New release: Master of Orion 1+2

We bet you didn't expect this. The first title from the awaited Atari catalogue is actually a pack of two games - two great games!
Master of Orion is a series of 4X games - the first installment is actually responsible for making the term "eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate" popular among gamers, even though it wasn't the first game of its kind. It was the best, though, until Master of Orion 2 came along, anyway (die-hard fans of MoO1 may disagree, but we know better)! If you haven't heard of this series, which is doubtful, it's a turn-based game where you pick a race (or create one in MoO2) and strive to develop it and conquer the galaxy. The means to do this are complex, fun and addictive... So what are you waiting for? It's two groundbreaking games for the price of a 2-hour DLC quest!