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algi: I uploaded my latest video, which is a love letter to Imoen, who is my BFF and we would do anything for each other:

(The video requires the understanding that the player and the character are not the same person.)

This is the last of the first batch, I take a break from Ethos videos, but as you all love her so much, I promise, Algina wil return in Chapter II of Baldur's Gate. Until then, have a good debate among each other.
On the one hand, it's a neat idea; interparty conflict can create some interesting scenarios. My main question is what you plan on doing if Imoen gets caught; as that quote before the video said, your Paladin is responsible for Imoen's actions, regardless of whether you knew about it or not. If there are actual consequences as a result of Imoen getting caught red-handed, I can dig that; if the plan is to just reload or metagame by specifically avoiding only containers that always summon guards, then I call shenanigans. Following the code while having a party companion that steals without any actual consequences just comes across as a twink move, gaming the system in order to offset the burden imposed by the code.

Which, hey, if that's what does it for you, again, great, but I don't understand what the viewer is meant to take away from it, other than the Code is easy to follow and stay rich so long as you cheat to make it so. Not exactly a unique insight; any system becomes easy once cheating enters the picture.