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If anyone is interested in Ludwig, you can get a steam version of it from bundlebandits for $2. The deal lasts for another 5 days.
From the note of realkman666:

The Dirty Dozen Discount at Show Me The Games

(Each game is purchased at each developers website)

- Revenge Of The Titans -75% / $3.74 (DRM-Free / Win, Mac, Linux)
- Defender's Quest -67% / $4.94 (DRM-Free / Win, Mac, Linux) (Soundtrack Included)
- The Blackwell Epiphany -40% / $8.99 (DRM-Free) (Soundtrack version for $10.79)
- Democracy 3 -75% / $6.24
- Frozen Synapse -50% / $12.49 (DRM-Free / Win, Mac, Linux) (Includes an extra copy)
- Beat Hazard Ultra -60% / $5.19 (DRM-Free, Steam / Win, Mac, Linux, Android)
- Bionic Dues -75% / $2.50
- Gone Home -50% / $9.99 (DRM-Free, Steam / Win, Mac, Linux)
- Sir, You Are Being Hunted -50% / $10.00 (DRM-Free, Steam / Win, Mac, Linux)
- Infested Planet -50% / $7.49
- Loren The Amazon Princess -66% / $11.89
- Retro City Rampage -50% / $4.99 (DRM-Free, Steam / Win)
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dyscode: ... BL 2 is considerably more fun on solo than BL1, as BL1 was much more designed for Coop....
trusteft: ... I enjoyed B1 solo for about 4/5 of the game. The last part was boring for me....
reaver894: ... i preferred BL1 for solo though and 2 for MP. BL1 coop is not in existence atm but will be done through steam when steam get it set up.

Overall i prefered borderlands 1 to 2 even though 2 was more humor orientated imo. If you get BL2 i think most people love the banter around buttstalion
Thanks all for your replies. I'll give it a go!
In case you still want something from NordicGames there is still yet another sale. Now at the Humble Store.

Up to 80%, everything is for Steam only, except Neighbours From Hell.
madth3: Steam deals

Dishonored -75% / $4.99 and Play for Free until Sunday
Dishonored GOTY is 60% / $10.19

Or $11.24/$16.99 if you live in Australia.
Anyone here have any thoughts on Restaurant Empire 2? I already have #1 but 2 is discounted for a few days on GG and I was curious. And yes it is DRM free. :D
65% off on Konami games at (sorry cant post links yet)

Use code AUG20OFF for 20% off on orders totaling $15 or more.
I see there has been some discussion about Borderlands 2, a game which I love very much (GUNS!!!).

FYI: It is free on Steam for one more day. Sorry if this was mentioned earlier. I highly suggest checking it out, very fun and funny game. I've beaten the game twice and almost finished up with Tiny Tina's Assault (best character evah).

Oh, and there are crumpets and badonkadonks included in every game. :)
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