Mod Spotlight: Torchlight

Torchlight offers a nearly perfect hack-and-slash experience, but even in near-perfection there’s always some room for improvement and customization. That’s where one of the greatest advantages of PC gaming comes into action: fan-made mods. Here’s our list of the most interesting and entertaining Torchlight mods:
Emberfiend Mod
Ever wanted to gather materials and craft your own weapons in Torchlight? Well, now you can! Emberfiend Mod adds a whole crafting system to the game along with tools, resources, recipes, and even new NPCs that offer you advice in the craft. The items you create are potentially far more powerful than the ones you can find and the reusable Enchantment Shrine will let you give them unique attributes. On top of that, the Emberfiend Mod greatly expands the area your hero can explore by adding new dungeons, mines, a library, and a whole new section of the town. And if you become weary in your travels you can always take a break in one of the newly opened taverns, which are also used for recruiting additional party members. The mod has been carefully designed so that the game remains well balanced despite the scale of alterations it introduces.
Torchlight offers you three character classes to match your dungeoncrawling style--a brutish, macho-style Destroyer, a beautiful and stealthy female Vanquisher, and the steampunk-styled scholar, the Alchemist--full of boyish charm. But what if you want to play as a hardcore, heavily-armed heroine? The game gives you no such option. That is, until you install the GenderMod, which adds three more playable classes: Valkyrie, which is a female version of the Destroyer, Executioner, the male alternative to Vanquisher, or an Enchantress, female adept of the alchemical arts.
Diablo Minimal HUD and Font
Installing this mod combo will allow you to play Torchlight with an interface closely resembling the one from the other great hack-and-slash title. Everyone knows that reading a quest description put in a strong, Gothic font makes the task at hand seem far more ominous and hardcore. And the other benefit you get is a less cluttered gamescreen with a better view of the action.
Merchant Pack Mod
This nifty little mod adds map, fish, gem, spell, potion, and ranged weapon vendors across the town of Torchlight. It also offers some tweaks and changes to the mechanics spawning items in merchants’ inventories.
SSS Torchlight Texture Project Mod
Torchlight offers a nice cartoon-like graphical style that never goes out of fashion. But if you prefer more detailed and realistic textures download this mod now. The amount of work that was put into making Torchlight feel more crisp and natural is simply astounding. It’s a complete re-imagination of the game’s aesthetics, changing the mood and making it more believable. See it for yourself!