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Comics @ Humble, VNs @ Groupees. I'm in. Bastards.
fishbaits: Don`t know any of the other games, but I`d say that bundle is worth it alone for Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube.
Even more so, as the dev is also making a level editor for players 8D
Tried the demo of it on Desura and I gotta say it really is awesome :)
Leroux: *MILD SPOILER* It's pretty early in the game, when you have to prevent a hanging. It's an optional task, but I'm stubborn enough that I wouldn't want to continue the game after failing it. ;)
Geddes17: Ah, yes, I remember it vaguely, but not enough to give any specific hints. Well, but good luck if you arrive at said human sacrifce battle later in the game ... (my advice: don't forget to regularly increase "Sinnenschärfe" to reveal traps on the battlefields!)
From the conversation between you 2 I decided I will pass the game. Thanks for the input but I just don't have time restarting levels over and over again because of a roll of dice specially if it involves deep strategy and planning.
Build a Greenlight 25 is now live on Groupees

$0.50 per game, $1 minimum

- Super Space Meltdown (DRM-Free, / Win, Mac)
- Undeads (DRM-Free / Win, Mac, Linux)
- Superstatic (DRM-Free / Win, Mac, Linux)
- Biodrone Battle (DRM-Free, Desura / Win, Mac, Linux)
- Super Star Path (DRM-Free, / Win)
- Don't drop the soap (DRM-Free / Win)
- Atonement: Scourge of Time (DRM-Free, Desura / Win)
- Quiz Life (DRM-Free / Win)

BONUS (to be unlocked)
- XNemesis SandBox
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madth3: - Quiz Life (DRM-Free / Win)
Potentially relevant info: Quiz Life is actually a F2P game (although this is not mentioned in the bundle). According to the dev, buyers will receive a unique in-game item when the game actually gets released. There is no information what this item might be, or if it will be useful, or only cosmetic, or whether the devs even know already what the item will be.
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