Mac Game Update: 10 New Classic Additions

Evil Genius, Strike Commander, Syndicate Wars, and 7 other great classic games, now for your Mac! is all about bringing you the best games in the history, old and new, and DRM-free. While there are tons of great new titles that we're proud to have in our offer, the classics are--and have always been--in high demand. This time, our Mac update focuses solely on the games that strike that nostalgic notes in the hearts of gamers. Today, we give you 10 classic titles ready to run on your Mac OS X systems. Let's take a look on the new arrivals, shall we?
For strategy fans that appreciate humor, we've got Evil Genius, a real-time mad scientist lair management sim in which you terrorize the world with your inventions. Your's for only $9.99. What's that? Too much humor for your taste? Syndicate Wars, a violent squad based real-time tactical game set in the grim cyberpunk future of corporate wars, is as serious as dystopian visions get, and it's only $5.99.
Action fans that crave for some nostalgic FPS action will appreciate Rise of the Triad: Dark War, a blatantly brutal, and curiously crazy classic first person shooter from the 1990s, for only $5.99. Or, if you want to go even further down the memory lane, there's also Blake Stone: Planet Strike, one of the first FPS games to feature a prominent hero and a captivating storyline ($5.99 as well).
Up for a brawl? We've got you covered. Grab Guilty Gear X2 #Reload, a fast-paced 2D fighting game with crazy anime-style fighters and a rock/metal soundtrack, for only $5.99. And if that's not enough frantic battles for you, try Guilty Gear Isuka. This one even features a side-scrolling adventure mode, and more for only $5.99.
Do you feel like it's the time to spread your wings? Strike Commander is an action-oriented modern-day jet fighter combat simulation from the creators of Wing Commander, for only $5.99. But if you prefer not to mix flying with combat, we recommend Slipstream 5000, an incredible airborne jet-racing game that's full of supersonic fun and action, now also in multiplayer mode! Yours for only $5.99.
RPG fans should be happy about the addition of Darklands, the open-ended realistic medieval adventure in which your party fights the heresy of devil-worshippers. Or, on the other hand, you could easily switch sides and become the Litil Divil, out on his great puzzle-packed adventure in the pixel-art hell. Both titles for only $5.99 each.
That's all Mac-compatible games we've prepared for today. We hope you'll have tons of great fun with them. As usual on, if you previously purchased any of the above, you can now access the Mac version from your game library, without any additional payment.
See you next time!