Release: Anno 1602 A.D. + Albion + Archimedean Dynasty

A Triple-A Ubisoft Digital Premiere
They may have been nearly lost since the late nineties, but they're very much alive in game design (and our fond memories) even to this day. Today's triple Digital Distribution Premiere from Ubisoft is not just a set of releases that start with the letter A, it's also a collection of games that introduced something new to their genre, offered a unique combination of playstyles and design choices, or tried something fresh and risky with great payoff.
All three releases are updated to work with Windows 10, and are available in a classic Ubisoft bundle at 20% off!
Anno 1602 A.D. is the one that spawned a series famed for its ambitious mix of real time strategy, business simulation and city building. It's a game that throws you, a pioneer of the unknown, into humanity's most far out frontier to colonise and conquer. Here, you'll find everything from exploration, trading, resource management, diplomacy and even combat - truly solidifying the experience of a true freedom to design your world, and the absolute control to do so your way. Anno 1602 A.D. includes Anno 1602: Creation of a New World and its expansion Anno 1602: New Islands, New Adventures.
Albion is a game that takes classic RPG and Dungeon Crawling, a healthy dose of humor, and risks its dangerous voyage far, far beyond earth into humanity's true final frontier. It's a deep-space adventure that draws bits and pieces from an unusual pairing of titles like The Elder Scrolls and Ultima - all to feature great looking 2D overworld exploration with detailed first-person 3D combat. Its most direct roots, however, stem from titles known as "Amberstar" and "Ambermoon" - two parts of an Amiga trilogy that never came to be concluded. Designed by the original team behind the Amiga classic, Albion is their true spiritual successor in everything but the name.
Archimedean Dynasty takes on one of humanity's biggest, most unfamiliar and inaccessible unknowns: the deep, dark sea. You'll pilot a state-of-the-art submarine to brave the depths and trenches of an underwater colony in turmoil. The bulk of the gameplay will be familiar to veterans of series like X-Wing or Freespace, but it's the absolutely unique setting and atmosphere that truly make this title worth remembering. Archimedean Dynasty soon spawned the AquaNox series, making today's release the final piece of a trilogy unique enough to truly earn a place on anybody's shelf.
Brave the distinct unknowns with the Anno 1602 A.D., Albion, and Archimedean Dynasty bundle, available now, DRM-free on! The launch discount will last for one week, until Wednesday, August 5, 1:59 PM GMT.