stop 4) improved alactricity
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