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I believe I have actually found the solution to my problem, the reason for lost characters was patching it despite having the latest patch on the cds. Now after reinstalling and applying both widescreen and bg1tweaks I can enjoy the game as it was. :)
frowning: I'm trying to get an old savegame editor to work with TUTU Baldurs Gate purely to change the portrait of myself and my companions. Back in the day there were two programmes that did this for BG1 & 2 but I'm struggling to get 'Sword Coast Keeper' to work. Loading the save game it says 'Error: Bad GAME version. Expects version 1.1'.

Does anyone know the best way just to manage portraits, are third party save editors unnecessary?

Thanks a lot, I'm just going from vague memories from the last time I played these off the CDs rather than TUTU GOG versions.
Hickory: TuTu runs off the BG2 engine, so you need to use the BG2 editor (ShadowKeeper).
Of course, thanks for that!
I want to add that Item Randomiser works with vanilla BG1 if you select Mode 2.

This mod is only good if you completed the game many times and you know by heart the location of every magical item, so this offers a fresh experience each time you start a new game.