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oygn: Would anyone advise how to make the experience better playing on a modern LCD?
drboals: The GOG version looks like absolute crap on my laptop.

I have bought over a 100 games from GOG and this is the first one that does not work. Anytime there is a dark setting, like underground or at night, the game is unplayable.

GOG should be ashamed of putting out crap like this without doing any testing.

I am not sure I am going to buy anything else from GOG, this is really bad. Hopefully people will see these problems and the reviews and not give GOG money for this trash. It is too bad, the game from the old boxed version was wonderful.

What a mess.
I've been putting this link to several threads already where the issue is running the original Baldur's Gate on modern hardware/operating system, so I figured that I might as well put it here. Hopefully this can help with running the game properly:

Personally, I have tested this method with the 5+1 CD version of Baldur's Gate and on Win7 machine (on 1600x900 screen). There's quite a bit of options with both dgVoodoo2 (scale factor especially) and ReShade, where you can play around with the settings in order to emulate the CRT screen look and to me this game (and other old games) looks the best on such screen.