Celebrate the Warhammer Skulls event with 4 games that arrived on GOG.COM

If you are a fan of Warhammer, you almost certainly know that the time is upon us where the Lord of Skulls, Khorne, requests a bounty of skulls. And, if you didn’t, well it’s time to get cracking! Literally.
To help celebrate the Warhammer Skulls event taking place June 3-10, GOG.COM is happy to confirm the addition of four Warhammer games being added to our ever-growing collection of games!
To make sure you are prepared for your skull offerings, we wanted to take a moment to highlight all four of these games so you can go into every situation equipped with all the knowledge you need.
Check them out below!

Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition

Blood Bowl 2 is the sequel to the popular title from Cyanide Studios, and it builds greatly on what its predecessor brought to the table. Blood Bowl 2 takes everything great from the original game and makes it even better.
Built on an entirely new engine, Blood Bowl 2 abandons the real-time mode found in the original game and opts for a strictly turn-based mechanic. New features found in the second title in the franchise include a newly designed campaign mode as well as the Blood Bowl version of sports commentary, Cabalvision. Cabalvision is an immortal vampire who casts colorful commentary over each Blood Bowl 2 game.
The new campaign has you taking over the failing Reikland Reavers. You’ll have to fight your way from the bottom to survive in Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition.

Necromunda: Hired Gun

Necromunda: Hired Gun is another title that we’ve added just in time for the Warhammer Skull celebration! Necromunda: Hired Gun is a brand new first-person shooter that just released on June 1.
Take on the role of a mercenary in the world of Necromunda. Take on jobs and contracts as you make your way through the nasty criminal underworld that consumes Necromunda. It’s up to you to uncover a sinister plot that threatens everyone around you.
Necromunda: Hired Gun lets you play your way. Sneak through levels with various melee weapons to take out your enemies or approach every situation with guns blazing. Either way, you’ll have to fight to make it out of Necromunda alive!

Warhammer Quest Deluxe

Next up is Warhammer Quest Deluxe, the 2015 adaptation of the popular Warhammer Quest tabletop roleplaying game. In Warhammer Quest, you take control of your party of adventurers as you head out on various quests across the land.
In Warhammer Quest Deluxe, you can build a party from up to 7 different fantasy races, including elves, dwarves, and ogres, all with their own unique skills and abilities.
Level up your party as you travel far and wide, clearing out dungeons and hunting big bad guys. You’ll have to work together if you want to survive the perils that lie before you in Warhammer Quest Deluxe.

Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times

Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times builds on what the original Warhammer Quest originally established and offers a more grand experience. The world of Warhammer has grown significantly, and you’ll now have to fight across three different landscapes, each with its own perils.
Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times also offers many more character customization options, with 12 different hero classes. Fight against over 40 different enemy creatures in this turn-based RPG as you work to defeat the Chaos invasion.

Get out there and start collecting skulls!

So there you have it! A quick look at the four amazing Warhammer games joining GOG.COM! Whether you are looking for a classic strategy game, a shooter, or a unique twist on American football, there’s something here for everyone!
The only question left - how many skulls will you be presenting to Khorne?
What do you think? Plan on checking out any of these Warhammer games or maybe you would like to check some of the Warhammer titles already present in our store for some time? Let us know down in the comments!