New release: Atlantis 2: Beyond Atlantis

You are Ten, a young boy who just happens to be the key to saving the balance of the universe. You are the Bearer of Light, sent on a journey to Shambhala to face the Bearer of Dark so that the equilibrium will be restored to the world. Your base of operations is a ship in the mountains of Tibet, from which you travel between different locations and different times on your quest to restore the road to Shambhala.
Adventure fans rejoice, the second game in the Atlantis series takes everything the original had right and adds to it a stunning variety of characters and settings. You can not only explore the mystical civilization of Atlantis but also visit… Well we’re not going to spoil anything. You’ll have to find out for yourself ;) Cryo Interactive’s amazing graphics don’t disappoint and the full 3D panning environment immerses you completely in the mystic world of ancient civilizations. Atlantis 2: Beyond Atlantis features one of the best soundtracks in the genre. It is a mixture of the many cultures in which the game is set. The superb graphics and the fantastic soundtrack wouldn’t make an awesome game on their own, which is why the puzzles are a mixture of logical, inventory based puzzles and more. The difficulty of the riddles is varied (and yes there are some tough ones) but the beautiful cut scenes reward you nicely once you think your way through.
Without further ado, Atlantis 2: Beyond Atlantis is available now DRM-free on for only $9.99 with the manual, custom wallpapers, and the original soundtrack!