Help us achieve 6 million unique games downloaded milestone

2011 has been a fantastic year for, let's make it even better and make the last push to achieve the 6 million unique downloaded games milestone.
During our presentation at the CD Projekt Fall 2011 Conference we've shared some numbers that show how successful this year was for, all that was possible thanks to you - our great community. One of the big milestones we'd like to celebrate with you is the 6 million unique downloaded games! Help us achieve this number and we'll launch a time-limited special offer for all users!
Note that when we say "unique games downloaded," that means redownloading games that you have already downloaded before won't increment the counter.
When the counter on the main page of the website hits 6 million, two exciting things will happen. First off, the lucky user who downloaded our 6 millionth unique game will receive everything that's currently in the catalog, absolutely free! Secondly, everyone who has an account on will be able to download Broken Sword: Shadow of The Templars Director’s Cut for free, thanks to Sir Charles Cecil and Revolution Software. The offer will be valid only for 48 hours starting from hitting the milestone, so be sure to check GOG regularly or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Let's get cracking to unlock this achievement as soon as possible - it's all in your hands now!