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Niggles: Havent tried my reloadable mastercard debit card for a while (it did work linked with paypal before -- when i had money on it ;) . I assume it worked for you previously? ;)
You mean on Indie Royal? Yep, about eight weeks ago using PayPal.
I should have made clear that I did purchase the bundle using my cc directly on their site.

I'd like to publicly thank pablodusk who was kind enough to purchase the Indie Royal Mystery 2 Bundle for me, thinking that I was still trying to go through PayPal.

Please reward his thoughtful gesture by giving him some +1s.

Cheers, pablodusk, very much appreciated and sorry for the trouble.
high rated
HypersomniacLive: ...
No problem, glad you are in on the mysteriousness ;)
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Resident Evil sale on GamersGate: Has any Gogger played Resident Evil 6?
realkman666: Has any Gogger played Resident Evil 6?
ThePunishedSnake I think... in fact, damn sure theres a thread on it too.