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The Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000 uses the Galaxy multiplayer library. Please read the points below before posting any feedback regarding the multiplayer game experience. Thank you!

1. Always start (or restart) the Launcher before playing the game. Let the update process finish (wait until status text changes to UP TO DATE), before clicking the PLAY button.

2. If you encounter any problem that you consider connected with the multiplayer, please go to, log in with your account as usual and create an issue for us there please. Add a detailed description, and if possible, a method of reproducing it.
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So far so good, no issues at all.
classicduke: the aliens were jumpy.
theredbaron: I have found that the only weapon to be of any use is the flame thrower. Really does damage against them, and it doesn't matter that they fly. Of course, it also burns you too.
The disc is good against anyone since I use predator primarily but the issue was just it was glitchy probably due to connection. I changed the resolution to the system and looks great playing.
The game runs great, but I had a problem joining servers. Some times it takes a lot of time to enter a server, and in some servers I cannot enter at all.
Another issue is that in coop the players kill the predator and viceversa, theres no way to make people understand the server rules.
One question, is anyway to play a lan game? my firends and I have the game and we like to play in a lan party.
I had a nice time re-playing this game.
Thanks a lot gog and rebellion
I've been in the coop game. Sometimes it seemed like ping of players was very high, but when I checked highest was 74. Other than that it was fine.
Everything works fine so far!
On several occasions I wasn't able to connect to a game and also 2 or 3 times I got thrown out. Other than that it seems to play just fine.
Hope that helps. I'm excited about this new feature.
first flawless
never played a.v.p. multiplayer before,this game is fast and i mean FAST
The multiplayer function seems to work just fine.
There was a slight bit of latency on the server when initially logging in.
This could have been my isp connection for all I know.
Lots of fun though. I really enjoyed playing.
This is a really cool game
No issues: ran very smoothly, easily and with no hiccups. Jumped straight in.
Everything works, no problems.
Good job guys. Had a lot of fun playing online.
game runs very well, server can be a bit touble some but if you keep trying you will get into a game.....
Worked yesterday, but today I get "game connection error" when trying to join multiplayer games.
The installation process went well (besides the C++ redistributable installing a few times over).
First thing I tried was multiplayer (I have never played this game before) and it kept saying " game connection error", I tried 10+ times. I gave up and hosted my own games, it went fine and a few people joined in for a couple minutes.
Then I closed everything and opened it again but this time I could join muitiplayer games.

I must say my connection is good for online play so I don't understand why I couldn't join games the first time.
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Great Job Boys & Girls... My only problem is I could not check the average pings of the games I have joined. But this might very well be an issue of game's interface and not gog's fault.

I would also like a way to play with my friends at least I Should have joined to my friend's server with another `join` button.
i was disconnected from multiplayer game... a few times too much,
no matter if it was coop, dm, species dm.

guessing how it work:
1 someone starts MP server, people join, then initiator decide to leave - should i be dropped?
appears not - another player becomes host, eventually i become host.
2 someone starts MP server, people join, i'm disconnected (why?) when i check list of games the game from which i was disconnected still is available and hosted by the same person - i can reconnect

Do you GOG have some dedicated/moderated servers?
(moderated because some people kills everything, even own specimen during coop, it could be penalized e.g. by 200points)