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The Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000 uses the Galaxy multiplayer library. Please read the points below before posting any feedback regarding the multiplayer game experience. Thank you!

1. Always start (or restart) the Launcher before playing the game. Let the update process finish (wait until status text changes to UP TO DATE), before clicking the PLAY button.

2. If you encounter any problem that you consider connected with the multiplayer, please go to, log in with your account as usual and create an issue for us there please. Add a detailed description, and if possible, a method of reproducing it.
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Played some multiplayer and is super fast but really fun. Makes it very scary indeed when a bunch of aliens are chasing after you.

One thing I have noticed is that when I first open the game and when I alt tab in and out of the game, Google Hangouts will disconnect and reconnect. I am running the new version of Google Hangouts.
seems to work just fine, tried to play for 30 min. No Problems to report.
I tried playing for about half an hour and even though I could see the games hosted by people and got into a few, I kept getting disconnected from every game within 10 to 40 seconds. Apologies to anyone who I might have gotten angry with my constant dropping in only to drop out almost immediately.

Maybe it's something to do with my connection which is through a mobile internet dongle, however I haven't had these kinds of problems with other online games.
Everything is ok. Played in multi for more than 1 hour and it works fine, only a bit too fast. imho.
Hello - I ran the game as the host.
I wrote the message in the console - and then I was killed - during typing.
Now I can't close the console window in any way...
All fine, but game is very fast.
Generally everything works, only encountered a single connection failure up to now. I can't speak to ping/lag since apparently my reflexes have deteriorated a whole f'in lot since I last played that game in multiplayer and I can't hit anything moving laterally anyway.

Game have the same problems 14 years ago has. Lag affects too much to the game experience. Is too fast, specially Alien specie. Well, the game was too fast 14 years ago. In actual computers and our internet speed no why exist for these problems. But the problems exists.
-In DM or Coop game I have lag problems. Tonight I shooting to several objetives and I can't hit anything. Inclusive using Predator disc o smartgun on DM game mode.
Another problem envolved the game itself. The species balance. Oh, yeah! This is a paper, rock, scissor basicaly. But the speed and the letality of the alien specie brake the idea.
-Sometimes the same server can't re-connect. For example, when you disconnect to change de specie for testing it in the same map.
-Coriously, coop game works better. Less lag, but exist and the aliens have less endurance. In DM o SDM have much more endurance. Predators have a good endurance and marines are too weak. Not matter if predator or alien hit a marine, the marine losses heavy life.

Sorry for my bad english. I keep testing the game.

Thank you very much.
I seem to get a lot of connection errors when joining games. Takes ages to connect as is and most the time it returns an error.

Apart from that it' all fine. Runs very smooth, on significant latency issues I've noticed but it is such a fast game anyhow that it would be hard to pick it out in other players
So, adding AvP_Classic.exe to the windows firewall seems to resolve all the Game Connection errors for me. Which begs the question: why wasn't it added in the first place? Every other game out there seems to think it has a right to that list, so...
all is good for me had a brief stint at single player to set up controls for everyone thats working fine. the online is just as i remember it from many years ago rapid pace great fun and my shot with the predator is finally coming back, the rare rubberbanding lag on some of the other players but all is good nothing game destorying found for me. i can see me spending lots of my free time on it :D
Spinorial: So, adding AvP_Classic.exe to the windows firewall seems to resolve all the Game Connection errors for me. Which begs the question: why wasn't it added in the first place? Every other game out there seems to think it has a right to that list, so...
Just checked my windows firewall setting and you are right. AVP Clssic Galaxy Client never added to the firewall list. I've run the Online game once everyday for the past 2 days

Things that I can confirm...

Only being able to see up to 10 hosts at one time from the multiplayer selection screen.
They do change out/ shuffle at random intervals. For example one host that was at the top of the list gets pushed to bottom within mere seconds. Don't really understand how this list is being populated though.

Game Connection Error
It happens. There was a point this morning around 6 AM Central US time where only a couple of hosts were on and each host was playing a different game type. I I usually play DM and could not get in after trying to join. Quite a few seconds before it "Timed out" and reported the message
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Day 2, still losing connections with games. Allowed AvP through my firewall as others have mentioned ( as it wasn't on the list ) and seemed to be able to play longer before losing connection.

QUESTION: Are we to continue to use this thread to report problems, or should we use the bug link in the pinned post?
Can connect and stay connected to multiplayer matches fine.

Needs a host command option to kick/ban players and for general administration, aswell as the ability to make a private game.
I posted this back on page 7:

It seems to run smooth for me, and the pings are low, but the game moves so fast that I can't really tell if there is any lag issues in aiming and hitting targets, or if people are skipping around or if they are just moving that fast. The game moves EXTREMELY fast.

There are also no sound effects, so I can't tell if I'm hitting someone based on that either, lol. The same issues exist in single player though, so I assume it's something to do with the emulation, which is unfortunate :(.

Just an FYI:
- Windows 7 Professional 64bit
- 16 gigs of DDR3
- Core i7-3820CPU
- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 FTW Edition (4gigs of memory)

I've got an update:

- I adjusted my speakers on the control panel to not be surround, but instead stereo (I've only got two speakers anyways). I can now hear all sound effects.

- The game still runs insanely fast, but that appears to be the norm from what's being reported. I don't remember it ever running that fast, but I could be mistaken, Maybe I'll go try to find some Youtube videos from 12 or so years ago to compare.

- I've not had any problems except for the two mentioned above. These tests are sort of hard to do though: you only want multiplayer feedback based on how the game performs in multiplayer, but for instance, if I can shoot people easily by not even being aimed on them, how do we know if it's actually a network issue or a "old game" issue? I'm not really sure how we could tell. I haven't noticed anything though that seems like it may be connectivity/multiplayer/network related.

On this point, there is one oddity: When I go to join a muliplayer game, and it takes forever on the "Joining Game..." screen, I get impatient and press "Escape". Now, normally, it takes 5 seconds, but in 3 instances out of 25 or so, it's sat there for 25+ seconds. I get impatient, and I hit "Escape".

This takes me back to the main menu. I go to "Multiplayer" again, and then "Join Existing Game", it says, "No sessions were found" and never is able to find any sessions. To get around this, I host a game, quit that game, and then go back to "Join Existing Game" (or I exit out of the game).