Release: InFlux

Spherical solitude.
InFlux, a beautiful physics-based puzzle game with beautiful outdoorsy setting and fantastic musical background, is available 10% off on That's only $8.99 for the first week.
A mysterious metallis sphere falls from the sky on a seemingly forgotten desert island. Does it make a sound when it reaches the ground, if there's nobody there to hear it? That's a good, philosophical question. It won't be answered in this game, however. In this case you were the witness its fall, so you would know if there was any sound on impact. The purpose of the sphere and the nature of strange structures that surround you on the island, remain a mystery that can be solved only by you.
InFlux is an intriguing game with physics-based mechanics, in which you controll the movements of a metallic sphere to solve mind-bending puzzles. Strange cubic domes scattered across a large outdoors free-roaming area provide unique challenges that will test your logic and perception, as you try to unlock the many secrets of the island that the game is set upon. With beautiful graphics and phenomenal music background this game delivers many hours of relaxed, yet challenging and diverse gameplay.
Discover the secrets of the island and the meaning of its many mysterious contraptions in InFlux, for only $8.99 on The 10% off discount offer lasts until Tuesday, July 29, at 12:59PM GMT.