Update: BioShock™ & Bioshock 2™ Classic versions now available; Release: BioShock™ & Bioshock 2™ Remastered

No Gods or Kings or DRM.
Update: Classic versions of Bioshock and Bioshock 2 are now available. If you already own Bioshock Remastered or Bioshock 2 Remastered, you can download classic versions directly from your GOG library.
BioShock™ and BioShock 2™ Remastered are finally available DRM-free.
The legendary shooters emerge from somewhere beyond the sea, dripping with that deliciously claustrophobic atmosphere of decay, corruption, and human ambition gone wrong.
Widely considered as the gold standard for story-driven shooters with light RPG elements, they have been remastered to feature higher resolution textures and models, director's commentary, and several other additions that ensure time will never wash them away.
Pump yourself full of plasmids, pump your enemies full of bullets, and dive right back into Rapture's beautifully rotten halls.