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You can find most Drog's work (so no 100MB+ files) on my site as well:
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A mirror for the Unofficial Arcanum Patch (UAP) is:
Installing [Arcanum High Resolution Patch] [1.5]

Checking version...
Copying and patching 1 file ...
Arcanum.exe version (English) required.
Stopping installation because of error.
Which is weird since Arcanum.exe properties says "version (English)"
Any ideas?
I have the exact same problem as badunius. Tried to patch manually to with the appropriate Patch-file. But that only broke the game entirely. :/

So I've got it to work now. Playing in german language in 1920 x 1080 resolution with no stuttering so far.
My steps:
1. Made a clean install with GOG-Galaxy
2. Installed the german patch from Compi-Ware
3. Installed the two inofficial Patches UAPv081004 from Drog Black Tooth’s (posted in the "Sammelthread zu Deutsch-Mods..." from user PoooMukkel
4. Installed the HighRes 1.5 patch with DDrawWrapper = 1 - which suddenly worked after installing the two inofficial patches

Maybe this helps someone. :)
And sorry for my bad english

@badunius: I think the HighRes-patch will work after installing the unofficial patch.
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I recently got Arcanum, downloaded it and the various patches described (and linked) on this thread, I had no problem running the game under Windows 10, 1920x1080p resolution.

Thanks to everyone for making all the information and files available!
High res patch works on win 10 but you have to disable g-sync (tested with latest stable version of ddraw compat)
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FYI folks: The links work if navigated to manually...
I seem to have run into a problem. I can't get the HighRes 1.5 patch to work, it keeps throwing back errors of needing Arcanum version when I have the fully updated version of it. Maybe I should install via the original disks instead of GOGs download. or maybe just do a fresh install delete saves and everything and try again?
I have played game a long time ago, wiht hi res patch, and I see now that patch alone have been updated.

I have instaled base game, than unofficial patch, than hi res patch.

whatever I do in configuration file, i get the same output. Always 1280*720, and image is streched. (I have entered 1920*1080)


EDIT: I have find the solution.

1. uninstalled HI RES patch
2. than edited config file
3. instaled again
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