Midweek sale: Trine 10th Anniversary with up to -85%

Trine and other gems from Frozenbyte
We managed to survive half of the week so far. To get through the rest of the week before another weekend full of gaming joy awaits, we prepared something magical:
The one-of-a-kind adventures in the Trine series (up to -85%)!
Combining side-scrolling, action, platforming and puzzle-solving gameplay elements, the beloved series really has something in store for everyone. You control three different characters, each with their own unique abilities, and have to combine their strengths to overcome all challenges ahead of you.
Also, we have another no less magical highlight with Nine Parchments (-75%) in the lineup. The action-heavy, spell-weaving RPG offers some of the best co-op experience we came across recently.
Other Frozenbyte games on sale include Shadowgrounds (-85%), Shadwen (-75%) and Shadowgrounds Survivor (-85%).
The Midweek Sale ends July 6th, 10 PM UTC.