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I followed everything in the original post. I'd like to run the game windowed very much, but adding "-window" or "-"windowed" to the shortcut just crashes it at launch. Can someone please help me?
So I just installed Galaxy and imported this to my client and it fudged with the mods. going to reinstall and disable automatic updates (not really possible when importing). Will edit this if there are further issues.

I searched but didn't see that this was posted as a known issue.
Where do I install these mods? The high resolution mod gives me an error, stating, cannot find dialogue.tlk.
The high resolution mod is causing me a lot of problems, the fmvs are skewed, and when I go to the creation screen part of the in-game UI is showing. when I try to pick my first items, the UI that is showing turns purpleish in color, and I can't use the arrow buttons to move between the character creation screens. Can I uninstall the resolution mod, or do I have to uninstall the entire game and download it again?
I've been trying to install the High Res patch but after I hit ''i'' to install it tells me patching failed and (Arcanum.exe version English required ) .
this is a fresh install game starts normally using goggalaxy is that matters, any idea on whats going on?

edit - fixed my problem turns out I was forgetting the \ at the end of arcanum woops
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When I install this it just ends up on my desktop. It brings a readme up of all the various patches. I don't know what to do next.
Sorry guys, I'm a little confused as to whether the unofficial patch includes the extra animations, or if the Extra Animations Patch should be installed in addition to it?