Release: FEZ

There's more than one side to every story.
FEZ, an original and incredibly deep perspective-twisting puzzle-platformer with countless imaginative stages to explore in a incredibly complex, awe-inspiring world, is available on, for only $9.99.
Remember the time when everyone thought that the world was flat? Well, Gomez does. In fact, he thought so himself, just until recently--and I mean "flat" as in "two-dimensional". Then all of a sudden our hero was presented with an artifact that proved almost everything he thought he knew about his land wrong. Coincidentally strange reality glitches started to occur all around, and it seems that it's up to Gomez to fix whatever went wrong with the fabric of his universe.
FEZ is an indie puzzle-platformer which took years to make, and looking at the level of its complexity one still has to wonder how was creating such a huge, diverse, and rich gameworld even possible. There's a good chance that you won't even see the half of what the game has to offer on your first playthrough, and even after long hours spent with Gomez you'll still be discovering new elements of the giant multi-layered puzzle that he calls home. The challenge of this game lies not in agile platform-hopping, but in solving elaborate enigmas you encounter on every step. The games unique perspective-rotating mechanics allow for some incredible level design, but not all puzzles you encounter are perspective-based. In fact, the variety of puzzles in FEZ is astounding, and some of them call for taking notes why you play--something that games rarely achieve nowadays. This game, ladies and gentlemen, is one in a million experience. Be sure not to miss it, for whatever cause.
Find out why a fez is actually a thinking-cap and set out to explore one of the most amazing gameworlds ever created in FEZ, for only $9.99 on!
One more thing before you go fiddle with the trixelated space-time continuum. Today's game release marks the submission deadline for our pre-order contest, in which you've had the chance to become a proud owner of an actual, physical fez hat. We'll announce the winners soon!