New release: Ultima 1+2+3

Today we present you with an epic package for all of those who miss Sosaria. After showing you the grandfather of all space-sims (Wing Commander 1+2), we will now introduce you to The Most Fascinating Interactive Adventure of All Time!
Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness requires you to battle the Dark Wizard Mondain and his minions who seek the destruction of Sosaria. You must face the evil master and his creatures, and make him retreat to his evil lair where you will ultimately destroy him and save the kingdoms of Sosaria!
Ultima 2: Revenge of the Enchantress picks up on the story of the first installment in the series. Minax, an apprentice of Mondain reigns terror and destruction on the land of Sosaria. Blinded by her fury, she has torn the fabric of time and space which resulted in portals opening through the kingdoms. It's your duty to stop her and undo her evil deeds!
Ultima 3: Exodus let’s you travel throughout Sosaria with a group of adventurers rather than on your own. It also features large, detailed locations with many characters to talk to. Discover the famous Yew city and travel through moon-gates to face the spiritual child of Mondain and Minax. Defeat the titular Exodus and save the kingdoms of Sosaria once again.
The wait is finally over, the original Ultima series has finally landed on, it’s up for grabs for only $5.99 for the whole trilogy.