Breach & Clear: DEADline just got a massive FREE update and is 75% off!

Cleared and overhauled!
Breach & Clear: DEADline Rebirth, the real-time/tactical hybrid of an elite squad battling the horrible results of a nasty virus infestation, has been Rebirth-ed! For FREE! Developers Mighty Rabbit Studios went and injected the isometric shooter with a healthy dose of their Massive Changes mutagen, resulting in a much more fun and immersive experience. If you haven't tried the game before, your timing is impeccable - it's now 75% off for a week and so is its predecessor Breach & Clear!
Here are the main changes:
- Gameplay significantly modified and re-balanced with changes across the board: characters, enemies, weapons, gear, even the generated dungeons' layout!
- Smoother controls and better visual feedback on your enemies' gory deaths
- Significant visual upgrade: Breach & Clear: DEADline Rebirth now runs on Unity 5 and aside from the regular engine benefits, the lighting and textures have also been touched up
- Improved performance and better stability (thanks to the removal of the unreliable online co-op)
So don't sit around and wait for the virus to overtake us, commander! Harbor City needs you and -despite the mutants flooding the streets- it looks better than ever!
The 75% discount will last until November 25, 3:59 PM UTC.
Note: The Linux version of Rebirth is currently being worked on and will be available soon.