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Don't think anyone mentioned, the DROD: The City Beneath bonus unlocked in the Groupees ShinyLoot 8 bundle earlier.

The next bonus is SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance, but the target seems a little... ambititous. Wouldn't be surprised if it drops a bit tomorrow ;)
gixgox: Not sure if I understand what you are looking for.
DotEmu sells Journey to the Moon DRM free. Not published by Meridian 4 but by Anuman.
HypersomniacLive: I'm looking to see if poking Meridian4 could result in them adding a DRM-free installer to the bundle; if all they handle is the Steam version it's highly unlikely, but if they also publish the game DRM-free, then there might be a chance.

Hope it's clearer now. :-)
Yep :)