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I've just recently installed the widescreen fix. I encountered some problems, but resolved them. Hoping these comments will be of use to others.

As of now the wsgf link is working for me, but the download is incomplete. It has a bunch of exe files to choose from, but no data files. Without the data files, the game will crash as soon as you try to open the world view.

A patch on sourceforge contains the data files (google zeus widescreen sourceforge) as well as exe files, but the instructions are rather confusing.

What worked for me was:

1. Back up the original zeus.exe and data folder (always back up first!).

2. Replace zeus. exe with the appropriate zeus.exe (in my case 1920x1080) from wsgf.

3. Get a data folder corresponding to that resolution from the sourceforge patch. (There are multiple versions of the patch in the download. It does not matter which version you choose, because they all have the same data folders. Just make sure that you pick a data folder with the right resolution.)

4. COPY the contents of that folder (38 files) into the game's data folder, choosing to replace files when prompted.

Note - DO NOT replace your original data folder (which contains over 200 files), just COPY as described above. If you replace the folder, it will be incomplete and the game will not run, giving the fonts error reported by the last poster.
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I had some serious problems with this game running without patches but was able to find the problem. The bink videos and the game somehow need each other, at least on my rig.

1. Download and install the bink player from the website]
2. Go to the bink folder in your zeus poseidon folder and set the videos to play with the bink player.
3. Now the files here [url=] code/files/Game_related_files/City_Building_Strategy_Games_Series_files/[/url] Seem to properly work, while as before it would crash unless it was in windowed mode.
4. You only need to copy the resolution folder your screen has and install the DATA and zeus EXE, you dont need the INF file like I though I needed if you can run the game in fullscreen mode without Crashing.

Note: Trying to uninstall the videos would still cause the game to crash if I tried to run it in fullscreen. This fixes that problem.
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I'm having an issue where the game simply hangs, you can hear the music, the sounds, and the clicks, but the screen is frozen.

Happens regardless of vanilla or with widescreen patch.

Any ideas?

FIXED: Disable NVidia overlay (and possibly other overlays and OSD software)!
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Hi i'm trying every patch listed in this thread, and none of them seems to work, whenever I open the game it goes back to 4:3 res. What am I doing wrong?

I remember playing it with the widescreen patch years ago, but now, none of them work. I'm on w10 btw.
I draw your attention
The widescreen patches (by JackFuste, 2012) has a bug that prevents Zeus (and Emperor) from switching to Windowed mode.
(And it has nothing to do with Color Rendering not 16bit)

The problems runs on Zeus with Posseion on a 2.1 version.
Now after I apply the fix to my resolution (i have both pcs, one in 1980x1020 and another 1280x1024) I cannot put in window mode anymore, only if I set the 800x600 resolution, or revert back to the original .exe and use a 1024x728 standard resolution.
It depends on the value of only one byte.
When I noticed the difference in CRC32, XJDHDR explained the reason to me:

JackFuste found a problem where EXEs that he had patched were no longer able to be switched into Windowed mode (they were locked to Fullscreen). He then released a patching program that was attached to the forum post linked above which fixed this problem and made it possible to switch into Windowed mode again. I'm not sure why it works but the program replaces a "jump forward 0x6F bytes if EAX is less than ECX" into a "always jump forward 0x6F bytes" command. My widescreen pack, as you observed, come with this fix pre-applied whereas the other packs you found don't.
Outdated patches without patch "noWindowed" bug
community . pcgamingwiki . com/files/file/1767-zeus-widescreen-fix/
www . moddb . com/mods/zeus-and-poseidon-full-hd-enfr/

XJDHDR Customiser with patch "noWindowed" bug
www . nexusmods . com/zeusmasterofolympus/mods/1

Now, if you're can't switch to Windowed Mode, then you know why.
Use a resizer from XJDHDR or apply a patch to the old ones.
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Game runs like absolute shit. Flickering back and forth between resolutions before finally doing some 4:3 640x480 unusuable resolution.
how does this have so many good reviews? Are you boomers literally using Windows 95?