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expopower: Hmm...I own all but four of the items in it. Guess I could grab it and give the extras away to some of my friends. (Or my parents. Huh. Wonder how they feel about HOGs.) If the day ever comes that Artifex Mundi brings their products to GOG, I fear I will weep bitterly for I've already collected so many of their games on Steam. =P
Yeah, the only one I don't have is TIme Mysteries: Inheritance - Remastered, and I didn't like the original version enough to buy it solely for that one. But Artifex Mundi games are some of the best HOGs for me and I pretty much always enjoy them.

Haha, you could try introducing your parents to them, yeah. Who knows, they might like it. My mother is fond of those kinds of games as well. :)
FearfulSymmetry: Yeah, the only one I don't have is TIme Mysteries: Inheritance - Remastered ...
Check your PM!
LinustheBold: Check your PM!
Thank you very much, I appreciate it! :)
Max Payne 3 Complete & Red Dead Redemption Bundle (PS3) is $6.60 on PSN. Use code "FH24P5BDR6" for an extra 10% off.

You can preorder Groupees Be Mine 23 bundle for $2 now.

I think the only confirmed game so far is Albert and Otto (Steam).
Dubious at best.

...Groupees pre-orders that is!
gixgox: Now I noticed in the forums of Giveaway of the Day that ToomkyGames seems to be a clean and honest site, with no unwanted strings attached.
So, what's the "ToomkyGames" toolbar that is mentioned in many places?

How do they make their money? Why does their home page have a redirect loop?