Release: Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

A conflict on a celestial scale!
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, a story-driven real-time tactical game that puts a fleet of heavily armed spacecrafts at your command, is available on for only $9.99!
You are Marcus Cromwell, a young and ambitious captain of a legendary Stiletto spacecraft. As your career begins, a devastating war over precious resources that could grant stellar dominion ensues on the edge of the solar system. Your tactical skill and battle expertise might prove to be the tipping point of the entire conflict that future generations would call “The Jupiter Incident”.
Nexus is a TFS--which stands for a Tactical Fleet Simulation according to the game’s developers--and that seems to be the most adequate of possible descriptions. In over 30 complex missions you will command a fleet of varied spacecrafts in a fully 3D environment, choosing your own tactics to push your forces towards the victory. And between battles you will manage your flotilla--upgrade, enhance and repair your ships with the resources awarded after a successful battle.
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident is a great tactical challenge with astounding visuals that will satisfy strategy gamers and space-opera fans alike, now on for only $9.99